China Expands Hegenomy as Part of Larger Perspectve
By - January 02, 2017

China says won’t allow Hong Kong to be used as subversion base …  China will not allow anyone stability, Beijing’s top official in the territory told state television.  (Reuters)

China is increasingly concerned with Hong Kong rhetoric about freedom, and has warned leaders against protests. Hong Kong operates under the uneasy policy of “one country, two systems.

In an interview, Zhang Xiaoming, said that China will not interfere with Hong Kongs autonomy, but that Hong Kong official cannot challenge the mainland´s ability to repel challenges to social and political stability. Xiaoming is head of China´s liaison office in Hong Kong

Recently, China’s parliament revisited China´s basic law regarding Hong Kong  to ensure that bar pro-independence city lawmakers are barred from taking office.

This is seen as part of a larger effort by Chinese President Xi Jinping to enforce what he considers to be legitimate Chinese hegemony. There have been reports Chinese concerns extend far beyond Hong Kong,

Taiwan’s president has been outspoken regarding China ‘threat,’ and recently predicted a turbulent 2017.

President Tsai Ing-wen said at a year-end news conference on Dec. 31, 2016 that China is a growing threat the self ruled island. “The Beijing leadership has, step by step, backed onto an old track to polarize, pressure and even threaten and intimidate Taiwan,” Tsai said.

“We hope that this is not Beijing’s adoption of a policy and want to remind it that such moves have hurt Taiwanese people’s feelings and affected stability across the Taiwan Strait.”

China recently sent an aircraft carrier and other warships near Taiwan. Additionally. Taiwan has lost alliances in Africa thanks to China and has been the victim of a massive loss of Chinese tourism.

China opposes Taiwan´s self rule and its claim for autonomy generally. Tsai has been an irritant in this regard, especially for continuing to oppose reunification talks. Tsai is not alone in his view. Most Taiwanese prefer self rule.

Tsai made a call to US president elect Donald Trump recently and spoke to him directly. This was seen as something of a coup as top US officials have not spoken to Taiwan officially for years. Not since 1979, when the US officially cut ties with the US.

“In 2017, our society is going to face some turbulence and face some uncertainties,” she was reported as saying. “It’s going to test our whole national security team, as well as the whole government’s ability to handle change. We need to face this matter calmly.”

She said that If China and Taiwan take a “rational” approach, problems could be resolved. “It is not impossible that there is room for creativity.”

But President Ji Xinpeng doesn´t seem to see it that way. In fact Xinpeng seems to see Taiwan and Hong Kong as places where he can further emphasize his commitment to ¨one China.¨ Xinpeng is known for expanding Chinese hegemony and generally seeking an expanded inviolable state.

Conclusion … Xigpeng´s program is somewhat similar to Trump´s in this regard. In fact, the two have many emphases in common. It is enough to make one suspicious that these emphases are in some way coordinated, which gives a whole new dimension to international cooperation. Time will tell.



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