Debt Ceiling Debate Not the Real Point
By Staff News & Analysis - July 28, 2011

Debt-limit debate wearing on Americans … As an Aug. 2 deadline draws closer and Washington's political brinkmanship only intensifies, Americans are discussing the potential consequences of failing to raise the debt ceiling, which authorizes the federal government's borrowing to meet expenses that tax collections aren't sufficient to cover. … The president and the Republican speaker of the House, John Boehner of Ohio, both have appealed to the public and accused the other side of refusing to come to a deal. – USA Today

Dominant Social Theme: We must all pull together to get through this. Let the wisemen lead.

Free-Market Analysis: The debate over the debt ceiling is anything but trivial for the poweres-that-be. Political pundits on both sides of the dialectic, along with their media confidants, would like us to believe that there is a real reason for us all to be concerned over the "acceptable level" of debt. Don't worry about the fact that America is already the largest debtor nation in the world. Don't worry that the Fed handed out more than $16 TRILLION in bailouts … just a couple of trillion more and all will be well.

Well we have another take on the matter. It seems to us that to debate whether or not further "credit" should be extended is to miss the point. The real point is the fraudulent base on which the Federal Reserve System is built – in other words, the US dollar itself – and how it is eroding living standards and individual freedom.

We wrote about this just the other day in an article titled, GAO: Fed Issued $US16 Trillion During 2008 Crisis!

For nearly 100 years now, the money elite have had their way with the American people and citizens of most other nations who've been harnessed in the dollar noose due to its oil-imposed reserve status. And as central banks (creators) and commercial banks (distributors) were hoisted upon unknowing populations – dumbed down via a broad, yet tightly controlled international media network – the process of wealth redistribution was firmly entrenched.

Nowhere has this poisonous system been more effective at draining the lifeblood (productivity) from a nation, than in the United States. The US Constitution has been turned into an artifact of ridicule; the rights of an individual have taken a backseat to the "rights" of the State. And what a State it is.

We all now face a global catastrophe, we are told, if the US legislators cannot agree on the need to raise the debt ceiling. We are told that the world will stop turing and all will face a horrible new future.

On Monday night, during his Presidential address to the nation, Barack Obama warned, "We can't allow the American people to become collateral damage to Washington's political warfare."

Really Mr. Obama? And just how rosy is the current picture for most who are willing to face reality? Are Americans not already collateral damage?

Today, in America and the West in general, it is virtually impossible for people to get by without both spouses working – often more than one job each. The family unit has been sabatoged and instead of communal bonds bringing families closer together we have a dog-eat-dog society where even close family members are stepping over each other to survive. All the while, people are working HALF their lives to pay money into a system based on a fraudulent premise: That someone out there can do a better job of taking care of you, than you. And naturally, Mr. Obama believes he, and the system of regulatory democracy he leads, can do that.

So why do people sit back and watch this "accident in motion" rather than just realize that the whole gig is up and it is time to face the music? Everyone is complicit in this – the people themselves who blindly gave up their individuality for false security, and the subversive group of monetary elite focused on consolidating their globalist agenda and generaly enslaving the "lower order." Of course, the former group has been losing for a long time now, but perhaps it is now the latter group who will face some rather uncomfortable times ahead.

However, as long as the greater majority refuses to have the courage to take responsibility for their own destinies, then there will continue to be those who will use fear-based dominant social themes to consolidate power.

To extend further debt to a disfuntionally bankrupt system will do nothing more than delay the inevitable. It will not fix the unfixable. People are waking up, thanks to the Internet Reformation, and taking human action – one person at a time. This is the bell of liberty that is tolling and it is ringing louder and louder as more and more choose to face reality.

Just look at the powerful increase in purchasing power (value) of gold and silver over the past several years to get a pretty good idea as to how rapidly the fiat money scam is unwinding. And this trend is NOT likely to change anytime soon. How can it? Why would it? We still have the majority of people debating in what "form" the debt ceiling package should exist. The majority, well they just don't get the point – at least not yet. So the struggle will continue, the debt ceiling will go up, and the dying dollar will continue to devalue.

After Thoughts

The Internet Reformation is leading all who wish to see the truth. And for them, the debt celing debate means rather little and neither do Obama's fear-based threats. As Dr. Machan says in his editorial today, Americans just need to say NO.

"You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the eternal God, I will rout you out." – Andrew Jackson

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