#BodyPositivity Propaganda Roundup: Fats vs Airplanes (Round II)
By Ben Bartee - April 27, 2023

Documenting the meatiest, juiciest cuts of “fat acceptance” propaganda from corporate and social media.

As we painstakingly documented in #BodyPositivity Propaganda Roundup: Fats vs Airplanes Round I, obesity feminists with sketchy mental health statuses absolutely do not mix with airplanes.

Fats and airplanes are like

  • oil and water
  • cats and showers
  • vampire bats and sunlight

One entrepreneurial fat, trained in the intersectional feminist dark arts, has decided to put her liberal sensibilities to practical use by uniting a mob of frustrated butterballs in a union to challenge the patriarchal practice of paying for the multiple seats they are required to occupy on airplanes because they can’t fit into single normal human-sized ones.

Via Daily Mail:

“A plus-sized influencer has demanded the Federal Aviation Authority and airlines give overweight flyers as many free seats as they require to fly comfortably…  

She also wants airlines to be forced to refund overweight passengers for any extra seats they’re forced to purchase when booking to accommodate their size.”

Here are key excerpts from the petition she created via

“Air travel should be comfortable and accessible for everyone, regardless of size. As plus-size travelers, my partner and I have unfortunately experienced discrimination and discomfort while flying. During a flight from Pasco to Denver, my fiancé was subjected to hateful comments, disapproving looks, and even refusal to sit next to them, amounting to discrimination. Similarly, on another flight, I was forced to occupy only one seat with immovable armrests that caused me pain and bruises.

The FAA must require all airlines to implement a clear customer-of-size policy that prioritizes the comfort and well-being of all passengers.”

Specifically, the fats have several demands of airlines to accommodate them:

  • Reimbursement for obeses’ purchases of two or more seats
  • Clear communication that publicly coddles the fat mafia in written documents such as policy manuals
  • Accommodations for the oversized humans such as wheelchairs to cart them through the terminal for deposit into the cabin
  • Employee training to indoctrinate stewardesses into the #bodypositivity movement so as to prevent any of the sort of fat-shaming they so desperately need as motivation to lose weight

The problem with the #BodyEqualityinTravel sloganeering is that all bodies are not, in fact, equal. Some are pretty and some are not. Some are heavily colored by melanin and others less so. Some weigh 450 pounds and look more like farm animals and others look like normal humans.

Furthermore, it’s a simple matter of weight ratios… a gallon of jet fuel has a hard limit of how much weight it can lift and propel through the sky. Should normal size humans subsidize the fats’ jet fuel costs?

Here is Jaelynn Chaney, petition author, explaining that the oxygen she requires to treat her pulmonary hypertension actually doesn’t have anything to do with her sky-high BMI. “[Scientists] don’t really know what causes it,” she claims.

Fact-check, via MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute)

“Moreover, fat deposits in the subcutaneous tissues of the upper airway district constrict the airways and decrease muscle activity, resulting in episodes of hypoxia and apnea, which eventually lead to sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea and hypoventilation syndrome (OSAS) is an independent risk factor for CVD in subjects with obesity. It can increase the risk of atherosclerosis, pulmonary hypertension, and left and right ventricular failure.”

What are the odds this young lady suffers from sleep apnea that induces pulmonary hypertension?

She needs a treadmill and a dietary overhaul, not special treatment at airports that enable her to never have to lose weight.

This is enabling behavior, and it’s just as dangerous and cruel an affliction for the fats as it is for intravenous drug users.

“Enabling behavior,” as defined by the American Psychological Association:

“A process whereby someone (i.e., the enabler) contributes to continued maladaptive or pathological behavior (e.g., child abuse, substance abuse) in another person. The enabler is typically an intimate partner or good friend who passively permits or unwittingly encourages this behavior in the other person; often, the enabler is aware of the destructiveness of the person’s behavior but feels powerless to prevent it.”

Let us no longer enable the fats by playing along with their deadly delusions (whitewashed through social justice talking points) about the implications of their gluttonous lifestyle.

Ben Bartee is an independent Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs.

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