Castles, Canals, Even Airports, Seem to Show the Relentless Pace of Ancient Earth
By Daily Bell Staff - February 19, 2017

Old Earth Ruins, Ancient Dams, Airports, Lifelines, Canal Systems and Underwater Structures … Rips the lid off the coffin of the credibility of mainstream history model.

This video by Newearth deals with ancient dams, canal systems and structures that once made up a thriving international culture before recorded history.

It is one of a series of over 50 videos made by Newearth who is an aficionado of Russian archaeology. Russian archaeology is a good deal more inventive than our mainstream archaeology.

Initially, Newearth followed several multi-volume works by inquisitive Russian archaeologists but in the past year she has ventured off and begun to address areas on her own.

There literally thousands – tens of thousands – of these videos by now. One can only listen to so many videos about ancient structures potentially over 12,000 years old before one concludes there is some big problem with what we’ve learned in school.

Newearth is among the better non-traditional commentators because her standards are high and she seldom deals in outright speculation, preferring to build on what she can see. Of course, many megalithic buildings have vanished into the swirling tide of time. These were huge castles, often built in very hard-to-get places.

These “castles” were not made as they are today. Some are built of megalithic rough-hewn boulders. Others are simply cut into the living rock itself. But the cuts themselves are immaculate, far better than we could do with many of today’s power saws, even if they were portable, which they are not.

Some buildings seem older than old. They are, she says, perhaps tens or even hundreds of thousands of years old. Even older. Yet the machines that made them are more advanced than anything today, she points out.

Others, in extreme outposts in Russia, seem relatively new, Thus we are faced with the idea of advanced civilizations that no one know about today and that may be only a few hundred years old.

The ancient canal systems she covers in this video are worldwide and include at least one potential airport as well. Most of the canals in particular are now underwater but when photographed from high in the sky, you can make them out very well. They are straight and long. They certainly look like canals.

As Youtube itself advances, more and more people are discovering – rediscovering – these ancient artifacts and structures. Newearth has fanciful names for some of them.

Some she calls castles of the “elves.” Others are “gnome castles” because they were made for people of a very small stature. Myths say such people actually existed until recently and did indeed mine the earth.

Conclusion: Newearth says that she gets a lot of inspiration from myth. She considers many myths a good deal more truthful than modern archaeological explanations. These, she says, are more fanciful than even the most extreme myths in their insistence that all was accomplished by bronze chisels and mallets. Take a look. Even if you don’t believe, it will likely set you to thinking.

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