Communist China or Western Patsy?
By Staff News & Analysis - October 26, 2011

China 'won't follow US' on carbon emissions … China will not allow its carbon dioxide emissions per person to reach levels seen in the US, according to the minister in charge of climate policy. Xie Zhenhua, vice chair of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that to let emissions rise that high would be a "disaster for the world – UK Telegraph/ Tim Stanley

Dominant Social Theme: China is a responsible citizen of the world and is proving it even though it is also an enemy of the West. But it is a helpful enemy. Though it is also a Red Menace. But it is "good people." But it is also the biggest danger to the West. But it is helping Europe … Though it is a communist state … But it has capitalist tendencies … But it is about to implode … But it has done very well … Because it is Western … Though it is still totalitarian.

Free-Market Analysis: When it comes to China the Anglosphere power elite has done an unusually bad job. On the one hand, China is to be painted as a great adversary of the West. On the other, it must be seen as participating in the larger set of dominant social themes that the elites want to promote around the world.

Just yesterday, we posted a story "NATO Preps for World War" that positioned China as a military enemy. But we are past the point where we think that modern warfare has much to do with underlying enmity. Modern wars in our view are projects mostly of the Anglosphere elites and are mounted for purposes of control, population reduction and other reasons that do not have much or anything to do with a clash of civilizations.

Despite the overhang of potential military activity, China in its current incarnation seems evidently and obviously a kind of controlled opposition – a convenient grand backdrop on which any one of a number of perceptions may be generated. For now, the ChiCom leaders seem to be working closely to support Western memes. Its leaders have stated their intention to help bail out the EU. And now we see the enthusiastic endorsement of one of the more pernicious theme – global warming and the necessity for carbon sinks.

The current ChiCom society has been built along the lines of modern Western socialism, complete with central banking and mercantilist multinationals. The linkages to the controlling Western elites are likely fairly well hidden and can only be discerned when China suddenly makes strange noises benefiting this or that Western meme or agenda.

Such is the case with this carbon announcement. China therefore endorses another Western falsehood having to do with the causes of global warming – carbon pollution – when there is no evidence that carbon dioxide – one of the most important and life-giving gases in the world has anything to do with global warming (which likely doesn't exist anyway). Here's some more from the article:

A study published over the weekend in the journal Nature Climate Change showed that if global emissions do not peak and begin to fall by 2020, keeping the global average temperature rise since pre-industrial times below 2C will be difficult. Since the UN climate summit in Copenhagen two years ago, the political scene on climate change has shifted markedly, with members of established negotiating blocs reaching out to countries that have not traditionally been allies but which now share common interests.

This is one of the reasons why China and European countries are exploring the potential for collaboration in areas such as novel fuels. Another is that western engineering expertise allied to Chinese manufacturing could result in "green" products at low price. For the UK, part of the idea is to rebuild bridges that were singed, if not burned, after Copenhagen when Ed Miliband – then climate secretary and now leader of the opposition – blamed Chinese negotiators for scuppering the talks.

Mr Xie's visit was facilitated by Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment (Globe) International, the worldwide association of parliamentarians. Lord (Michael) Jay, Globe's vice president, suggested it was vital to make progress at this year's UN summit in Durban, South Africa. "We hold the planet in trust for future generations," he said. "And that puts a lot of responsibility on our shoulders before and after Durban." And Mr Xie suggested that Europe and China could work together to push things forward. "Let's join hands to push the US to take action," he said.

China is used by the West in numerous useful capacities. One of its biggest roles is to make the West's socialism/mercantilism look good. We are reminded that China's brand is even worse. China is also used occasionally to justify America's growing wars in the Middle East and Africa. The idea is that these are strategic in nature and aimed at combatting any aggressive intentions harbored by Chinese leaders.

China is a useful foil for Anglosphere elites that project anything they want onto its vast backdrop. They apparently support some sort of global governance in line with Anglosphere ambitions. Even if it comes to war, the Chinese elites shall likely cooperate in some fashion, at least to begin with.

Modern wars, the big ones anyway, are mostly aimed at the "little people." And China has plenty of little people. This is something else that the ChiComs and Anglosphere elites share: a yen for population reduction and a likely lack of concern for how it is accomplished. In this way, as well, China supports the Anglosphere and its memes.

After Thoughts

War, of course, is the most destructive dominant social theme of all. And one of the most desirable, perhaps, in certain circumstances.

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