Debunking the Government’s ‘Pandemic Made Us Do It’ Lie
By Ben Bartee - February 25, 2022

Men are only clever at shifting blame from their own shoulders to those of others.”

-Titus Livius (59 BC–17 AD)

Children instinctively resort to blame-shifting tactics to offset culpability for bad behavior onto an external entity: “I had to pelt rocks at traffic! Everyone was doing it! I had no choice! The other kids would’ve made fun of me if I didn’t!”:

“There are many reasons that children (like adults) try to offload responsibility for things gone wrong: avoiding disapproval and other painful consequences, preserving a self-image as a good or competent person, and sometimes getting revenge.”

If you don’t tolerate the wrongful self-absolving of personal responsibility from your kindergartener, you absolutely shouldn’t accept it from adult children “public health experts” who cower behind “The Science©.”

The everybody-was-doing-it schoolyard defense didn’t work for Nazi-era concentration camps guards at Nuremberg, and it won’t work at the very necessary forthcoming (fingers crossed) Nuremberg II trials for the “public health experts” with bloody hands.

In the context of powerful government actors responsible for setting policy that impacts the entire global population, unchecked institutional blame-shifting will inevitably lead to disastrous outcomes:

“When people blame others for their mistakes, they learn less and perform worse. This problem is magnified when blame becomes embedded in the shared culture of groups and organizations.”

Passing the buck is a contagious disease for bureaucracies. In a free society, personal responsibility for crimes is non-negotiable if we expect justice, much less functionality.


Now as their COVID narrative crumbles before their eyes, the near-term PR goal of Fauci and the whole lockdown crew is to convince you, Joe Public, that their murderous COVID lockdowns and vaxx mandates all just sort of happened so fast in the fog of war.

“Golly gee, did my barbaric Banana Republic-style authoritarian lockdown policies explode drug overdoses among hopeless doomer youth and plunge 150 million people (at least) into extreme poverty worldwide in exchange for no measurable public health benefit? Shucks! Heavens to Betsy! Don’t blame me — I’m just a gold-hearted public servant doing my very best!”

The narrative they hope to inject into the public consciousness is that they, do-gooder public servants acting in unified good faith (and using their manufactured consensus for future alibis in the process), scrambled the best way they knew how to protect their flocks from the dreaded coronavirus.

(Incidentally, a coronavirus that they likely directly funded the creation of illegally in a Chinese lab and then lied about for two straight years.)

Fauci to this day continues the ludicrous, evidence-free “natural origin man-has-sexual-congress-with-gay-penguin-or-something” lie.*

Notice how he hedges his lab leak denial with non-definitive phrases like “likely” and “we don’t know for sure” – so that when the overwhelming evidence for the lab leak theory inevitably emerges, he will later enjoy the façade of plausible deniability. Also, he uses the phrase ‘we all felt’ to hide behind the false consensus he himself engineered – a weaselly adult bureaucrat play of the childish “everybody was doing it” defense.


Fauci and Co.’s lies, to emphasize again, have had real-world, devastating consequences.

We now know, in the admission of Johns Hopkins researchers – the literal heart of the COVID darkness and the very epicenter of US lockdown policy in the first place – that the lockdowns didn’t work.

“We find no evidence that lockdowns, school closures, border closures and limiting gatherings have had a noticeable effect on Covid-19 mortality.”

That means all the lockdown-induced human suffering – all the drug addictions, all the suicides, all the destroyed small businesses never to be resurrected, the tens of millions worldwide plunged into destitution – was for literally nothing. No sane cost-benefits analysis could ever balance the scales.

But if the social engineers who created the lockdowns were just honestly doing the best they could, with no ill intent, based on the perceived consensus, how could the public hold them accountable for the untold harm that their policies wrought?

White House Press Secretary/Slay Queen/undiagnosed sociopath Jen Psaki opened up her Feb 8th press conference thusly:

“As you all know, the pandemic-induced global supply chain backlog has strained our transportation industry and created a critical shortage of truck drivers.”

Isn’t that amazing? Psaki wants listening Americans to understand the official Biden administration position: the bio-engineered, US government-funded SAS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus not only infects human tissue, but it also destroys supply lines!

As Psaki relayed, it wasn’t authoritarian government policy that destroyed the international supply lines and, by extension, the global economy – it was COVID!

That pandemic made them do it! There wasn’t anything the authorities could have done differently – they were forced at gunpoint to shut down the economy for two+ years.

The virus itself:

Isn’t that something for irony! A virus that kills more people with lockdown-induced starvation than it kills by infecting its hosts!

If the virus did it, and not the hubris-filled government bureaucrats drunk on power they never should have rightly had, there are no lessons to be learned!

And the government simply washes its hands of the whole mess, absolves itself of culpability, and moves on to “help” with the next crisis – this time, with even more funding than before.

(For example, when the Capitol Police failed to prevent the riot that marked that solemn Jan. 6th attack on American democracy or whatever, instead of being punished for their mediocrity, they were rewarded with $2 billion in funding and brand-new offices nationwide in an apparent endorsement of their good work.)


But, the forgiving mind might wonder, do they really act in good faith?

Did Pol Pot really just love the Cambodian people and want them to be free? Did Joseph Stalin make a few honest boo-boos, as even the best-intentioned humans do? Was Vlad the Impaler a misunderstood humanitarian at heart, who roasted children over fires and shoved spears up people’s anuses to bleed out internally?

The naiveté of the Branch Covidians, who literally worship like Stockholm Syndrome victims at the altar of their abusers, is embarrassing. Imagine the shame of a resurrected American Revolutionary to see what became of the nation he fought to free from the yoke of an abusive monarchy. The undeserved benefit of the doubt afforded to obviously duplicitous government snakes.

How has such a broad section of the American public sunk so far from the nation’s anti-authoritarian roots, which was literally founded on skepticism of centralized power?

Ben Bartee is a Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs. Follow his stuff via his blog, Armageddon ProseSubstack, Patreon, Gab, and Twitter.

Bitcoin public address: 14gU3aHBXkNq8bDqmibfnubV7kSJqfx5LX

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