Bernanke Mulls Military Protection for Embattled Fed?
By Staff News & Analysis - November 10, 2011

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will visit an Army base in Texas on Thursday for a financial literacy event with trappings of a campaign stump, as the central bank faces weak support in voter polls and is under attack by politicians on the right and the left. Among other activities at Ft. Bliss in El Paso, Bernanke is scheduled to greet soldiers returning from duty in Iraq and to hold a town hall meeting with Army families. It is Bernanke's first visit to Texas and to an Army base; a Fed historian said he could not recall a Fed chairman ever visiting a military installation. – Fox News

Social Theme: Hey, the Marines love the Fed. So what could be wrong with it?

Free-Market Analysis: What kind of f–kery is this? This is a new kind of subdominant theme! It's one that is seeking to conflate the Federal Reserve somehow with America's military might. In our humble view it's also a not-so-subtle threat. Mess with the Fed and America's military may come after you.

We've already written that the American central bank – the Federal Reserve is under attack as never before. In fact, we started writing about this two years ago. We knew almost immediately after Fed honchos issued something like US$16 trillion to corrupt colleagues that the system was done.

That's because this ain't the 20th century, Dorothy! In the 20th century, the New York Times would have announced the loans (if it had to) with such solemn gobbledygook that people would have thought the Fed and its good, gray men did something fabulous.

But in the 21st century, former Congressmen Alan Grayson grilled the Fed "governor general" so she fizzed like soda pop … until all the gas was gone. (See related DB VIDEO REPLAY: Rep Grayson Grills the Fed's Ms. Coleman Over Missing Trillions.) And soon it was VERY clear what the Fed had done. It had in one or two panicked days undone its credibility. It was likely finished as an institution that could command respect. Not that it ever deserved any.

See … as the news about what the Fed had actually "accomplished" percolated out, people began to think about it. Millions of Americans losing their jobs, their homes, their families started to ponder the essential unfairness. They began to ask, "What about me? Where's MY trillion?"

And the Fed honchos, of course, had no answer. Nor could they answer. Because the Fed is a racket. It's a money machine for the world's elite – the same ones that are trying to create global governance. You can see one of our articles on this topic here (August 2009): Have the Immoral Actions of Central Bankers Precipitated the Decline of the West? Here's an excerpt from that article:

It's not just the culture of the West, or its promotions, or even its social organization that is finished. You CANNOT, as a society, witness a couple of guys pull a trillion out of their back pockets without feeling, well … snookered. And after feeling snookered, something else begins to percolate. "Hey," you say, "wait a minute. I sit here with my debts and my job and my house in foreclosure and this guy – THIS GUY – throws around trillions? Wait a minute. WHEN DO I GET MINE!"

And so it begins. You have seen the essential immorality of the system. You have felt it deep in the gut, just the way they did once they began to read Bibles (courtesy of the Gutenberg press) 500 years ago and began realizing that the Roman Catholic Church was profoundly immoral – that its entire ethic (you can buy your way into heaven) was built on a kind of lie. Just as society is today. Yes, he's right. This financial crisis and the "outside the box thinking" (President Obama's term) of Ben Bernanke and others has not just doomed the elite's dominant social themes, it has probably doomed the freakin' CIVILIZATION.

Even stranger, Bernanke and the rest have not yet likely realized this. They are too busy patting themselves on the back. Do Bernanke et. al. really believe that the average joe is awestruck and thankful for his chicanery? No, the average joe has suddenly realized that he lives in a society where a few people control trillions while he controls thousands. This is not just going to lead to a breakdown of society, over time it is going to lead to a meltdown of western civ.

So how does Ben Bernanke intend to cure this moral dilemma? Short answer is that he can't. Central banking is a vile and immoral institution and it was only kept in place by a virtual news blackout. But that all ended when the Internet began to become a serious vehicle of communication.

So now what do you do? Hey, in America, when the going gets tough, you call in the military. Pin another medal. Hold a hearing. Start a war. But this … this is an escalation, in our view! This is the beginning of something new, maybe …

Not enough that the Anglosphere power elite is ratcheting up military operations around the world to distract from the coming global depression, no … now they're going to "bring it on home" as well. They're going to make sure that if anyone messes with their monetary instrument of global repression they'll have to face the prospect of a military response. Here's more from the article:

Officials said the trip was instigated by base commanders, some Fed-watchers think the timing and venue are no coincidence – the Fed is under attack from two prominent Texas politicians running for the Republican presidential nomination, Gov. Rick Perry and Rep. Ron Paul. In August, Perry suggested Bernanke's push for significant monetary easing to help the economy was "treasonous" and that Bernanke would get an "ugly" reception in Texas. Paul, a libertarian, wants to abolish the Fed altogether.

"It's going right into the belly of the beast," said Stan Collender, a partner with Qorvis Communications in Washington, D.C., who specializes in financial public relations. "Make no doubt about it–this is a political campaign by the Fed to endear itself to voters, to explain itself a little bit further…The Fed has to establish its credentials–or reestablish its credentials–in a way that people understand what it does, appreciate what it does, and understand that it's working for them…(not) just for Wall Street."

A Fed spokesperson declined to comment for the record on any political implications of Bernanke's trip. The Associated Press quoted Fed officials as saying that Ft. Bliss was chosen because it has a successful financial literacy program that Bernanke wants to highlight … Allan Meltzer, a professor of political economy at Carnegie Mellon University who is known as one of the Fed's unofficial historians, said he did not recall a specific talk by a Fed chairman to a military audience, "but that could have happened."

OK. Deep breaths. Slow down. P'raps we're wrong about our interpretation of these events. After all, according to Fox, "An official familiar with the event's planning said it had been 'in the works for some time' and suggested it had not been scheduled in response to Perry's attacks."

On the other hand, just because the trip has been in the works for some time doesn't make it any less noteworthy. What the heck is Bernanke doing visiting America's military ANYWAY? Is he a head of state? Is he some sort of covert OFFICER?

The Federal Reserve is a MERCANTLIST body. It uses the protective covering of the US fedgov to hide its essential private nature. But now Bernanke seems to be taking that one step further. The Fed has previously taken shelter behind the US Congress. Now, this visit seems to be telling us that if things get really bad for the Fed, its good, gray men will seek out military support as well.

After Thoughts

Maybe we're just over-reacting …

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