Broadening the Race War? Soros Creates Anti-Trump Pro-‘Illegals’ Super Pac
By Daily Bell Staff - March 16, 2016

George Soros Forms Pro “Illegals” Super PAC To Shift Election … Soros Dumping Millions Into Questionable Voter Influence Campaign – Illegals? … Their tools in the onslaught are what the New York Times describes as “Latinos and other immigrants.” -RickWells

Call this decade “1960’s Redux”- mostly because the men at the top want it this way.

They want continued and expanded polarization. They seek social disruption.

Out of chaos … order.  A new world order.

And this is likely just what’s happening.

In several previous articles we’ve focused on Donald Trump as a mechanism of this sort of polarization.

We’ve received feedbacks from those who are upset we are not “supporting” Trump.

But DB’s main focus is tracking elite propaganda and manipulation – media campaigns that we have called “memes.”

The idea is to present information that you can use to better protect yourself. It’s there if you want to use it.

Sociopolitical, economic and military propaganda creates the basis of further action that we call “directed history.” And in this way, you are “managed” and society is steered in appropriate directions.

The Internet has made it a good deal more difficult for directed history to take place. But age-old tools of social manipulation don’t go out of date.

One tool is called the Hegelian dialectic. It employs a thesis, antithesis and synthesis.

The synthesis is key as it can be moved by those in charge of the “compromise” in any desired direction.

Begin with this singular fact: The North American Union is the ultimate goal of globalists for America, Canada and Mexico. It is part of an effort over several centuries to consolidate world power.

Those who support the North American Union are the thesis. And whether he knows it or not, Donald Trump, especially if he wins the presidency, is the antithesis.

Trump doesn’t have to cooperate for this to occur. But politics is a grimy game. By running for president and succeeding, he provides a useful mechanism.

The synthesis, yet to be agreed upon, is the emergent union. That’s how it looks now, though of course things could change depending on what happens to Trump.

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

Presumably that includes Trump and his newfound opposition, which is suddenly coalescing around the Latino population in the US and by extension throughout Latin America.

The fight to create the North American Union is thus being widened to include other participants, especially those from Mexico.

It is beginning to have aspects of a race war. This is how you build the US version of the European Union.

Ironically, those in Europe and Britain are engaged in an effort to remove the boot metaphorically stamping on their face “over and over” as George Orwell once said when describing totalitarianism.

The article excerpted above makes mention of the New York Times. Here, from the Times, is more on the emergent “Super Pac.”

The billionaire George Soros and other liberal donors will bankroll a new $15 million campaign to mobilize Latinos and other immigrants this fall, hoping to channel outrage at the political rhetoric of Donald J. Trump and other Republicans … The outreach, which will be coordinated through a new “super PAC” called Immigrant Voters Win PAC, will be more explicitly political and partisan than past effort.

For tens of millions frustrated with trends toward internationalism like the recent trade agreement TPP, it almost impossible not to be sympathetic to Trump.

Trump is also the most high-profile target yet for those who want to organize against the tattered remnants of the US Republic.

Many of Trump’s concepts still seem vague but one statement that mattered was one made early on. It had to do with murderers and rapists coming into the US more frequently than other Hispanic populations. This single statement is continually cited by Trump’s opponents.

If we are correct, Trump will increasingly be painted as a racist and bigot by the mainstream media to fuel a growing anti-Trump coalition consisting of Hispanics, trade unionists and “leftist” libertarians and anarchists.

And the Republican convention will be convulsed by violence much as the Democratic convention in the 1960s was.

This is being done to create the indelible idea the nation is wracked by forces of great import and that if you have not made up your mind yet you must decide.

You must participate. Thus you validate the system, which is the point.

The next few years may resemble the 1960s in many ways, even in terms of fashion and incoming “protest” music.  Consider for instance, Beyonce’s new hit single Formation, released before the Super Bowl.

The song, overtly racial, seems to be an artistic departure for her. Critics welcomed it.

My daddy Alabama, Momma Louisiana
You mix that negro with that Creole make a Texas bama
I like my baby heir with baby hair and afros
I like my negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils

What is going on is extraordinary and convulsive. If Trump wins the presidency, it will be pervasive.

If Trump doesn’t win, but comes to embody the voice of old-fashioned republican opposition, what used to be called “the Remnant,” it and he will also continue to have a great impact.

Remember, please … It is often difficult to recognize your own emotional manipulation, but the current system is intended to impoverish you, control you and make you party to serial warfare and torture.

It likely cannot be salvaged by any one man no matter how well meaning or virtuous.

Conclusion: Do not be fooled into believing that politics will make your life better. You are the main actor in your life. Politics are on the periphery. Think for yourself. And don’t believe all that you are told.

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