BOE Undermines Economy With More Money Printing
By Staff News & Analysis - October 07, 2011

More money printing? My masters are you mad? … According to the BBC, the Bank of England has decided to 'inject a further £75 billion into the economy'. Who knew it was that easy? I mean, why not inject £500 billion? Or a trillion? According to the BBC's logic, it would surely make us the wealthiest nation on Earth. – Daniel Hannan, UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: Let the printing presses roll. It must be done.

Free-Market Analysis: Daniel Hannan is one of the good guys in the increasingly surreal world of modern politics and economics. Like only a handful of other British politicians, he's made a career out of explaining the ludicrousness of modern socioeconomic (Keynesian) policies. In this column, excerpted above, he complains once again and quite emphatically about the insanity of "pump priming."

In fact, like everything else the modern state does (at the behest of the Anglosphere power elite), quantitative easing, pump-priming, economic "support" (call it what you will) generates over time the effect opposite to the ones claimed for it by its backers.

It debases currency, causes savers to lose what they have and props up businesses that need to shut down. It prolongs recessions and can create depressions. But you won't read about that in most of the mainstream press. To its credit, the UK Telegraph runs more "alternative" commentary than most, which runs almost none at all.

Printing paper money is inevitably inflationary. Expanding the volume of money is an inflationary act. That's why the idea that central banks are "inflation fighters" staffed with "hawks" that want tight monetary polices is ludicrous.

Central banks are inflation MANUFACTURERS. They are money-printing factories. They are set up to produce inflation, which they do by performing their designated function, which is printing money.

These paper producers fix the price of money with interest rates and money printing – and fix it downward. Over time they devalue currency and ruin the savings of the middle class. Since the Anglosphere power elites are at war with the middle class – seeing them rightfully as an impediment to world government – central banking is a great way to diminish opposition.

To make people so miserable that they cannot concentrate on anything but ensuring their next meal is a recipe to implement the coming new world order. It's been going on, worldwide, for at least a century with evermore velocity and malice aforethought. Hannan actually explains this. Here's some more:

… Nothing new will be manufactured, invented or developed as the result of this monetary splurge, no services offered, no businesses founded. Rather, the money already in circulation – the money in your bank account, in your purse, under your mattress – will be worth less. The government, in other words, is helping itself to your savings – and, in doing so, is damaging productivity, disincentivising work and weakening the competitiveness of the British economy.

Don't take my word for it. This is what the Bank of England says on its home page: One of the Bank of England's two core purposes is monetary stability. Monetary stability means stable prices – low inflation – and confidence in the currency. Stable prices are defined by more money printing? My masters are you mad?

… It's a paradox. If I were to print counterfeit £20 notes and buy goods with them, I'd be perpetrating a fraud: I'd be buying something of real value with something I had magicked out of thin air. Yet when a central bank does the same thing, the half-educated economists who dominate our universities and television stations nod approvingly and mumble cliches about 'boosting demand'.

All credit to Hannan for exposing the nonsense of the ongoing economic genocide. Yesterday we wrote about the establishment's darling economist, John Maynard Keynes, and commented on a fulsome New Yorker article that attempted to make the case for him as an indispensable economist.

He was indispensable, all right, for the elites that want justification for this money-printing obscenity. For everyone else, he's just another fraud, and an especially bloody minded and obfuscatory one.

There is, of course, an endless supply of frauds available in the world of high finance. They've been educated at the best schools and universities. Their professional lives have been supported by wave after wave of phony fiat money – the same money that created what we've called the 20th century "dreamtime" of endless economic prosperity.

Of course, the prosperity was as phony as the money that kept expanding it. And those in charge of the money printing were quite aware of what they did. When you put a system in place and manage it and sustain it, you cannot help but be aware of its effects …

The great Anglosphere central bankers and their enablers knew all along. With cold-blooded determination they long ago set about to break the back of the Western world with their phony money and false monetary policies.

They are attempting to usher in a new age of world government based on creating so much misery that people will welcome something else, anything else – even if it is the same system expanded even further.

It is beyond cynical. It is ultimately approaching the genocidal. Actions have consequences and one cannot debase the world's money supply and up-end the world's dominant currency, the dollar, without spreading misery and death in places where people survive quite literally on a dollar a day.

And now this sort of misery is being spread by "austerity." The European PIGS are told they must tighten their collective belts, raise taxes, cut benefits and generally ensure that Western economies begin the slow spiral into third world societies.

This will quite deliberately result not just in poverty but in premature death for at least some of those on whom austerity has been visited. And some of the rest may wish they had died. It is not a joke. Monetary debasement is hell. And hell is what the elites apparently have planned.

And yet … there is what we call the Internet Reformation. Like the Gutenberg Press before it, the Internet has exploded the elite's information franchise and explained to those who wish to listen just how the world really works.

Millions understand the essential immorality of the system, and this is knowledge that cannot be removed from the mainstream public. This is why we've written in the past that the era of central banking may be over. We think the central banking elites realize it as well.

The religion of good gray men worshiping at the alters of printing presses cannot long be sustained. Something else must be put into place. The powers-that-be are rushing to do so.

Thank goodness for the Internet. Just in time, it has shone a bright light on the reality of these policies, stripped of fancy words and elite justifications. In the 20th century, the power elite could get away with its economic policies because the average person had no idea of their malevolent power. In the 21st century, all that's changed.

People are well aware of the trillions and trillions that have been cast into the economy to prop up the dysfunctional commercial banks and the rotten hulks of enterprises like GM. And there is growing fury as a result.

People understand quite well that even if a single trillion of the trillions and trillions that have been printed in the past few years were to be provided to the long-suffering Western public, the misery of the current economic crisis could be much alleviated (at least for the moment). People understand therefore that the austerity policies being inflicted on them now are quite deliberate and have nothing to do with resources at hand.

After Thoughts

And so … along comes Daniel Hannan, comes along to ask in a wonderfully written phrase, "My Masters, are you mad?" He knows the REAL answer. Those who run the current system are pursuing cold-blooded, sociopathic self-interest. With malice and malevolence, they are breaking the current system to usher in something new. And, baby, what's planned will be much, much worse than what we've got …

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