Conspiracy's Longer Timeline
By Staff News & Analysis - July 14, 2011

9/11 And The Rise of The World Wolf State … It is an amazing fact of history that what passes for history in the West is factually untrue. The people get public mythologies and government lies instead of the facts, so what they know is not real. Currently, the State is the principal actor and recorder of history. And what it records is not the truth, but what is politically convenient for the corrupt oligarchs and various special interests who have captured the State's myth-making powers. If we don't know the real history of financial crises, terrorist attacks, and wars then we can't claim to live in free societies. Today, the power to create and write history is in the dominion of the State. And the history it is writing is based on lies, deception, and propaganda. Since the end of World War II a slow and gradual political revolution has occurred in America, England, France, Canada, Australia, and other Western nations against the liberal democratic state. In its place has risen what William Ralph Inge called the "Wolf State" in his 1948 book, "The End of an Age." – The Excavator

Dominant Social Theme: The state is the answer to our problems and the cradle of our dreams of freedom.

Free-Market Analysis: This is an interesting article, once again, by the Excavator, a university student who runs a blog devoted to exposing the "truth" of the new world order. He has apparently discovered a book written by William Ralph Inge, a professor of divinity at Cambridge and Dean of St Paul's Cathedral, way back in the 1940s. Inge coined a name for the Nazi state – the "Wolf State."

According to Inge (in the Excavator's words), the Wolf State was the bedrock of Nazi Germany, but it "did not begin with Hitler and will unfortunately survive it … The Wolf State outlasted the madness of Hitler and Nazism to be worshipped anew by another set of madmen elsewhere in the world. In post-WWII America, new devils arose under the cover of the CIA and the National Security State as part of an American Wolf State …

"They exploited the American people's fear and ignorance in the Cold War climate for the political and financial gain of a powerful few. America's wolves were hungry and lethal. They worked up a big appetite in the 1950s after taking down a number of democratically elected governments, but that was not enough. The Big Get was America."

The Wolf State began in earnest in America, with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy which "turned the page on the short-lived American experiment in self-government." Kennedy had "wounded the ambitious and cunning wolf pack by firing CIA director Allen Dulles and refusing to commit American blood and treasure to a hopeless war in Vietnam." Thus a reason to murder him.

Inge was not a prophetic genius, we learn. "He was just able to see the writing on the wall by the end of World War II that political systems in the West were in a deep state of crisis. Although Nazism was defeated, the philosophy that gave birth to Nazism did not disappear from history." Here's some more from the article:

In the chapter, 'The Philosophy of the Wolf State,' Inge said that the institutions of a free society and a government are at war with an external enemy are naturally at odds with each other, writing: The question may be raised whether the repudiation of parliamentary government and of all the ideas which collectively constituted what Fisher calls the Liberal experiment is necessarily connected with aggressive imperialism and blatant immoralism …

The answer seems to be that the theory of the State which we have to examine demands that a nation shall be permanently on a war footing, and that this type of State is almost incompatible with liberty and decent behaviour. We are discovering with regret that in order to combat Fascism we are obliged to a large extent to fascise ourselves. Power politics and liberty can hardly exist together.

In the beginning of the 21st century the eyes of the Western Wolf State turned inward. There was a hint of this dark reality during the Cold War period when secret intelligence agencies and covert military groups carried out terrorist attacks in European cities as part of Operation Gladio which were falsely blamed on leftist groups. But those activities were mild compared to the treason and state terror that occurred on September 11, 2001 and July 7, 2005.

The Wolf State had grown up and come alive on September 11. New imperialist wars were planned, and a whole new world government structure was being put in place behind the scenes. 9/11 was the cataclysmic event that made the people go along with new wars, state surveillance, and the militarization of society. II. The World Wolf State It is worth repeating again and again that America underwent a radical political revolution in the 20th century that was orchestrated from the very top, and which was instigated by foreign financial interests.

This revolution came into being "in the dark and as a result of moral corruption and political treachery at the highest levels of society and government in America." Additionally, the trigger was actually the establishment of the private Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 – which provided the conspiracy with a bloodsucking appendage even as mainstream media provides the anesthesia.

Since 1913, the article explains, the world has not been the same. America, once a bright and shining light on the hill, was turned into an "an evil empire and a country of unspeakable evil, capable of sacrificing its own people for the god of war, as it did on September 11, 2001."

Sadly, millions of men died in World War II to rid the West of fascism, and yet the forces of fascism that hijacked the West's secret intelligence agencies, have reimposed fascism, this time on the victors of World War II. "America and the West are now dying from the same disease that inflicted Germany in the 1930s and other countries in history: Blind State Worship."

This is a courageous, eloquent retelling using a notable source. But from the standpoint of directed history it does not, yet, go far enough. The modern one-world conspiracy, according to alternative reality-based historians may have gotten its start in the 1700s with the establishment of the Illuminati; its first notable victory may have been in France, during the French Revolution with public agents like Maximilien Robespierre.

The great banking families of Europe and their enablers were apparently behind the French Revolution. This was their answer to the laissez-faire movement in America. In fact, one could argue that the American Revolution, or at least the US Constitution that came out of it, were already influenced by Black Aristocracy of Europe. The Constitution for all its greatness is merely a generalized road map and actually reserves to the State fairly broad based powers. This was one reason a faction of the Founding Fathers insisted on writing a Bill of Rights to clarify the Constitution's intentions.

