Der Spiegel Explains the Directed History of Middle East
By Staff News & Analysis - December 07, 2012

Islamist vs. Secularists – The Post-Revolution Struggle for the Arab Soul. The rise of political Islam following the Arab Spring has many worried that the democratic achievements of the revolution could be lost. In Egypt and Tunisia alike, citizens are once again taking to the streets. But this time they are opposing Islamism. Does secularism still stand a chance? – Der Spiegel

Dominant Social Theme: The Arabs are plunged into a civil war of the soul and heart. Who and what will win?

Free-Market Analysis: It is amazing to watch what we call directed history at work. This Der Spiegel article perfectly encapsulates how the power elite first establishes and then inculcates its dominant social themes.

In this case the dominant social theme, increasingly, is that a war is taking place between East and West, between Islam and Christianity. The subdominant social theme involves this article and is just becoming clear to us.

This meme is that there is a struggle taking shape within the Muslim community itself.

Of course, we have also dealt with this second theme previously. We've pointed out that small states like Qatar and Dubai are essentially economic test tubes for an amalgamation of Western and Islamic economics.

The idea, sooner or later, is to create within Islam a dominant financial and banking force that will not be antithetical to the West but will welcome and integrate Western style finance.

In anticipation of this blessed moment, the powers-that-be are attempting to reshape the larger regions of Islamic society.

As we've pointed out numerous times, the power elite is using the State Department and the CIA (via youth "movements" such as AYM) to create Islamic republics in previously secular countries.

In Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and now Syria, secular governments have been overthrown and the CIA-controlled Muslim Brotherhood has stepped into the vacuum. From our point of view, none of this is coincidental.

No. The idea is to create an Islamic crescent arc to "confront" the West and encourage further repression in both East and West. The terrorist meme will expand and regnant Leviathan will rule amidst blood and ashes. Who knows … perhaps modern-day Crusades shall be launched. Here's some more from the Der Spiegel article:

Egypt's strongman was sitting in the first row of the mosque. "Anyone who criticizes the president is worse than the heretics who attacked the Prophet in Mecca," the imam preached in his sermon. Then he handed the microphone to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, saying that he should address the faithful himself. But he never got a chance.

"Down with Morsi! Down with the Muslim Brotherhood!" chanted hundreds of men who were now pushing their way to the front. "Enough is enough!" they shouted. "No to tyranny!" For them, it was intolerable to hear the president being compared with the Prophet. Muhammad. Morsi, surrounded by bodyguards, had to leave the mosque on Friday. It was both a scandal and a first for Egypt.

But it was only the beginning. Later, more than 100,000 people gathered on Tahrir Square again to protest the actions of their president …

"Bread, freedom and Islamic Sharia!" thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters chanted on Alexandria's central Al-Qaed Ibrahim Square 10 days ago, as they waved Egyptian flags and held up pictures of President Morsi.

"Bread, freedom and social justice!" their opponents, who had turned out in even greater numbers and included secular Egyptians, leftists and liberals, shouted in return. It was a rude awakening for the Islamists in Alexandria, which had been considered one of their strongholds.

When the two sides, standing only a few meters apart, tried to shout each other down, an eyewitness says he felt that the situation could soon spin out of control. "The air was filled with hate and the feeling of civil war."

You see how neatly all this has been accomplished, dear reader? Not only in the West to be embroiled in an Islamic/Christian standoff but tensions are to be increased within the Islamic world, as well.

This is how they operate. Divide and conquer. Tensions are to be raised between Islamists and secularists throughout the Middle East. And thus it is intended that the Middle East will change.

Caught between the hammer and tongs of two separate social and religious visions, a new Muslim orthodoxy will be hammered out – one more to the liking of the power elite organizing this vast "turning."

It is all to justify and realize world government. Chaos is to be emplaced before a globalist solution will finally be offered. The target is Islam, which has ever provided Western powers-that-be with difficulty.

Some even say that Islam was invented by the same creatures that created the scriptures of the modern Christian Church. The Prophet received not just words of wisdom from Godhead in his cave but a scripture that was meant to provide centuries of conflict.

After Thoughts

This sounds improbable, of course, and even offensive but we mention it in the spirit of power-elite analysis. There is little we put past this bunch.

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