Brexit Economics: An Intentional Financial Destabilization of Europe?
By Daily Bell Staff - June 26, 2016

Britain and the EU A tragic split  How to minimise the damage of Britain’s senseless, self-inflicted blow … HOW quickly the unthinkable became the irreversible … By the early hours of June 24th, it was clear that voters had ignored the warnings of economists, allies and their own government … -Economist

The Economist thinks the victory of Brexit is a tragic split. But they’re wrong. They are also wrong that Brexit is “irreversible.”

Unfortunately, as you probably know, Brexit is not a given. And  negotiations could take two years or even longer.

Supposedly it’s David Cameron’s fault that Brexit took place. He traded the referendum for support from part of his party.

London’s City seems to run the world. It couldn’t have stopped Cameron from doing this?

George Soros purchased gold months ago. He’s just made a lot of money. What did he know about Brexit? That its passage was planned?

What is going on with Brexit and the EU could be something we have called “directed history” (see other Brexit article, this issue). That means that powerful people manufacture scenarios that give rise to the events that they want to occur.

It could be that Brexit destabilizes Europe. Perhaps the derivatives markets will begin unravel, tearing apart the European banking system.

An article posted over at ZeroHedge suggests this possibility. Here:

The $555 Trillion Derivatives Debt Implosion Is About to Begin … The next crisis is here.  The BREXIT or British exit from the EU is this crisis’ Bear Stearns: an unexpected situation that Central Banks will go all out to sweep under the rug.  Whether or not they will succeed remains to be seen. But what has started cannot be undone.

Will Brexit begin a wave of top-level commercial bankruptcies?

Perhaps that sounds apocalyptic. But the notional derivatives market is something like a thousand trillion dollars.

How did it get so big? That could only happen in a monopoly-based central-bank economy extending worldwide.

The EU is barely staving off insolvency now. Brexit will likely make the pressure worse.

The ZeroHedge article explains:

Now that the BREXIT has happened, the restructurings will begin. Previously, the EU could always threaten the perceived financial Armageddon of leaving the EU to problem countries that wanted debt forgiveness.

Not anymore. Britain left the EU and Armageddon didn’t hit. So Spain, Italy and other nations will start threatening to leave if they don’t get debt forgiveness or a restructuring.

Presumably few banks will appear solvent once restructuring starts.

Italy’s banks for instance are balanced on a knife’s edge. Even a little more pressure can send them tumbling into ruin.

Disaster will pile on top of disaster. And bankruptcy on top of bankruptcy.

Will it happen? It certainly seems possible.

Please protect yourself as best you can. Purchases of physical gold and silver are a good idea. A second passport and second residence are recommended along with access to fresh foodstuffs and potable water.

You may also wish to consider judicious exposure to gold and silver in paper form. One way to do this is to seek exposure to selected junior miners.

You need to be selective and cautious. But if chaos really does strike Europe, the metals sector will soar and juniors have terrific leverage in such circumstances.

One mining company you may want to examine is a new sponsor of ours, Golden Arrow. The CEO is Joe Grosso. You can see an interview we did with him HERE.

Golden Arrow is partnered with a well-known mining firm Silver Standard in exploiting what could be a major silver discovery.

Miners are likely still cheap, relatively speaking, and silver has a long way to travel to reach parity with its historical ratio.

Whether you are invested in juniors or not, silver should be considered for at least a modest part of your portfolio along with gold.

Conclusion: Is Brexit directed history? Time will tell. Elite propaganda is all around us. Dissecting and exposing it has nothing to do with “conspiracy theory” and much to do with truth.

If you have questions about Golden Arrow, you can reach representative Shawn Perger here: Shawn: 1-800-901-0058 or 778-686-0135. See the website HERE.

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