The French Revolution turned the American Revolution on its head. While thanks in part to the eloquence of Thomas Jefferson, the American Revolution was positioned as anti-state (certainly anti-British), the French Revolution looked TO the state for remedies. It was believed during the French inspired "Age of Reason" that humanity could build a better future via the application of science to state-craft.

This genocidal certainty actually found its echo in America's technocracy movement in the 1920s. It has manifested itself in the 21st century within the context of Peak Oil and Smart Meters. America was always a primary target for one-world elites because it was clearly evident that America was going to emerge as a primary world power.

The US was a profoundly agragrian, free-market culture – and the elites did the best they could to undermine it. They worked through their apparent agent Alexander Hamilton to influence the Constitution. Later on they backed Abraham Lincoln – or so it seems – through the great New York banks and seemingly helped plan and implement the American Civil War.

It was the Civil War, actually that was the turning point for American liberties. Once states could no longer secede, the whole paraphernalia of authoritarian rule could be brought to bear on the US. The 50-years after the Civil War saw a reshaping of America. It changed America from an agrarian, free-market society into a corrupt, urban one. It is no coincidence that America political corruption began in earnest after the Civil War.

The elites infiltrated such apparent European banking agents as JP Morgan into American finance. It is more than likely, according to conspiracy historians, that the panic of 1907 was caused or exacerbated by JP Morgan in order to set up an American-style central bank. This duly happened in 1913 along with the imposition of an income tax.

The "Excavator" is certainly correct that the establishment of an American central bank was a turning point in freedom-history. The Civil War ended the American republic. It could be said that the establishment of the Federal Reserve began America's history as Empire.

The advent of the Internet in the 20th and 21st centuries has provided the world, and especially America (where its impact is most felt), with a kind of Internet Reformation similar to the Protestant Reformation coming after the creation of the Gutenberg Press. It took the Gutenberg Press 100 years to have a major impact; the Internet has had a similar impact in 20 years.

The great fear-based promotions that the power elite has used to control society, the dominant social themes of scarcity used to create the receptacles of global governance, these are tumbling down now, or at least beginning to erode. Alternative media chat rooms and increasingly mainstream venues, are full of vituperation about the new world order. Sometimes it seems that it is all people talk about. The worse it gets, the more people speak out.

Unfortunately, the Internet has steadily revealed the creation of an abysmal, growing domestic tyranny in the US. "Net observers should see the Internet, like Karma, works both ways. Even as civil rights are undone, so the elite's mechanisms of manipulation are exposed. There is a reason that George Bush, Sr. once stated that the American people would be most unhappy to learn what the top political and financial elites had done in the 20th century. The revelations of directed history reveal an astonishing, absolute brutality.

These people (for it was not we or you) were content to drop atom bombs on the people of Japan, killing, inevitably, millions of women and children. The message was not only meant for Japan; it was a broadside aimed at the rest of the world, in particular Stalin. Messages had been sent before (the telegraph sent a famous message, too, on inception) but this one was constructed of a genocide.

It is certainly conceivable that Anglosphere elites were behind ALL the major wars of the 20th century and that the results of these conflicts were intended to be the infrastructure of global government via the UN, etc. But in the late 20th century and early 21st century it seems the elites have increasingly taken (once more) to attacking America itself.

We do not know the details of what happened on 9/11, but like many if not most Americans, we are suspicious and believe the government has lied. Even a majority of the 9/11 Commission now claim they were serially lied to by the powers that be. The events should be reinvestigated seeing that there are so many questions and contradictions surrounding it. What has come out of it has only been evil: torture, rendition and the phony war on terror.

But even leaving aside 9/11, what is astonishing is that so many violent, "newsworthy" acts that took place in America in the past two decades directly or indirectly implicate the American government. There was the horrible attack at Waco, and the events of Ruby Ridge. These were not merely singular, unconnected events.

The Columbine shootings, for instance, reveal clearly there were more individuals involved than the two dead teenagers. Some other school shootings raise the same suspicions. (Even the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan has come under question given that his attacker had to shoot THROUGH a car door to hit Reagan, thus giving rise to the assumption that Reagan was wounded via ricochet.) Americans have not stopped the violence committed abroad in their name abroad; thus, the beast has turned now and has sunk its claws and fangs into the domestic body politic.

The FBI, it came out recently, is refusing to provide a regional court with video tapes for the Oklahoma City bombing, claiming they have been, perhaps, misfiled and cannot in any event be found. They also confiscated all the available video tapes in the Washington DC area after the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon. What is increasingly clear is that the FBI is acting as a gatekeeper for many of the most murderous – or at least controversial – events of the 20th and 21st centuries, obscuring their provenance at the very least. The FBI is evidently and obviously the government's "partner in crime" in this regard.

Today, US polity can be aptly described as laboring under a great weight of fear. It is the reason why so little gets done in Washington. It is not gridlock but terror that keeps legislators in line. This has been the case since J Edgar Hoover began collecting files on politicians in order to blackmail them; but the fear is far thicker now and thus more powerful. With its ability to wiretap almost at will, the FBI has a totalitarian weapon of intimidation and it is one that is useful in propping up the status quo of the military-industrial complex.

After Thoughts

The history of the Modern Age is a powerful, authoritarian sweep. It began in its modern incarnation some 300 years ago – perhaps even longer. It is run by powerful banking families and their enablers and its goal is one world government. The concept of the Wolf State that the Truth Excavator exhumes is only a kind of excrescence of larger conspiracy rooted seemingly in ancient times. No political movement can really describe it; no state mechanism ignites it. It is, unfortunately, much deeper than that.

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