COVID Propaganda Roundup: American Heart Association’s Vaccine Warning is Censored
By Ben Bartee - December 14, 2021

The latest updates on the “new normal” – chronicling the lies, distortions, and abuses by the ruling class.

The sequence of events goes like this:

“We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.”

  • Right on time, beginning in early December, the corporate media launched a new propaganda campaign to convince the public that nearly a third of a million people in the UK alone are afflicted with heart disease not due to COVID shots, but because of a newly minted condition it has branded “post-pandemic stress disorder (PPSD)”

What on God’s green earth is PPSD, you might wonder.

Corporate Media: ‘Up to 300,000 people facing heart-related illnesses due to post-pandemic stress disorder, warn physicians’*

Via Yahoo! News:

“Up to 300,000 people in the UK are facing heart-related illnesses due to post-pandemic stress disorder (PPSD), two London physicians have warned.*

This could result in a 4.5 per cent rise in cardiovascular cases nationally because of the effects of PPSD, with those aged between 30 to 45 most at-risk.”

(*More of the “experts say” hustle we’ve discussed previously – a tactic to present dubious and speculative information as fact by cloaking it behind a veil of authority via handpicked “experts”).

That all sounds super scary.

But is there any objective metric to diagnose “PPSD”?

Nope – as it turns out, PPSD is a substance-free phantom diagnosis invented out of thin air by “psychotherapist and author Owen O’Kane” that essentially means whatever the “experts” want it to mean:

Experts have warned for some time now we may see a rise in post traumatic stress disorder-like symptoms as a result of the collective trauma faced from Covid-19…

The former NHS clinical lead for mental health has coined a new term for specific pandemic-related trauma. Owen O’Kane, psychotherapist and author, names it ‘post pandemic stress disorder (PPSD)’… However, PPSD is not an official or recognised mental health condition.”


This leaves two distinct possibilities:


  • A.) The UK mauled 300,000 of its own citizens with deadly mRNA gene therapies under the auspices of emergency use and then invented a medical condition to cover its tracks.


  • B.) The relentless doomsday fearmongering actually did cause 300,000 UK citizens’ to suffer such mental stress that is led to a crisis of heart problems.

It’s certainly conceivable that the media’s ISIS-style COVID terror campaign has claimed some casualties.

Exhibit A: Marvel at how hard famed DC Swamp Creature Dana Bash presses NIH head Francis Collins to vomit out apocalyptic doom to terrorize her CNN boomer audience:

  • “Researchers are racing… to find out more about how this variant behaves”
  • “What is it about this variant that has experts so worried?”
  • Repeats Moderna talking points – “The combination of mutations represents a significant potential risk
  • “Have you seen anything to suggest that this variant causes more serious illness than previous strains?”
  • “Do you think that the new variant Omicron is even more contagious than Delta?”
  • “Do you think it’s already here in the United States?”
  • “Does this new variant set us back in our effort to end this pandemic once and for all?”

It’s not hard to imagine an NPC – who may not understand the agenda at play — curling into the fetal position in exasperation with the rollout of each new variant, and even potentially suffering physical consequences.

After all, we’ve seen the undeniably awesome psychological wrecking power of COVID propaganda:

The ‘Mild Myocarditis’ Talking Points

Juxtapose Dana Bash’s over-the-top fearmongering vis-a-vis Omicron with the way the corporate media downplays the risks of the vaxxes — the dual strategy being to wildly inflate the threat of COVID while burying the risks of the vaxxes:

Via Medical News Today:

“More than 75% of [patients with suspected myocarditis who] received a cardiac MRI showed evidence of inflammation or injury to the heart muscle. Most of these individuals were in the hospital for 2–3 days, with their illness considered mild.”

“Mild” heart swelling in previously healthy adolescents?? Hospitalized for 2-3 days with inflammation or injury to the heart muscle is “mild”?

Which entities “consider” myocarditis “mild”? Big Pharma and the FDA, the same ones with the vested interests in injecting as many children as possible?

Another question the whole vaxx-myocarditis-correlation question begs is: how accurate is all of this data? We can’t be sure – given the combination of:

  • A.) the fact that Pfizer committed systematic fraud in its vaxx trials* (for which it has suffered no penalties)


  • B.) the fact that even organizations held in such high esteem by the biomedical state as the American Heart Association get censored for exposing vaxx dangers. What chance does the average data analyst or whistleblower have of challenging counterfactual information in the public sphere?

*Take a look at our previous article, Vaxx Trial Fraud: Pfizer Whistleblower Exposes How Your Government Is Captured By Multinational Corporations detailing the company’s “creative accounting” work to push through its emergency drugs.

Not to worry – New Zealand PM has the answer to restore integrity to the media and ensure the public receives accurate information:

The Machine Runs On: FDA Expands Eligibility for Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Booster Dose to 16- and 17-Year-Olds

Via the trusted US federal Food and Drug Administration:

Neither the negligible risks of COVID to young people (2 in 1,000,000 death rate) nor the proven dangers of these injections for kids have stopped the federal government from greenlighting “boosters” for younger and younger demographics.

13-Year-Old Bribed With Pizza To Submit to Public School Vaxx

The price to the technocrats for mortgaging LA public school children’s futures behind their parents’ backs is approximately 1 slice of pizza each.

That’s what the social engineers think of you and your kids – a single piece of slop is all they need to wrangle compliance, like dangling a fishhook with a worm in front of a senseless fish.

Ben Bartee is a Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs. Follow his stuff via his blog, Armageddon ProseSubstack, or Patreon.