Could AI be used to cover up genocide?
By Nicholas Creed - March 13, 2023

Ever since the sinister news came out of Amazon’s Alexa being beta tested to “read stories as your dead Grandma”, the evolution of artificial intelligence being able to keep a person’s likeness alive after death has felt wholly unnatural, as well as being geared towards something more grandiose in design.

I came across this tweet, from which I believe the post originated elsewhere on 4 chan. It matters not that the contents of this post cannot be verified, because its very implication and ramifications are worth exploring; should it come into being.



As AI and by extension deep fakes become increasingly sophisticated, the information war shall ramp up the ante to extreme levels of bizarreness. The masses will be so bamboozled as to what is real and what is not, that reality is going to become rather challenging to discern – when viewed through screens.

Let us deconstruct this anonymous post by the person claiming to work at Facebook on ‘Project Lazarus’.

  • As with the Alexa story, the claim is at first gearing the project towards ‘helping’ people through bereavement of their loved ones, as a “service offered offered to people struggling with loss.” That would be the insipid trojan horse for mass embracement and adoption of such technologies.
  • We face the prospect of social media accounts remaining active after the point of death of the actual human being; not so much memorialised, but a continuation of the profile, complete with new posts, age progressed photos, and interactions with other Facebook user accounts.
  • In essence, we could think of this as a ‘super bot’ account, having algorithmically learned behaviours from the entirety of the deceased person’s social media posts in life, thus enabling a convincing impersonation of the dearly departed in death.
  • “An entire island of people could go missing…the world wouldn’t have a clue that life wasn’t just continuing as usual.” Upon reading this, the mind naturally goes to how nefariously this tech could be used to cover up mass deaths from the ongoing democide caused by the Covid-19 injections, and whatever other democidal tools are coming down the pike.


Imagine the dystopia for a moment. Obituaries which are increasingly inconvenient for the establishment’s crumbling narrative of ‘safe and effective’, being scrubbed and memory-holed in real time.

Censored families of the deceased having no voice through social media channels to convince the world that their loved ones have indeed met their maker. Perhaps family members still in the land of the living, having their own profiles deleted and usurped by the AI to keep up appearances.

Families attending court, in possession of a death certificate, only to have their claim rejected, perhaps called conspiracy theorists. No closure. No peace. Shattered grieving processes.

In the eventuality of such hypothetical cases garnering too much noise on other platforms and the ‘alt-media’, it would force the hand of the courts to admit that whilst Soccer Mom Sandy has died in her corporeal form, she is still simultaneously ‘alive’ in the cloud / metaverse / social media landscape.

Hell, they may even grant protected rights status to the AI account itself. The AI may strongly identify as being a carbon copy representation of Soccer Mom Sandy, and then drop the expression of sentience in there, and voila, we move into new gray area legislative territory that blows the mind.

In the same way that Governments manipulated statistics for Covid, vaxxed, and unvaxxed deaths, might they do the same by citing active social media presence of a ‘person’, in order to judge and record all cause mortality – as opposed to relying on coroner reports and death certificates? Anything is possible in clown world.


The very meaning of what defines the human experience would be warped, twisted, and ultimately re-written.

For context on The People Who Cover Up Genocide, I would redirect you to a fascinatingly harrowing article from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

One quote from this article that stands out:

“The deniers’ strategy has been to pressure legitimate historians to debate them in public, as though their antifactual positions have equal validity with the body of established historical facts and accredited university scholars. A few years ago “they started a campaign taking out full-page ads in campus newspapers.” Almost half the schools that received these ads printed them, Eaton said. “Many of them believed they were doing this on a free speech basis, even though they were selling advertising. They had every right to not print the ad.” The goal, he said, was to gain legitimacy in the academic community.”

Back to our hypothetical dystopia…

The courts could argue that Soccer Mom Sandy’s passing has been far too traumatic for poor little eight year old Timmy left behind, and therefore it is “in the public interest to keep Sandy’s likeness alive to help Timmy grieve” (i.e. no longer accept death as a part of life).

The diminished number of sane Homo Sapiens on this Earth, would expectedly fight such a scenario tooth and nail.

In contrast, there could be a (majority?) number of deranged wokies, that might think this is wonderful, outright denying reality, and insisting that their reportedly expired family members are alive and well, because they are still posting about what they had for breakfast, and just celebrated their next birthday with 100 ‘likes’ and a barrage of emojis to boot.

Distorted unreality would morph into accepted reality, ergo, another form of the endless versions of the loathed term: The New Normal.

Suspend your disbelief as to whether or not the anonymous poster’s claim is real, and instead entertain the idea for a moment.

Dear reader, what do you make of this?

Nicholas Creed is a Bangkok-based journalistic dissident. Follow Creed Speech on Substack. If you liked this content and wish to support the work, buy him a coffee or consider a crypto donation:

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