Crossing Memes? – UFOs and the Muslim Threat
By Staff News & Analysis - October 14, 2010

The French Watch Helplessly as Ancient Prophecies are Fulfilled … at Their Extreme Expense … The Henoch Prophecies, given to UFO contactee Billy Meier by extraterrestrials, in 1981 and 1987, accurately foretell current threat to France and all of Europe by radical Islam; also forewarn of two coming U.S. civil wars … Human beings should have long ago learned that the seeds of decline are often sown in the process of ascent to power. The laws of cause and effect can't be fooled. No matter how powerful a country may become, if it badly exploited others in the process, a 'day of reckoning' will inevitably arrive, no matter how inopportune or unfair it may seem when it does. – PR Web

Dominant Social Theme: UFOs and radical Islam are actually part of the same phenomenon. We will explain it to you …

Free-Market Analysis: We weren't going to write another UFO story, but this does seem an appropriate time to do so, given what we are reporting in our other article today. We've mentioned previously that one does not often get the chance to watch an elite, fear-based dominant social theme take root and blossom as this one apparently is. And while this analysis, below, is not perhaps so startling as the other report we feature today, we think it could be an important additional piece of the puzzle, showing how some of the elite promotional efforts are beginning to merge (if indeed they are).

We have mentioned Billy Meier before because he is one of the original UFO-ologists and his case seems to figure prominently in UFO annals. What is passing strange about the current state of the Billy Meiers oeuvre is that it seems to have overlapped powerfully with the war on terror an the Islamic threat. Sub dominant social theme: "The UFOs among you shall incite a religious war."

We were rather startled to discover this, but there is no doubt about the thrust of the most recent Billy Meier's press release on October 11. You can see it excerpted above; here is another statement from it: "Unbelievable as it may seem, we are actually watching the early stages of the – predicted – overthrow of France by radical Islam. However, we should be very careful not to gloat over the troubles that the French are having, as the same prophecies foretell that the U.S. will suffer two coming civil wars, one following upon the other … But problems like these don't arise suddenly; they are a long time in the making."

This press release is written by Michael Horn, and we have mentioned him before as well. He is the "Authorized American Media Representative for The Billy Meier Contacts." It was Michael Horn who blasted recent reports by Air Force personnel regarding UFO sightings over nuclear and military facilities. He wrote the following:

Is Current Flurry of UFO Disclosures Setting Up False Flag Operation? … U.S. representative for only authenticated, still ongoing UFO contact case questions government-media agenda behind latest press conference; considers Air Force testimony, Roswell, etc. to be "UFOs 101" … "I have to wonder why the sudden media love affair with these sightings. One possibility is that the powers that be encourage 'safe' UFO stories, i.e. ones that have no real, tangible proof. The other possibility is that there's a false flag event, like a fake ET landing or even attack, in the works. What better way to try to terrify and control the masses – and bolster the weapons industry, which already utilizes fake 'alien abductions' and 'animal mutilations' to push for more weapons?"

You can see our full article here: UFO Promotion Goes Mainstream.

Michael Horn obviously is skeptical of certain UFO reports. But not of Billy Meier's obviously. We can accept this since he is basically Meier's agent in the states. But what we find weird is the conflation of Islamic terror and UFOs. We have already pointed out in the other story today (and previously) that we found the combination of global warming and UFOs to be a bit "convenient" – which is one of the reasons we think these UFO reports are beginning to verge on an overt power elite, fear-based promotion. Certainly, the Billy Meier case itself is very prominent in the field. Here's some more about him from

The Billy Meier Contactee Case is the grand daddy of UFO enigmas. A cottage industry has been built around the strange (some would say fraudulent) case of Billy Meier, (a one-armed, Swiss based farmer / handy man, presently a UFO / New Age guru). Meier is the proprietor of the industry and figure-head to the "most researched UFO case in history," or so says the quote on his video material. Meier has taken at least 1000 (some say up to 3000) 35 mm photos, and at least 12 black & white 8 mm films. Many of these photos are very clear and seemingly of the highest quality one could hope for, some of the films are of the same quality.

Meier has produced "metal fragments" which he regards as further proof, and he has produced countless pages of "contact notes" which he has transcribe after his many face-to-face and telepathic exchanges with the ET's he calls the Pleiadians/Plejarans'. To the uninitiated his case seems with out reproach; "What could motivate him to fake these photos and films?" "How could he do it with a broken camera and one arm?" "How could an uneducated man write such profound things?" "He's but a poor farmer." To the clear thinking, skeptically minded researcher it seems too good to be true …

Our point in returning to Billy Meier is not to consider whether his UFO involvement is real or a hoax (the famous metal from his UFO encounters was tested and proven to be plain old steel apparently) but to draw attention to the way these UFO reports are taking on very modern (and elite-oriented) "spins."

We were well aware of some of the "new age" rhetoric surrounding UFOs. But we thought having a number of air force officers testifying at press clubs about UFOs attacking nuclear sites was a somewhat novel twist. (A change in the rhetoric, as it were.) And now we find a press release from Billy Mieier's agent delineating a specific relationship between aliens and the Western "war on terror." Here's how the press release ends:

"People may have a great deal of trouble with the fact that these are the prophecies originally written by the prophet Enoch (Henoch) thousands of years ago, before many of the countries existed as we know them today. These, as well as the original predictions of Elijah and Jeremiah, which were removed from the Bible, have also been in the keeping of the Plejaren extraterrestrials. The warning about radical Islam was also included on The Meier Contacts DVD, first released in 2004, so there's ample documentation for even the most ardent skeptic. But again the question is, will humanity wake up…in time?"

This, above, could simply be Billy Meier and Horn freelancing – attempting to make the Billy Meier's case relevant to today's audiences by repurposing it once more. On the other hand, we do have our suspicions that the whole UFO sightings craze could be an ongoing elite promotion designed to further consolidate nation-states into a kind of one-world governance. Now, we're not implying that Meier and/or Horn are directly part of any promotion. But we are professional, elite meme watchers and are sensitive to changes in the rhetoric!

You may well believe, dear reader, that this is all a fuss about nothing. And that it doesn't matter. But the elite does manipulate Western nation-states through the application of fear-based themes. And if a new one is emerging (or if there is a kind of combining of different themes) it seems to us that is newsworthy to those who want to track such things.

After Thoughts

It seems increasingly evident to us that UFO-ology is suddenly, somehow, involved in the vocabulary of militarism and even a "new cold war" against Islam – which is something of an unwelcome occurrence from our point of view. We kind of liked the old meme involving space aliens who intended to save the human race from its most destructive tendencies. They were glorious and kind, Shirley MacLaine told us (and often, apparently, blond and blue-eyed). These new UFO revelations are significantly darker, and we wonder what they portend.

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