CIA Takes Over Pentagon
By Staff News & Analysis - December 10, 2012

No longer a turf war, the Pentagon and CIA work closely … With the increase use of drone strikes as a powerful fighting force, the military is looking to get more involved in intelligence. Greg Miller says that it's becoming more difficult to tell who's doing what as the Pentagon and CIA work closely together. David Petraeus, the highly decorated war hero, turned disgraced former head of the CIA made a once unthinkable shift from military to intelligence. But it isn't at all uncommon anymore. In fact, the line between the Pentagon and CIA has become harder to distinguish. – Public Radio International

Dominant Social Theme: The move toward combining intelligence with military activity is an efficient one.

Free-Market Analysis: Here's a new dominant social theme. We're supposed to be comforted apparently that the Pentagon and CIA are merging, with the CIA coming out on top.

Between the two groups, you've probably got nearly US$1 trillion being utilized for intel and military purposes per YEAR. No multinational corporation in the world has an operating budget of one trillion dollars. This is the largest, most powerful, most malicious enterprise on the planet.

Its reach is global, its mischief international and its official determination in aggregate to preserve the power and fortunes of the US are indelible, at the top anyway. And now the two organizations are to be one. The article quotes Greg Miller of the Washington Post on the merger as follows:

But, Miller says, there is another big factor for the CIA's embrace of the DIA.

"This deal that the CIA has cut with the Pentagon was enabled by the fact that the CIA gets to have ultimate control over what the Pentagon was doing," Miller said. "Whatever the Pentagon ends up doing, it's not going to undermine CIA operations. Secondly the CIA is so stretched that it welcomes the chance to have this other entity that it can offload work to."

Now that the military is coming out of two wars, it faces significant retrenchment. Intelligence agencies on the other hand, won't be facing the same level of budget cuts.

"One of the lessons coming out of 9/11 has only been reinforced over the past decade — that you can't afford to start cutting back on intelligence, or the consequences could be dire," he said.

The conclusion – that the Pentagon and CIA ought to work closely together – is questionable, to say the least. First of all, there are too many questions about what happened on 9/11 to draw ANY conclusion, let alone one that reemphasizes US Intel.

Second, even if one does emphasize intelligence, why is it necessary to combine the largest army on Earth with the most widespread, secretive intelligence operation? Doesn't make much sense to us, but then we're not military or Intel officers.

Our belief would tend to be that unless the Pentagon and CIA are formally merged, the agencies will eventually have a falling out and continue their competitive ways. On the other hand, if somehow the Pentagon does manage the feat of continuing to prostrate itself before the leaders of the CIA, then one does face the specter of the largest and most powerful Intel agency ever, one with a fully global operating zone.

While some in the US might be willing to rejoice at such a confluence, there is this to consider: Intelligence operations are inevitably turned on the citizens they are supposedly protecting.

The world's top banking families, in fact, supposedly developed Intel agencies privately several hundred years ago so as to help preserve their wealth from unexpected occurences.

The paradigm these days is simple … The power elite itself runs Intel around the world. The Mossad, MI6, CIA and other multiple agencies are basically reporting to the world's largest banking families and their enablers and associates, from what we can tell.

In other words, the Intel agencies act as occupying forces, ensuring that politicians, business, media and military elements all work together to fuflil power elite goals.

If we use this paradigm, we come to the conclusion that the reason global governance continues to grow is because the topmost elites have both the money and muscle necessary to impose their will.

Now we face an effective, operational merger to make both the US military and CIA a single, seamless force controlled by those working out of the City of London, Washington DC, the Vatican and eventually, we assume, Jerusalem.

These city-states are powers unto themselves and it is from this axis that dominant social themes are launched and Money Power is exercised.

The world's top military and Intel agencies ought not to be seen as working for the interests of "the people" or of "nations." These entities work for those who CONTROL people and nations. Any merger of the kind we are observing will surely increase this power and aim it more directly at captive, domestic populations.

After Thoughts

This is not therefore a welcome development in our view, no matter how it is cast as a matter of "national security." That was always a meaningless term in our view and it is no more credible today.

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