BRICS See Aggressive Globalism as Antidote to Economic Failure
By Daily Bell Staff - October 16, 2016
Xi warns of globalisation backlash at BRICS summit … Chinese President Xi Jinping said Sunday a rising tide of protectionism and anti-globalisation was endangering the world economy’s still fragile recovery as BRICS leaders vowed to forge closer business and trade ties. -AFP

This summit provides yet more evidence that at the very top, the BRICs are aligned with the Western controllers of London’s City.

This has always been our theory and history shows this to be true.

Wall Street tycoons traveled to Russia dressed up as Red Cross workers to ensure that Lenin won the day and communism was established in Russia.

Supposedly Mao attended Yale Divinity School in China and was inducted into the notorious (Illuminati) Skull and Bones fraternity.

The head of Germany during World War I was actually the grandson of Queen Victoria. Hitler was funded by Western central and commercial banks.

Why should the BRICs be any different? The term BRICs was invented by a Goldman Sachs banker.

We are supposed to believe that the BRICs are going their own way and are challenging the West on numerous economic and military issues.

But as usual what’s adopted by the BRICs seems to have its foundation in Western economic and socio-political solutions.


At a summit in the Indian tourist hub of Goa, host Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the leaders of China, Russia, Brazil and South Africa issued a joint declaration on a range of measures, including the setting-up of a new credit ratings agency and fighting tax evasion.

They also agreed to work together to combat “cross-border” terrorism, but Modi’s guests held off from signing up to his fierce condemnation of India’s arch-rival Pakistan as the “mothership of terrorism”.

This excerpt sums up the contradictory facets of this meme most cogently. First we learn that the BRICs are setting up their own Western style “credit agency.” Then we learn that “fighting tax evasion” is a priority, just as it is in the West.

Finally we learn that the BRICs were formed to combat Western hegemony

Really, it’s ludicrous. Thesis, antithesis … synthesis.

The City always needs an antithesis to provide a synthesis.

By adopting Western solutions wholesale, the BRICs create the expectation that there is no other way forward.

A small percentage of blockbuster movies provide the same sort of psychological messaging. Mostly via science fiction, these movies have prepared people for the surveillance society by featuring a variety of intrusive, high-tech instrumentation.

People have not only been conditioned to what is now occurring, they can hardly conceive of an alternative.

And the BRICs are offering the same sort of messaging. There is no other way but the Western way.

The BRICs use a Western central banking system and have already created their own version of the International Monetary Fund.

Now it turns out their “priorities” are exactly the same as Western ones. Even their “summits” mimic the meetings of the G7.

The Chinese president said “deep-seated imbalances that triggered the financial crisis” were far from being resolved … “Protectionism is rising and forces against globalisation are posing an emerging risk,” he added.

It’s really incredible. Merkel could have said this, or Obama. The rhetoric doesn’t diverge at all.

And it gets worse. Predictably, the article mentions Donald Trump, while admitting that Xi “did not single anyone out.”

But this is part of the “populism versus globalism” meme. Yet again, we are provided a contrast between no-know nothing populism (Trump) and the impressive wisdom of world leaders like XI who understand that judicious globalism is necessary to retrieve prosperity and move mankind forward.

Republican candidate Donald Trump has threatened to erect trade barriers to Chinese products if elected US president. Britain’s vote to leave the European Union has been interpreted partly as a backlash against globalisation.

You see? Trump and Brexit on one side, wisdom on the other.

“Modi said it was vital the BRICS nations increased cooperation by dismantling trade barriers and developing infrastructure.”

What are the chances? The BRICs sound just like the G7. They want to increase the efficiency of tax collection, reduce trade barriers and fund infrastructure – which has been a big issue in the US presidential election.

It starts to sound like an American campaign speech.

And then there is this: Russian President Vladimir Putin wants “closer cooperation in areas such as e-commerce and space exploration.” More Western-style priorities it seems.

Even terrorism was mentioned: “A joint statement at the end of the summit … referred to … combating ‘cross-border terrorism and its supporters.'”

Something is wrong with this scenario. It smells of coordination. How is that the world is suddenly at war? How is it that the BRICs have adopted the West’s economic, political and military matrix in almost all ways.

The obvious answer is that a homogenized world is one that can more easily be globalized. The corollary to this is that one way or another the military tensions being reported on in blaring headlines are part of tool kit designed to move the world in the desired direction.

It is difficult to comprehend how tiny, elite groups can coordinate the world’s affairs. But this seems to be what’s taking place. In every facet of commerce and politics, East and West seem to have adopted similar approaches.

Conclusion: Observe what’s being reported by the mainstream carefully. Deep currents swirl throughout the world and change is coming. Please don’t take any of it at face value.


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