Destructive Centralization of Global Security
By Staff News & Analysis - February 18, 2015

US hosts anti-extremism summit after global terror attacks … The US has opened a three-day summit on countering violent extremism. Representatives from around the world are attending the gathering, which follows shooting incidents in Denmark, France and Australia. Vice President Joe Biden said it was imperative to engage with immigrants who may be radicalised because of marginalisation. "Societies have to provide an affirmative alternative for immigrant communities," he said. The vice president said that countries needed to provide "a sense of belonging that discredits the terrorist's appeal to fear, isolation, hatred and resentment". – BBC

Dominant Social Theme: Analyze the terrorist better to contain him more closely.

Free-Market Analysis: This anti-extremism summit is likely laying the groundwork for further repression of US freedoms. It is using the fear of "terrorism" to do so. The legal remedies created as a result will eventually be aimed at domestic critics of US fedgov's increasingly repressive actions.

The terrorist meme itself is suspect. The threat of them can be used to mold society in any one of a number of ways. It is a globalist phenomenon. Global problems such as climate change, drug abuse and "terrorism" lend themselves to internationalist solutions. And thus a global state grows.


The White House believes Europe is especially susceptible to terror attacks because immigrants there are often less well integrated into society.

The summit takes places following terror attacks in Canada, Australia, France and Denmark … Correspondents say the White House also wants to instil a sense of urgency to counter the threat posed by home-grown terrorism and the radicalisation and recruitment of Americans, especially disaffected young people.

Vice-president Joe Biden was quoted as saying that the larger objective was to "bring together broad coalitions of community leaders in the US so that all Americans – especially Muslims – would feel integrated."

He added, "national security flows from a sense of community … We haven't always gotten it right, but we have a lot of experience integrating communities into the American system, the American dream."

The Chinese paper reported on the summit more critically, stating that the US administration was not providing citizens an "efficient security policy" and that as a result Americans "disapproved of Obama's handling of the IS."

A new CNN/ORC survey released on Monday showed that 57 percent of the Americans surveyed disapprove of how Obama is handling the IS, a noticeable increase compared with the last September survey in which 49 percent of the respondents raised their eyebrows at Obama's handling with the extremist group.

Congressionals are still divided on the authorization which Obama requested to formally authorize military force against the IS militants, and will start hearing on Obama's proposal after its weeklong President's Day recess.

… Commenting on launch of military operations — a typical approach adopted by the U.S. administration, Andrey V. Kortunov, director general of the Russian International Affairs Council, has blamed Washington, saying military actions taken by the United States "destroy states" and "unleash radical forces," and terrorism finds easy prey in these countries.

On the U.S. war on terror, he said, "Definitely they are not successful in suppressing the sources of terrorism and here more international cooperation is definitely needed."

As stated, it is this emphasis on "international cooperation" that makes the terrorism meme so useful. It provides all the justification necessary for further governmental intrusions into the private sector around the world.

The conference itself has yielded only innocuous sound-bites, and conclusions will likely not provide any more than that. But step by step and piece by piece, the globalist architecture arises out of these pronouncements.

For the most part, despite Chinese concerns, the continued destruction of civil rights is not being engineered by the Western military. It is being choked by a web of pacifistic words that are used to generate ever-stronger authoritarianism domestically and abroad.

After Thoughts

War is surely the health of the state. However, the rhetoric surrounding it is what generates increasingly destructive global centralization.

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