Carbon Marts Launch Around the World
By Staff News & Analysis - December 09, 2010

World Bank chief to launch carbon market fund … World Bank President Robert Zoellick is set to launch a new multi-million dollar fund in Mexico on Wednesday to help emerging market countries set up their own carbon markets, the bank said on Tuesday. While the list of participating countries is still being finalized, they are expected to include China, Mexico, Chile and Indonesia. Zoellick will launch the fund in Cancun on Wednesday where countries are involved in global climate negotiations to toughen existing pledges to cut carbon emissions. – Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: We, the deciders, need to help countries combat global warming as much as possible.

Free-Market Analysis: Colonialism is alive and well. The World Bank is to encourage carbon trading in developing countries. Too bad. This will make it even harder for developing nations to grow up; and the ramifications are simple. It means more sickness, more starvation, more deprivation. The Anglo-American power elite has learned through harsh experience that slavery does not pay in the modern era – or not open slavery anyway. Thus carbon trading (to alleviate non-existent global warming) is used to cement yet more intergenerational servitude. Africa is not to escape Western-induced poverty any time soon.

What do we have against carbon markets? The same thing you should have, dear reader. They are nothing more than an elaborate plot to increase the Anglosphere's ability to suck funds from the world's staggering middle class and poor while increasing control over energy usage.

Carbon markets in fact are designed to distribute the ability of industry to pollute – and thus benefit large "polluters" at the expense of the small. To begin with, carbon (pollution) credits are issued to industrial players. Since the credits are worth what the market prices them at, industry has an incentive to try to pollute as little as possible because then a given company can go on the market and sell the remaining carbon credits for a profit. Alternatively, a company that is polluting too much must go into the market and buy credits. This is a kind of private-market fine.

But what if the "pollution" is an entirely made-up phenomenon? This is, unfortunately, the case with "carbon" – carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is among the most necessary gases on the planet. The theory behind carbon pollution is that carbon dioxide "traps" greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and thus causes global warming. But in fact water vapor is responsible for most of the trapping effect and carbon dioxide for perhaps three-to-five percent. Proponents of global warming will explain that it is this three-to-five percent that is critical. But as we have already learned, global warmists will say almost anything.

The rhetorical nomenclature has been ever changing. We are now to use the phrase "climate change" or perhaps "climate catastrophe" – one cannot keep up. But the main issue is that global warming is a phony, fear-based promotion based on manipulation of data. The weather stations from where the data was gathered were often chosen or even placed in the warmest possible places. The data itself was "cooked" so as to show a predetermined conclusion. Can you possibly envision governments or NGOs cooking their books dear reader?

UN white papers consisted of outright lies, including the prediction that the Himalayas were melting away. This "cite" was later proven spurious, taken erroneously from an article and misinterpreted. The North Pole is not melting away either and the South Pole is apparently becoming more frozen. There is a good deal of speculation now that the world is entering another mini-ice age. Of course what finally unraveled the scam was the release of emails showing that a small group of scientists had actively manipulated data over a period of years. The scientists had suppressed data and articles that were contrary to the "theory" of global warming while ensuring that articles that supposedly established global warming were prominently published in scientific journals they either controlled or created.

Global warming has been thoroughly discredited. Its theoretical underpinnings have proven untrue. It's nothing but a fundamental promotion of the Anglosphere – which uses such fear-based promotions in its attempts to frighten people (especially in the West) into giving up wealth and authority to elite, global institutions like the UN and WHO.

There are in fact a number of promotional threads that the Western power elite is trying to weave together in the greenhouse promotion. There are electric cars, carbon markets, a larger environmental promotion (including green politics) and of course "smart grid." The end result would seem to be an environment where everything (including travel) is somehow controlled and metered. This fits into the Anglosphere's larger goal of one-world governance. The World Bank, as a prime facility of the Anglosphere, has now been tapped to move the promotion forward – as it has been stymied elsewhere.

One can see the muzzy outlines of an Orwellian future in this sort of design. One's entire life could be easily tracked. Each different utility presumably could be logged – from the coffee-percolator in the morning to the use of an oven in the evening. We can easily see how carbon trading fits into this scheme. Eventually, carbon trading would trickle down from the large marts; what was industrial would become personal. People no doubt would end up with their own carbon credits, ones they would have to buy or sell depending on whether they had exceeded their carbon usage within a given time frame. This would not be all of course. Eventually, civil and criminal penalties would be brought to bear on carbon "abusers." Those responsible for too much carbon dioxide could go to jail.

It is perfectly possible within this context, by the way, for one's own breathing to play a role in carbon-dioxide production. If it could be established, for instance, that a heavy person produced more carbon-dioxide than a lighter one, weight limits could be introduced whereby people over a certain poundage would be fined or have to pay some sort extra tax as a kind of penalty. Athletic events, where people breathed more heavily due to exertion, might have to pay some sort of surcharge. Construction firms, employing people out-of-doors in strenuous employment capacities might have to pay a surcharge as well.

At every opportunity, Western societies have decried slavery in modern times and postured against it. The irony is of course that many in the West are now paying far more to the government than the annual 30 percent a serf tithed in the Middle Ages. Slavery is alive and well in our view. And the whole issue of carbon trading and carbon-dioxide-as-a-pollutant would seem to be slavery-by-another-name. What is being prepared for Western societies is a special kind of hell.

How does all this carbon-trading nonsense affect developing countries? Leaving aside any personal carbon limits to be put in place at some point, carbon trading must eventually add entrepreneurial costs. A large company can afford an overage but a small company likely cannot. Carbon trading in Africa will hurt small businesses, create more corruption and give advantages to the largest players, businesses that inevitably have Western interests. The World Bank has no business helping fund carbon marts in the developing world. Questions come to mind: Who gave it that authority? Where is the science that the World Bank must cite before it begins to encourage impoverished countries to tax citizens' breathing?

Of course the rule of law, whatever that can be construed to be in Western society these days, means nothing to those at the World Bank or its elite managers. Impoverished countries are easier to influence than wealthier ones, so the scam of global warming is to be re-initiated there. Africa we believe is the essential target. The Anglosphere wants to blow up Africa just they way it has blown up South America, Europe and (sooner or later) China. There are already plans on the books for an African Central bank and an active "African Union" to mimic the horror show now taking place in Europe. You can see our previous articles here:

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After Thoughts

The elite is currently failing in their attempts to build an over-arching greenhouse gas economy in the West; and the UN meetings now taking place in Cancun, Mexico will bring modest or little relief – no matter how they are "spun." The strategy is shifting from grand UN treaties to building carbon economies from the ground up in individual countries. Certainly, the developing world is a tempting target in this regard, especially with the recent closure of the only carbon-trading exchange in the US. The powers-that-be obviously hope the helpless South will prove more easily manipulated. By building trading environments in impoverished countries, the elite can encourage economic involvement to a point where special interests may take over. The poor suffer first, as always.

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