Breivik and the Insanity of War
By Staff News & Analysis - July 27, 2011

Norway: Anders Behring Breivik insane, his lawyer says … The lawyer defending Anders Behring Breivik, who admitted carrying out Friday's mass killings in Norway, says his client is probably insane. However he added it was too early to say Mr. Breivik would plead insanity. The bombing in Oslo and shooting spree on a nearby island killed 76 people. Mr. Breivik is facing terrorism charges. Police are considering also charging him with crimes against humanity, which carry a possible 30-year sentence, a prosecutor has said. – BBC

Dominant Social Theme: The man is a murderous "right-wing" nut who acted alone.

Free-Market Analysis: The horror of Anders Breivik's actions cannot be explained away. To shoot 70 or so young people at point blank range using dum-dum bullets for nearly two hours to make a rhetorical point (he issued a 1,500 page manifesto on line which now has been taken down) is not in our view a sane act. Of course the action's horribleness would be just as powerful were it to have focused on older or elderly people. A life is a life.

Nonetheless, his lawyer, Geir Lippestad, told reporters: "This whole case indicated that he is insane." He reportedly said his client believed that he was in a war and that he would be vindicated in 60 years' time. "Mr. Lippestad added that Mr. Breivik had said he was part of an anti-Islam network that has two cells in Norway and several more abroad."

The Norwegian police and researchers don't believe there are other cells. Breivik's actions are those of a single "lone nut." But insane or not, Breivik will spend a long time behind bars. A new charge of "crimes against humanity" may be brought against him. "Police spokesman Sturla Henreiksboe told AFP news agency: 'Police have so far cited… the law on terrorism but seeking other charges has not been excluded.'"

The reaction to the shootings and bombings in Norway has been powerful. On Monday up to 250,000 people participated in a public display of mourning. They raised flowers to commemorate the dead.

And yet … one wonders of course how much knowledge there is about "lone nut" shootings in Norway. Almost every time one of these incidents occurs, there are plenty of doubts (in conspiratorial circles anyway) as to whether or not the individual acted alone or whether Western Intel agencies were somehow involved.

Now, wearily, the same suspicions have surfaced about Breivik. He is the son of a Norwegian ambassador, spent time in Britain and his manifesto is strangely pro-British and apparently does not mention much about Norway. In other words, it doesn't seem like the writings of someone who was such a staunch nationalist. It seems, perhaps, as if it were written for him. Here's more on Breivik from Paul Joseph Watson at Inforwars:

Breivik's financial fortunes certainly took a turn for the better in 2006. According to his tax filings, which are publicly available on the Internet for all Norwegian citizens (Breivik's have since been deleted but the cache remains), the gunman went from making virtually nothing to an income of over 600,000 krona (roughly $116,000 dollars) from 2006-2007.

As more details emerge about Breivik's activities, his connections with London and his assertion that he was merely one of at least three "cells," it's obvious that a wider plot involving more people was responsible for last week's carnage. This dovetails with reports from eyewitnesses who said they heard gunshots coming from two different parts of the island and saw another gunman with dark hair. Whether or not an incident that took place in south west Norway on Saturday night, in which a man was shot in the head by two men wearing military uniforms, is connected to the attacks remains to be seen.

However, Norwegian authorities and the establishment media are actively discouraging the possibility of a wider plot by focusing solely on Breivik and largely disregarding ample evidence of others being involved, thereby ensuring the "business and political leaders" the gunman said he conspired with remain under the radar.

We've already pointed out recently how many of these deeply violent – nation-shaking – acts are suspicious and seem always to include government coverups of some sort. In the US, the FBI is apparently instrumental in ensuring the coverups stay in place. In Britain, it is military intelligence; in Israel it is the Mossad. You can see our previous article here: Reality of US Policing.

What is of even larger concern is the way these violent acts are covered by the mainstream media. It is unconscionable in fact. These media empires with all their billions (admittedly they are worth far less than they once were) will not bother to send independent reporters to any of the Anglosphere's far-flung wars. They will not even mention the atrocities that are carried out almost every day in the name of globalist nation building.

In Afghanistan and Iraq, US forces poisoned entire regions with depleted uranium dust from the weapons they chose to use. There areas of these countries where huge numbers of deformed babies are being born, so much so that doctors have reportedly told women to stop having children.

In Afghanistan, the murders of innocents go on with monotonous regularity. The UN speculates that eight Afghan civilians die EACH DAY in war-related violence. NATO claims many of these deaths are Taliban related, but NATO, the US and Britain have plenty of responsibility as well. Here's the latest, as of yesterday from the Telegraph:

British helicopter gunship injures five children in Afghanistan … A British helicopter gunship wounded five children as it attacked insurgents in Helmand the Ministry of Defence has said. An average of eight civilians die each day in insurgency-related violence, the UN said earlier this month … The children were working in a field close to "positively identified insurgents" when they were injured by the British Apache helicopter. The five were taken to hospital in Camp Bastion, the main British base …

But a few weeks ago, Americans blew up nine children tending to goats on a hill. And civilian casualties seem to continue to rise – even as NATO troops finally abandon a war they cannot win.

Where does one draw the line between psychopaths acting alone (or perhaps within the context of government false flags) and deaths generated by wartime violence? Are Breivik's crimes so much more heinous than dropping bombs on nine-year-olds, even by mistake? What about the trophy pictures that troops snap with their dead victims? Is that a kind of insanity? What happens to these people and their families when they return from war? (Think of Timothy McVeigh, a former decorated US soldier.)

This is another issue that has similarities to what has happened concerning central banking. Just as the central bankers in issuing trillions of dollars to bail out their friends and colleagues have undermined the credibility of the system itself, so the ongoing wars in the Middle East and Africa may have devalued the concept of civil society.

How can people take their own, domestic judicial systems serious when the state that levies their taxes is involved in four, five, six undeclared wars with dubious or seemingly false justifications? Violence is all around us, from movies, to television to the news – which brings us the reality of the violence without the physicality.

What Breivik did was horrific. Even more horrific is the idea he did it somehow with connivance of the state so that those opposed to overwhelming surges of Islamic immigration can now be castigated as murderous nutcases.

After Thoughts

Why would those who stand behind the state want to make this point? Because government-organized immigration is yet another tool in the kit of an Anglosphere power elite that is intent on breaking down cultures and middles classes throughout the West. No one – nothing – must be allowed to stand in the way of global governance. Not even dozens of children gunned down on an island in the summer in Norway.

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