Could NATO Try to Divide Russia Up?
By Daily Bell Staff - January 09, 2017

NATO seeks to break up Russia into small client states … Scores of people have staged a protest in a northern German port city against the deployment and transport of NATO troops and weapons through the city. The protesters marched through the city of Bremerhaven, holding signs and banners that read, “No NATO deployment! End the militaristic march against Russia!” and “Out of NATO.” -Press TV

According to this article, and we have mentioned it before as well, NATO wants to break up Russia. We have alluded to this because there is reportedly information in a book by David Rockefeller regarding this plan.

The idea is to take large countries and turn them into smaller ones. This has two ramifications. First it allows countries to pretend they are escaping from the new world order when in fact they are reinforcing their position in it.

Second, it supposedly allows these countries to more easily become part of what their residents fear they are doing,

“The pretext for NATO expansion and the continuation of NATO was the bombing of Belgrade by Bill Clinton in 1999, which was part of an orchestrated US plan to break up the last nominally socialist country, and very independent country in Europe, which was Yugoslavia, and they succeeded and happily have a group of very small powerless client states.

What NATO did in Yugoslavia may also planned for Russia. The idea is that Russia will be easier to handle if it is broken up than if it is kept as one large entity.

John  Steppling is quoted in the article as saying that the rhetoric against Russia is intended to  “delegitimize” US President-elect Donald Trump.

In fact, according to Reince Priebus, Trump has changed his mind about Russian intelligence. He is now said to have acknowledged that Russian intelligence was aimed at influencing American elections.

If true, this would be a significant change. But we would like to hear it from Donald himself.

It has seemed as if there is a kind of civil war going on between the CIA and Trump and between globalists and anti-globalists. Within this context, Trump wants to dismantle portions of the CIA, which he says have become politicized.

Dismantling portions of the CIA would make a big difference in the US. The CIA in our view is at least partially controlled by the  banking establishment in London, which uses various forms of central bank issued money to maintain control.

The goals of the CIA seem to be aligned at the top with the City of London. Both apparently seek globalization in which the process and outcome will be handled by Anglo Saxon interests.

Conclusion: The use of the CIA to attack and break up Russia and other large states would be in keeping with this larger agenda. Whether it will happen is an open question. But if the City ultimately controls the CIA, as we believe they do, then we are facing a prolonged foreign adventure aimed at destabilizing Russia. Time will tell.

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