Busted: ISIS Really a Guerrilla Marketing Company
By The Daily Bell Staff - May 22, 2017

ISIS wants to poison our water supply, but the joke’s on them! The U.S. government already beat them to the punch.

The extremist group has reportedly poisoned prisoners by spiking their food and water with compounds used in pesticides that are easy to obtain

Security forces now fear the terror network may hatch a twisted plot to contaminate Western food supplies with formulas that quickly dissolve in liquid.

Oh, you mean like by spraying Roundup and other herbicides on thousands upon thousands of acres of agricultural land? Or maybe by intentionally adding fluoride to the water supply even though drinking it has proven ineffective in promoting dental health, but quite effective in causing tons of health issues and making people more moldable to authority?

Sorry ISIS the United States government is way ahead of you in poisoning the citizens. True, ISIS is experimenting with immediate killers like thallium sulfate, but that’s nothing a reverse osmosis filter can’t handle.

In fact, ISIS may have just inadvertently saved millions of people by spurring them to purchase state of the art water filtration systems. In attempting to protect themselves from terrorism, Americans may inadvertently protect themselves from the U.S. government. After all, Flint Michigan has poisoned more victims than ISIS.

That’s it, the truth is out! ISIS is really the guerilla marketing campaign to sell Americans on protecting themselves from our government. Busted. The old reverse psychology trick.

But in reality, this might not be far from the truth. It’s just that ISIS is really a marketing company designed to sell us fear.

The CIA and U.S. military were caught spending over half a billion dollars in Iraq to make propaganda videos which would then be disseminated through various forms of media. Some of these videos were specifically made to resemble videos by Arab news outlets and surely passed for such on many occasions.

Also widely believed, is that the CIA created the supposed ISIS beheading videos which made their rounds a couple years ago. And seeing as there is plenty of evidence that the CIA created ISIS itself, this is not hard to believe.

Take it With a Grain of Thallium Sulfate

We don’t want to make light of serious issues, but any news about what ISIS is doing raises red flags. We know ISIS is a creation of the CIA (whether you think they created it deliberately or accidentally).

We also know that the main point of various terrorist organizations (including those funded by the U.S. government) is to spread fear. Surely many terrorists would be perfectly happy killing millions of Americans, but that is a very unlikely scenario.

Still, as always we need to be alert to potential real risks in order to thwart them, while not falling into the trap of being so fearful that we change the course of our lives and thus deliver the terrorists in and outside of our government their victory.

The Daily Bell wants to be a place for solutions, not a fear machine, or echo chamber.

Solution: Buy a water filter. Seriously, if you are worried about fluoride and lead in the water, which you definitely should be, you need to get yourself a nice hardcore water filter and sleep easy. This has the added benefit of assuaging any fear of terrorists contaminating your water with poisons.

The most effective filtration systems use a combination of reverse osmosis and carbon filters. Carbon removes chlorine and many biological contaminants, while reverse osmosis removes basically everything else; pesticides, nitrates, fluoride, thallium, sulfates, and arsenic.

The downside to reverse osmosis filter is that they waste a lot of water in the process of filtration, and they also remove trace elements which are good for you, like magnesium and calcium. It also would not work without water pressure, meaning it is not a suitable option for emergency situations where power and water pressure are lost.

You will know better than us what makes the most sense for your situation.

There is no magic bullet, no one easy step to removing yourself from the storm of power and domination. But it is a series of steps that bring a hiker to the mountaintop. Being daunted by the number of steps ahead only stops us from starting the trek.

A dying beast on its last legs will lash out, thump its chest, show its teeth, and growl ferociously in an attempt to gain the upper hand, and escape its fate with the dinosaurs. Remember this when you think the government and power elites look more powerful than ever–it could be their last ditch effort to remain relevant in a changing world leaving them behind.

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