Bush Used as Trojan Horse for Global Justice
By Staff News & Analysis - October 14, 2011

Canada required to arrest George W. Bush … Criminals must be arrested, even U.S. Presidents, even if Americans condone human rights abuses: World's largest human rights group Amnesty International weighs in with heaviest stand yet … London-based Amnesty International (AI) has called on Canada to do what the United States has failed to do, arrest George W. Bush. AI says Canada is required to arrest Bush when he attends an economic summit in Surrey, British Columbia on October 20 due to a series of his human rights criminal actions including those related to the U.S. Military torturing people, crimes under international law ."Bush has legal responsibility for a series of human rights violations in a memorandum submitted last month to Canada's attorney general but only now released to the media," reported Agence France-Presse. – The Examiner

Dominant Social Theme: George Bush is a war criminal and he needs to be brought to international justice.

Free-Market Analysis: The Examiner, an online newspaper, has provided us with a pretty good summary of the surprisingly strong call by London-based Amnesty International (see excerpt above) to arrest George Bush over international war crimes. Bush inspires intense feelings (mostly dislike in our view) and the AI statement cleverly utilizes his polarizing influence to buttress the meretricious meme of global justice.

In fact, there is no such thing as "global justice." There is no such things as a "human rights violation." But this dominant social theme is being pounded home by the elites who seek a one-world future and need global justice to accompany it.

Human rights violations are an especially egregious meme. It is part of the magic trick performed by the elites in which important personal issues are to be embraced by impersonal concepts such as "countries" and "corporations," etc. The idea is always to make the specific generic and then to provide a globalist solution applied by internationalist structures controlled by this same elite.

Global justice is just an elaboration of this weary formula. What the world needs in our humble view is "decentralized justice." We've called for a return to tribal and clan justice (not that it matters what we "call for," but we might as well try) since private justice is the only the kind of judicial system that can really be depended on to drain the inevitable inequities.

In private justice, people avenge their own via duels, feuds and the like. Justice-seeking can be extended "unto the seventh generation" and people are likely going to be more polite and careful when any individual can avenge an "insult to honor" or other offense on his own. In a private justice paradigm, people control their own justice and are apt not to act rashly because the consequences can be deadly.

State justice – the current public paradigm – is unfortunately inequitable in every way. The state makes the rules, passes the laws, pays for the policing to enforce the laws, the lawyers who prosecute them, the courtroom that houses the judicial process and the penitentiaries that house the unfortunate victims of this monopoly of force.

So successful has this meme been that people cannot even recall in many instances the private judicial formulas that were in use, likely, for tens of thousands of years before eruption of public justice in the past several centuries.

One need only look at the careful crafting of private justice, with its vendettas, blood payments and other forms of vigilantism to know this is a superior approach to settling disputes. In private justice, it is up to the individual to settle disputes, often with agreed-upon third parties.

Private justice tends to remove the inequities of modern public justice in which the state itself metes out capital punishment – often unjustly – and in the case of America keeps four million at a time locked away for such heinous offenses as smoking a marijuana cigarette. Today, in America, the trend is toward using prisoners to supplement the failing municipal system, turning inmates into 21st century slaves. Here's some more from the article:

"Canada is required by its international obligations to arrest and prosecute former president Bush given his responsibility for crimes under international law including torture," Amnesty's Susan Lee said in a statement. "As the U.S. Authorities have, so far, failed to bring former president Bush to justice, the international community must step in." A spokesman for the Canadian government was not immediately available for comment.

Bush cancelled a visit to Switzerland in February, after facing similar public calls for his arrest. "Bringing to justice the people responsible for torture is central to that goal. It is the law… And no one, including the man who served as president of the world's most powerful nation for eight years can be allowed to stand above that law." AI said if Bush is not arrested when in Canada, that country will violate the UN convention and condone human rights violation.

Why now? Why Canada? It's a clever ploy. The idea is getting big play in Canada because of the distaste that many Canadians feel toward George W. Bush and the warmongering that ensnared Canada in the decade-old Afghan struggle. As Bush will simply cancel any appearances where he is in danger of being arrested, the danger of arrest is fairly minimal.

AI has urged Canada to do the deed, and we can only assume this stance is in response to the deterioration of support for international justice in general. The most recent iteration of "global justice" is the formation of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and its selective prosecutions and heavy-handed pseudo-morality has drained support even among developing countries.

There is a movement in Africa, for instance, to remove all support for the ICC. It is being led by Kenya, which has been pressured by the Anglosphere elite to cooperate so as to form the necessary "precedents" to further entrench the meme of "global justice."

The idea of "global justice" in the modern day and age got its start with the Nuremberg Trials, which were promptly undercut by the (secret) embrace by the United States of any Nazi with a scientific background and a military career. (See Operation Paperclip.)

Nonetheless, this particular power-elite meme has gathered force over the past 50 years. It has been pushed deliberately through the modern concept of "precedent" in which every judicial decision, no matter how absurd, becomes part of the larger legal canon and influences the next generation of bought-and-paid for justices.

After Thoughts

There is no doubt the elites are pushing for global justice just as they are pushing for a global currency, a global political infrastructure, etc. Bush is a handy target to reinforce the mindless rush toward global justice. Of course, what Bush did during his terms as US president was obscenely reprehensible and in a system of private justice might well have gotten him into significant trouble. Probably not so today.

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