Campaign Blows up Media and Politics as US Society Disintegrates
By Daily Bell Staff - October 14, 2016

Donald Trump Prepares New Attack on Media, Clinton … Donald Trump will broaden his attack against the media to hit globalism and the Clinton Foundation by charging that Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim is part of a biased coalition working in collusion with the Clinton campaign and its supporters to generate news reports of decades-old allegations from several women. -Wall Street Journal

The current presidential campaign is notable because the longer it goes on, the more it exposes the underlying reality of American society – a society that has been thoroughly penetrated by globalist control that is at odds with the fundamental nature of a republic.

This exposure is not taking place on a TV show or in a newspaper article. It is part of the evolution of a national presidential election that is galvanizing the US and exposing the real controllers of US society.

The longer the campaign continues and the more Trump is attacked, the more he fights back by speaking bluntly about the reality of America and its current sociopolitical and economic situation.

We have anticipated this in the past, pointing out that as globalists push toward their goals in the 21st century, people will increasingly turn to the Internet to find out what’s going on. Trump has actually speeded up this process.


Mr. Trump, defiant and enraged in speeches on Thursday, flatly denied charges he had made inappropriate advances on the women over the past three decades. As early as Friday, Mr. Trump is planning to claim that Mr. Slim, as a shareholder of New York Times Co. and donor to the Clinton Foundation, has an interest in helping Hillary Clinton’s campaign, according to a Trump adviser.

Attacking the Mexican billionaire would allow Mr. Trump to hit several targets. He could slam the “failing” New York Times, which he says had to be “rescued” by a “foreigner”—Mr. Slim, the adviser said. The Slim family held about 17% of the New York Times Class A shares as of March, making them the largest individual shareholder. The Sulzberger family still controls the company, with more than 90% of the Class B shares. Mr. Slim and his foundation have given between $250,000 and $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation since its founding.

Trump has called Hillary Clinton a criminal and in the recent debate indicated he believed she should be in jail. Trump has also given publicity to women that former president William Clinton allegedly attacked sexually or raped.

In return, apparently, he has now been accused of having sex with a child. Trump has denied the charges emphatically, claiming they are lies.

One needs to search through all the presidential campaigns in US history to try to find a campaign presenting this sort of rhetoric and these sorts of accusations. The Drudge Report has run articles suggesting that the current presidential campaign is making Americans anxious. This is because the current political environment is abnormal … and unusually truthful.

In the past, those involved in politics were careful to sustain a semblance of propriety in order to preserve the credibility of the process. Meanwhile, the people behind the concept called the United States have used military and economic power to destabilize the world in order to generate a new “order” and that program is proceeding apace.

We tend to believe it is purposeful. Candidates for high office are surely vetted and selected by those who hold the real power in US society.  Thus what’s going on today was likely anticipated, if not approved.

As we pointed out here, elite memes and the manipulation of directed history are growing more to difficult to implement and sustain. The fallback is chaos and general destruction. If one is made to doubt everything, then allegiance to one’s society is lessened. It is easier to substitute and expand internationalism.

The media is playing its part in this larger unveiling, and this also informs us that the current chaotic truth-telling is deliberate.

The process of globalization must continue and the tearing down of what’s been built up throughout the West – including, science, art and technology – is taking place because it is the way free-market trends are counteracted.

Out of chaos … order. The idea now seems to be to tear down foundational elements of American society that have been painstakingly erected over the past century and more. The US as a society – and then as a culture – is to be destroyed to make way for something else.

There are plenty of hopeful people that believe someone like Donald Trump may restore America to a previous “greatness.” But one of the main reasons America was “great” was because of the dollar reserve currency, an artificial outcome of monopoly central banking installed by globalists.

The US in part was “great” because of an artificial monetary system installed by the same globalist element that has created the current presidential campaign with all of its chaotic revelations. Hillary’s health problems were well known to an inner circle before she won the Democratic nomination. The role of the media was no doubt discussed at length before the campaign began.

As hard as it is to confront, what’s going on now is not just coincidental or aberrant. There will be no “return” in our view though there may be other unanticipated consequences that will undermine the current globalist campaign including secession and individual free-market behaviors. These may make the planned global government harder to implement.

Conclusion: The current presidential campaign signals a new phase in elite destruction. Prudent observers of elite memes and “directed history” will take note that the planned upheavals in the West and the world will likely become more sustained and intense going forward. This is not just an election, it is likely a signal that a new globalist phase has begun.


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