Did the uninjected do enough to warn the injected prior to their decision?
By Nicholas Creed - January 27, 2023

I wish to draw your attention to this piece:

Quoted directly from the article:

While well intending citizens lined up, did the right thing, and received their COVID19 vaccinations — now seeming to do more harm than good — their unvaccinated friends stood by and let them do it. Some of them said too little. Some said nothing at all.

Even though they knew what we didn’t.

Our blood is now on their hands.

…The unvaccinated chose to remain silent. They chose to look the other way and not speak out about the potential dangers of vaccines. They let millions of good folks who did the right thing (at the time) fall to death and disease, and many antivaxxers even gloated online about how their coin flip had been the right bet. The more diabolical even urged folks they disagree with to “get boosted.”

It has become all too clear. The silence of the unvaccinated was a dangerous, sociopathic, and irresponsible decision that has had serious consequences for those of us who received the vaccinations.

I cannot tell if this reflects the actual sentiments of the unnamed author, or if it is a satirical piece, or could it be another psy-op to polarise society and further promote othering of the uninjected?

Therefore by jumping on this and expressing outrage, it would play into and feed the division, wouldn’t it? *If that was the intended objective of the article.

Friends and I joked about this exact scenario happening way back in December 2020 when the UK injection roll out started. I suppose I am less shocked now that the joke is materialising as reality, or hyperreality, or whatever you choose to define this article as from a nameless writer.

Firstly, let us not jump to conclusions by assuming that the article in question is representative of a majority opinion amongst the injected.

Via Zerohedge, the two most upvoted comments are interestingly prescient:

Q:  Why didn’t the unvaccinated say more?

A:   Because Legacy Media, Social Media and Governments silenced them at best… and demonized them like Satan at worst.

I warned hundreds of people. They laughed, shunned, and threatened.


Again, I am trying not to rise to being baited, therefore I will not be using a tone of ridicule, spite, or accusation – as the author of that article did, fiercely.

I can only draw upon personal experience and observations. When I tried to warn friends and family in the UK, the most common responses revolved around fear of COVID and then as time rolled on, because “everyone is getting vaccinated”. A few months later, the responses were geared towards “so that I can go on holiday and travel, everyone will need to take it.”

Everyone that took the injection ultimately has to take responsibility for that decision themselves. As I have said before, I do empathise with those who took it under duress or coercion in order to remain employed, to avoid being disowned by family, and other reasons that I might understand would push someone over the edge.

We must not forget the media’s role in censorship, suppression of information, and their use of applied behavioural psychology. Then we can begin to understand why our loved ones, friends, and colleagues reacted to our efforts to warn them, in the way they did.

Let us revisit the UK SAGE SPI-B document issued in March 2020:


The British public were primed to be subjected to this same form of applied behavioural psychology when the injections were rolled out in December 2020.

This campaign of billboards started in April 2020 in the UK:

For context, I wished to show the priming stages of project fear, which enabled the experimental gene therapy rollout to be so smooth and sought after, in the beginning.

As the UK lowered the age range brackets of who was eligible for the injection throughout 2021, I had been ostracised from various chat groups with friends, ignored, and blocked by contacts, simply for sharing information from the alternative media, highlighting the dangers of the injections.

I saw a gradual then all-at-once shift in the personas of my family and their zealotry towards ‘getting vaccinated’, with the writing on the wall that they would soon expect everyone else to follow suit.

One day a family member said on a phone call out of the blue:

You’re taking the vaccine.

It was a heated conversation, and the concept of bodily autonomy and choice seemed to elude them. It broke my heart.

I had thought I was making headway with another member of the family, as he had been engaging with messages and conversations on the alt-media news shared, seeming to be interested and concerned in equal measure.

Then one day soon after he casually told me on a phone call that he’d had the injection, “because everyone is doing it, it’s no big deal, stop going on about it.”

I cried all night.

Thailand’s injection rollout started in June 2021.

One by one, the majority of my friends in Thailand caved, citing the right to travel, or telling me they had “done their research on the vaccine”. I had desperately, obsessively tried to dissuade them. Oftentimes, someone recently injected would joke that they had “just been chipped” or “just got the 5G” as a slight dig at the ‘conspiracy theorists’ in the room.

A few (forewarned) friends became ‘vaccine tourists’ and traveled to Europe or the US to get the “good brand” mRNA injections.

My employer at the time was fanatical about the injections, along with every single employee and every management level without exception. I could not find a single ally, it was a dissident free zone.

I became known as the conspiracy theorist or antivaxxer. I was ridiculed in multiple Microsoft teams calls during meetings. Colleagues, knowing my injection ‘status’, would repeatedly ask me “when are you getting vaccinated?”

Early on, my favoured response to keep it brief and test the water for their reaction was:

I believe that the risks of taking the vaccine outweigh the risks from getting infected with COVID. I choose to reduce my risk by not taking the vaccine.

The usual reply I got was “I’ve taken the vaccine and I am fine” – fast forward 18 months and many of my former colleagues are not fine.

Let us wrap up on some higher notes.

The most success I had in warning people was with the working class of Bangkok. Market vendors and taxi drivers would often be fascinated when I told them about alt-media stories on the adverse reactions and death toll accumulating abroad. Some of them knew the score and were naturally skeptical of any and all government intervention.

One taxi driver remembered me when he coincidentally picked me up a second time, and excitedly told me how he had researched everything I had explained to him about the injections. He had since verified this to be true, and he had shared the information with all his friends.

Before the mRNA injections came to market in Thailand, the only available soups were AstraZeneca, Sinopharm & Sinovac (Chinese brands). One of my oldest friends, who is probably reading this, was very much on the fence narrative-wise. He took a while to wrap his head around the concept of:

“How could so many institutions and governments collude to be this evil” concept.

As well as the classic line:

“But if it were true it would surely be all over the news, wouldn’t it?”

Thankfully, he is not only a very intelligent man, but also an emotionally intelligent man, with degrees in biology and from a family of doctors. He kept his mind open, and after a few last minute worrisome phone calls where he would say “yeah but I think Sinovac is the least risky”, he finally awoke to the truth and the horror.

He then “paid it forward” and saved another of his friends from getting injected.

Is there blood on the hands of the ‘unvaccinated’? If so, it is only from being cudgeled, battered, and bruised as we screamed into the wind. Not just on our hands, but head to toe.

There is blood on the hands of governments, institutions, authorities, enforcers, enablers, facilitators, and the media.

Let us not detract from who is truly culpable.

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