Brexit Politics: Elites Set Up New Conflict Between Populism and Globalism as Chaos Looms
By Daily Bell Staff - June 27, 2016

‘Brexit’ in America: A Warning Shot Against Globalization …  The Dow Jones industrial average finished down over 600 points after the vote results became known … What’s far more worrisome is whether Britain’s decision represents an end to the economic integration and opening [of] the last few decades.  – New York Times

Did we ever think we would see the day when the New York Times would willingly acknowledge a battle over globalization?

And it not just the New York Times. Here are some other mainstream media headlines mentioning globalism:

  • Brexit: Unraveling of a Global Post-War Structure
  • Brexit: Asian powers warnings over global stability  
  • Brexit’s Impact on Global Economy Depends on Leaders

The mainstream media usually doesn’t acknowledge globalism as an issue. Like central banking it is simply asserted as a fact, as natural as the air we breathe.

But now all of a sudden we are finding out it is a policy after all – something made by the hand of man and not descended from on high.

And thus what may be a new dominant social trend: Globalism versus Populism.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news in this regard.

We had several hours of euphoria after Brexit before we calmed down and realized it might be “too good to be true.”

Then we wrote an article on Friday you can see HERE.

And HERE is an article by Bernard-Henri Levy on the new emergent meme. Levy is an eloquent, leftist, French philosopher and writer:

Brexit marks a victory not of the people but of populism.  Not of democracy but of demagogy.

It is a victory of the hard right over the moderate right and of the radical over the liberal left.  It is a victory of xenophobia in both camps, of long-simmering hate for the immigrant and of obsession with the enemy within.

It is the revenge of those throughout the United Kingdom who could not bear to hear Barack Obama, Francois Hollande, Angela Merkel and others offering their views on a matter that was theirs to decide.

It is, in other words, a victory of sovereignism at its most rancid; of nationalism at its most idiotic.

What is the future of this war? We think we know. An excerpt of an article from the South China Morning Post.

Britain’s Brexit vote has far-reaching consequences with the potential to throw the world into even bigger economic chaos and disorder than the 2008 global financial crisis. The catastrophic collapse in the UK pound, free-falling global equities and a dramatic surge in market volatility is just the start of it …

Here is one from the Financial Review that we already anticipated.

Brexit may destroy Britain but make EU stronger  …  The irony is that Brexit could lead to change that is entirely antithetical to its proponents’ goals: it could both irreversibly destroy the United Kingdom and strengthen the European Union with few meaningful consequences for the global economy.   

So we have a strengthened EU (presumably with its own army) undergoing an economic collapse along with the rest of the world.

What else? Brexit may well ignite a new shooting war. David Cameron warned about this in a speech in May.

HERE from the Telegraph before the speech:

A Brexit will increase the risk of Europe descending into war, David Cameron will warn … Britain will pay a high cost if “we turn our back” on the EU.  The Prime Minister will … highlight the battles of Trafalgar, Blenheim, Waterloo and the two World Wars as evidence that Britain cannot pretend to be “immune from the consequences” of events in Europe.

And what will happen to London’s City itself? Brexit may facilitate the spread its tentacles throughout Europe.

The City may even be subject to considerable deregulation to ensure its competitiveness. Here, a further excerpt from the initial Times article:

With a recession in Britain now a distinct possibility, some experts worry that a government desperate to create and maintain jobs could seek to save the financial sector by making the City more attractive as an offshore haven.

Let us sum up:

The outcome of Brexit may be considerable, grinding financial ruin. It may even cause such political instability as to lead to various kinds of warfare.

At the same time (and we predicted this) Brexit will give Eurocrats a justification to “deepen” the EU political union.

Finally, the institution that will emerge with a strengthened, international profile will be the City.

While all these tensions are brewing, the media-defined struggle between populism and globalism will deepen and spread.

Of course, globalism is in bad odor, so it shouldn’t be much of a contest But here’s a thought:

The way to increase its prestige is to make sure that whatever is bad, is blamed on populism. The economic collapse. The wars. The European disharmony.

Sound far fetched? Perhaps. But note please that Donald Trump has been cast as a “populist” as well as a “nationalist.” And now the Brexit victory has the same label.

On both sides of the pond you suddenly have “populist” movements.

And the mainstream media doing its best to turn “populist” movements into a swear word.

Of course, we hope for the best with Brexit. And maybe its establishment is indeed a precursor to a great wind of freedom.

But just as possibly, things will get worse … and  people will be told to blame it on populism.

Then, you see, a solution will  be offered, one involving a new and glorious globalist interregnum. And people will be so oppressed and frightened that they may accept it and support it, even though they are cooperating in their own enslavement.

Conclusion: The above scenario is “worst case,” of course. But we can’t shake the perception that Brexit is not what it seems to be. As the manipulation is now in motion, we shall likely be exposed, sooner or later, to the consequences of what we often call “directed history.”

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