Cuomo, HuffPo, OWS Protestors and the Evolving Hegelian Dialectic
By Staff News & Analysis - October 20, 2011

Cuomo receives award at HuffPo's 'Occupy SoHo' … It was supposed to be a celebratory evening for Governor Andrew Cuomo. The liberal news site The Huffington Post was presenting the governor with its 2011 "Game Changer of the Year" award for his successful campaign to legalize same-sex marriage in New York. But the other 99 — the Occupy Wall Street "99 percent" protesters who'd shown up outside — had a different set of talking point. The crowd of about 150 was mostly young, grungy and remarkably disciplined. They made up chants decrying the governor's support for hydrofracking and refusal to extend taxes on upper income earners. – The Empire

Dominant Social Theme: Cuomo wants justice for people with differing sexual orientations; the "99 percent" want a tax on millionaires. It's a right-left thing, you see …

Free-Market Analysis: Anyone who observes the directed history of the Anglosphere power elite for even a short period of time will soon become aware that one of the methodologies of control is the Hegelian dialectic. Control the right and left sides of the debate and the narrative itself is easily directed. What is surprising, however, is the way the debate is beginning to shift in recent months and weeks.

This Empire article, excerpted above is a good example of how the dialectic may be changing. It was not enough that Andrew Cuomo hews to almost every aspect of the elite one-world agenda, from its sexual agenda to its abortion agenda and of course to its monetary and fiscal policies. He's not been quick enough to adapt to the shifting (bleeding edge) dialectic and if he's not careful, he'll be left behind. Looks like that process is already starting.

As he has not moved quickly enough to adopt some of Occupy Wall Street's fiscal demands, he's been subject to a protest outside of SoHo's New York's Skylight Studios where he was receiving the Huffington Post "Game Changer of the Year" award (see article except above). Ironically, Cuomo may have been a "game changer" in 2010 but in 2011 the game has suddenly "changed." Here's some more from the article:

During his remarks, Cuomo spoke out against the death penalty, up for a woman's right to choose, and about the inevitable future of legalized same-sex marriage "from coast to coast." But the other 99 — the Occupy Wall Street "99 percent" protesters who'd shown up outside — had a different set of talking point.

The crowd of about 150 was mostly young, grungy and remarkably disciplined. They made up chants decrying the governor's support for hydrofracking and refusal to extend taxes on upper income earners. After some initial back-and-forth with the police, the protesters agreed to move their picket across the street. They were violating a permit the Huffington Post party organizers had for use of the sidewalk.

Shortly after Cuomo's remarks some mid-level celebrity in sequence and high-heels ran into the middle of the street. A gaggle of dutiful photographers followed, flashes blowing. Traffic was forced to stop for the impromptu photo shoot. The protesters, dimly lit by the cameras, continued to protest the governor who'd already left out the back …

That mid-level celebrity referred to may have been Naomi Wolf, the feminist activist and author, who was later arrested outside the Game Changers Awards. Wolf was arrested for telling police that the 99 Percent protestors outside Skylight Studios didn't need a permit for a megaphone.

The woman who has done as much as anyone to alert Americans about the nation's creeping fascism was led away in handcuffs. Later on Twitter she denied she'd done anything wrong. But that unfortunately makes little difference in this New Era. Everyone is subject to the New Authoritarianism. The dialectic itself is changing – and it seems the new dialectic shall be far more "progressive" and "communal" than the 20th century's.

The great central banking families that want to run the world seem determined to move quickly toward ever-more formal global governance, perhaps using the UN as their stalking horse. They are changing the rules … again, but the fundamental methodologies will remain the same. Directed history is not going away and will likely become even more pervasive.

In the 20th century, historical evidence produced by the Internet increasingly shows that the Anglosphere elites used countries like Russia and Germany as laboratories to try out different methodologies of social control. In fact, when the real history of the 21st century comes to be codified (and it will be) the narrative will likely show that every aspect of Western society (especially) was focused on the elite goal of a new world order.

Everything – absolutely everything – was focused on this goal. Money was securitized and central banks created to appropriate industrial wealth and middle-class power; sexual mores were exploded and politicized to destroy the family unit; public schools were greatly expanded to indoctrinate children with statist nostrums; woman's lib was introduced to assure women it was OK to work – and to leave their children in the care of the state; history itself was perverted and realigned according to the false "great-man model."

The arts were not immune either. Painting and sculpture were abstracted so they ceased to celebrate the human spirit and its heroics; music was ritualized, sexualized and focused on procreation rather than human events; even literature was winnowed, with modern authors celebrated in accordance with how vehemently they gave voice to the emergent globalist memes.

Today, we think we see dimly yet another realignment of the elite's dominant social themes. The new ones, as we have noted, will focus on global government – and on making that kind of government work better through "transparency," direct democracy and a political infrastructure emphasizing "green communalism."

The idea will be to structure the conversation in a way that entirely avoids issues of human action, classical liberalism and the efficacy of free-markets and the Invisible Hand. Instead, the dialogue may be reshaped around global governance itself. Perhaps the arguments in this world shall only revolve around the best ways to implement it rather than WHETHER it should be implemented.

This sort of dialectic was on display at the HuffPo Awards. Cuomo, a man who never met a regulation or law he couldn't "get behind" was deemed insufficiently statist by the 99 Percent protesting outside the building. His offense was that he wasn't sufficiently aggressive enough in endorsing a tax on "millionaires." Meanwhile, the leftist Naomi Wolfe – a brave and honest women in her own way – was led off in handcuffs.

After Thoughts

The dialectic shifts; woe to those left behind.

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