COVID Propaganda Roundup: Slate Advice Columnist Encourages Woman to Vaxx Child Behind ‘Toxic’ Father’s Back
By Ben Bartee - June 22, 2021

The latest updates on the “new normal” – chronicling the lies, distortions, and abuses by the ruling class.

Social Engineers Introduce Childlike Color-Coded COVID Bracelets, Beta-Test Medical Apartheid

Compliant, infantilized peasants are now issued color-coded bracelets to self-segregate based on their level of COVID-19 fear at social gatherings:

“Office managers, convention planners and party hosts are distributing color-coded wristbands, stickers or lanyards designed to signal preferences without the awkward conversations…. A plastic display sign provides the code, modeled on traffic lights: Red means ‘no contact’ with ‘no exceptions.’ Yellow means ‘elbow only,’ as in stick to the elbow bump, pal. As for green, the sign says: ‘Hugs welcome.'”

This is a trial run for COVID apartheid that, if current trends continue, will inevitably emerge – a cleavage we can see deepening in multiple contexts, as in this one denoting special privileges for vaccinated vs. unvaccinated NFL players:

G-7 Agreement Inches World One Step Closer to Global Vaccine Passports

For a year and 3 months, the corporate media attempted to convince the American public that coming mandatory vaccine passports to function in society amounted to “conspiracy theories.”

While the corporate media was busy gaslighting viewers into somehow believing Biden’s disastrous G-7 appearance (in which he again convincingly played the theatrical role of escaped nursing home patient), the actual fruits of the meeting went underreported.

Unsurprisingly, it was all bad news for human freedom — most striking in the apparent resolution among all nations involved in the summit to cooperate on the rollout of global vaccine passports:

“Health ministers from the G7 nations have agreed to work on ‘mutual recognition’ of vaccine passports to help global travel and commerce deal with Covid-19….

Ministers from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US said they were committed to working ‘towards a process of mutual acceptance of Covid-19 certificates.'”

COVID Slaves Decorate Bodies With Uber-Cringe ‘Vaccine’ Body Art

Virtue-signalers pay money, presumably voluntarily, to get their vaccine status permanently inked on their bodies for social credit.

It all lends new significance to Mike Judge’s 1999 film Idiocracy – intended originally, ostensibly, as satire.


Multinational Corporations Bribing Americans With Beer, Weed

Beer and weed: the cornerstones of any nutritious breakfast (and immune system).

In the previous COVID propaganda roundup, we discussed the bribery of Canadian children using ice cream to recruit them to vaccination centers.

So, it’s ice cream for little Billy to induce compliance and commercial beer for Mommy and Daddy.

Pause for a moment to appreciate how stupid, low-down, and petty they think the American peasant class is:

  • US Public Health Official #1 ($100,000/yr+ salary): How do we get these Ohio assholes to cooperate with the program?
  • US Public Health Official #2 ($100,000/yr+ salary): Let’s pour some slop in their bucket, lure them in. [Intern] Skyler, Get Anheuser Busch on the lime; we’ll get some vouchers for their commercial horse urine.
  • US Public Health Intern Skyler Doofy (Brown University, 23, Communications Major and DC Social Climber): Yes, boss.

US Public Health Intern Skyler Doofy

The US Public Health intern Skyler Doofys, of the world – the quintessential bureaucrats —  are just the foot soldiers implementing the agenda. They know not what they do, both because they lack the necessary intellectual curiosity and because they are largely too stupid to figure out what it is even if they were so inclined.

For the real power brokers – the impersonal Anheuser Bush©-Moderna©-Krispy Kreme©-Pfizer© cabal – it’s a giant PR corporate circle jerk and they’re all servicing one other. One sinful hand washes the other.

Why does Anheuser Bush – which, again, sells industrial-grade substandard beer — care about encouraging Americans to get vaccinated? Do they really think it will help their industry and are cynically using public health as a PR rouse, or is the pharmaceutical industry using the beer as the vehicle to get shots in arms? Where do their interests converge?

It’s all very incestuous and bewildering. Things have gotten weird in Neoliberal Candyland©.

Supplemental: Recovering DC Alcoholics Offered Alternative ‘Drugs-For-Vaxx’ Scheme

Slate Advice Columnist Encourages Woman to Vaxx Child Behind Father’s Back, Labels His Concerns ‘Toxic’

From Slate’s Advice column, the dilemma:

“A few weeks ago my sixteen-year-old daughter said she wanted to be vaccinated. I myself had no problem with this as I had gotten vaccinated myself as soon as I could, however her father (my partner) felt the vaccine was rushed to market and experimental and just too risky for her to take. Because I wanted to protect my daughter and because she wanted to get vaccinated, I went ahead and took her anyway without telling him.”

The “advice”:

“You were right to get your daughter vaccinated… Your partner’s reaction has me concerned about your and your daughter’s well-being, in general. You were so fearful about your partner’s anger that you felt forced to lie to him. I hope, for your and your daughter’s sake, that your taking a stand for vaccination is the first step in a journey out of this toxic household dynamic.”

Slay queen.


“Vaxx them all (for feminism, or whatever) and let God sort them out”: pretty much the exact advice you’d expect from former Gawker gossip columnist Emily Gould

Patreon Threatens to Take Down My Account Due to COVID ‘Medical Misinformation’

A faceless entity called Morgan from the Orwellian “Trust and Safety Team” threatened to take my Patreon account away if I don’t self-censor what he/she/it calls “COVID misinformation.” Of course, Morgan doesn’t cite any specific violation of their arbitrary policy in their blackmail operation email.

As anyone who follows the link in the footer of this article will notice, I have a grand total of three current Patreon supporters, one of whom is my fiancé who signed up for moral support. Losing it wouldn’t be a huge blow, finance-wise.

Anyway, the subscriber count is irrelevant; the ongoing war against freedom of speech waged by the corporate state is the issue at hand.

Deplatformed or not, I will press on. F you, Patreon.

Ben Bartee is a Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs. Contact him via his blog, Armageddon Prose. Support his independent True North journalism via Patreon or PayPal.

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