Criticism of Hillary’s Sociopathic Behavior Has Nothing to Do With Being Female
By Daily Bell Staff - July 27, 2016

First Woman to First Woman … When I was prime minister, I created a carbon-emissions trading program …  No one called for my execution by firing squad, as a supporter of Donald Trump did for Mrs. Clinton, but a radio talk-show host did say I should be put in a bag and dropped in the sea. Witches can’t be drowned, I cynically joked.  –Julia Gillard, New York Times

With Hillary’s formal recognition as the Democratic presidential candidate, a number of articles have appeared about how her gender is attracting criticism.

The mainstream media continues its defense of her conduct and personality and uses many techniques to ward off criticism.

We pointed out yesterday HERE a number of articles that question why she is “hated” and then answer in generalities to try to defuse the issue.

Julia Gillard has posted an editorial at the New York Tïmes HERE on the issue, concluding – unsurprisingly – that sexism played a role in her own failure as Australia’s prime minister from 2010 to 2013.

She points out that was called both a “witch” and a “bitch” and that there had been proposals to drown her.

I have often reflected how powerful it would have been if, at that moment, a male business leader, especially one who opposed my policies, said, “I may not support the prime minister politically, but Australia must not conduct its democratic debates this way.”

Her ultimate point in the article is that Hillary Clinton, whatever her shortcomings, is similarly subject to sexism.

She offers some advice to Clinton as well, explaining that what sustains someone through “the rigors of modern politics” is “passion and purpose.”

This includes understanding what you want to happen “for your nation and the world” and building a sense of self-worth that “can survive all the ugly sniping.”

Of course, as the Guardian relates it HERE, Gillard came to power by unseating a prime minister “who had not yet served out his first term in office. Voters didn’t expect it, and they didn’t care for it.”

 Gillard became the face of a treacherous assassination culture imported from Sussex Street, Sydney, a symbol of Labor’s absent moral core.

… The revelation that nice girls do carry knives was compounded by her pre-election evasion on the carbon price, which in the hands of Tony Abbott and his amplifiers became The Great Lie.

In fact, her singular achievement was “a fixed price to be imposed on carbon pollution,” which came to be known as a carbon tax. “The legislation was approved by the Lower House in October 2011 and by the Upper House in November 2011.”

While the legislation was overturned by the subsequent government, Gillard was criticized for not being honest about her intention to implement carbon legislation.

The main criticisms of her term involved “stabbing the previous prime minister in the back” and “lying about her main legislative achievement, the carbon tax.”

Gillard has much to say in her defense, but her term in office was ultimately defined in the public eye by these two actions. To speak of “sexism” as the reason for her downfall would seem to be misleading. The same goes for Clinton.

In yesterday’s article HERE we made the point that Hillary wasn’t hated for her policies but that, “In fact, there are real reasons to dislike her, and even fear her.”

A video clip of her laughing about Muammar Gaddafi’s death, the intimidation and blackmail of her husband’s lovers, the possible murder of her good friend Vince Foster and the attempt to put the entire White House travel office in jail (to replace the employees) are symptomatic of a basic lack of empathy (to say the least).

People don’t dislike and even fear Clinton because she is a woman. Their negative emotions are based on her arbitrary and vicious actions.


The reason to fear Hillary is because in these instances and many others she doesn’t seem to care about the “loose ends” she leaves. It is almost as if she takes enjoyment from flaunting what is basically sociopathic behavior. This is not just a character defect. It approaches a compulsion.

… It is not merely a lack of empathy, It is a willingness to do anything to advance her cause and goals, and often to do so in an obvious and public way. Repeating some of her myriad difficulties in a disingenuous manner … in no way minimizes the problems of her underlying character.

Conclusion: Over time and through November and the elections, we’ll be subject to many additional observations about how Hillary is being treated “differently” and subject to more scrutiny because she is a woman. But it is her character that is really at fault, an inherent, fatal, compulsive arrogance that impels her to act out in ways to prove to others that she is “above the law.” This is a dangerous personality defect and has nothing to do with her gender.

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