Dinos Alive?
By Daily Bell Staff - February 11, 2017

Real Dinosaurs Caught on Tape … This is the proof that their may still be dinosaurs alive and that dinosaurs existed with man! This is a channel of truth and exciting videos you cannot watch on television …

This video is much different than a previous speculation that  many dinosaurs did not exist at all.

But it is worth examining because it shows numerous examples of dinosaur illustrations on a variety of materials, especially in South America. This video, like an increasing number on Youtube, speculates that dinosaurs are still alive and that modern archaeology is simply wrong about the age of dinosaurs.

Some of such videos are silly and simply provide an excuse to argue that the earth is “young” only a few thousand years old as the Bible says.

In fact, many of the videos have been made with this in mind. But others are extensively annotated and make significant points over an hour or more regarding considerable evidence showing that man and dinosaurs have coexisted.

These latter videos often show examples of pottery and even garments that reproduce dinosaurs of various kinds of their surfaces. Some dinosaurs are realistically rendered and others are highly stylized but still recognizable as dinosaurs.

It is certainly within the purview of The Daily Bell to examine such videos. The Daily Bell was set up to examine elite dominant social themes. These themes mislead the public, usually via fear-based memes that scare people into the arms of the government.

But within the context of these memes there are other memes that bolster the original points being made. That is the context with these dinosaur memes.

One can argue these have been set up to indicate the great age of dinosaurs. And as such the relative evanescence of human beings is put on emphatic display. Humans are supposed to accept their evanescence in order to internalize their relative insignificance.

Humans are simply one of thousands of creatures that have been raised up over eons, and will doubtless go extinct sooner or later.

But the larger issue here is the amount of evidence that shows dinosaurs have been alive quite recently and may still be alive.

Despite the supposed reality that dinosaurs died out 60 million years ago, some 47 percent of the earth remains unexplored, mostly because the terrain is simply to difficult to allow for extensive travel.

Many tracts in Siberia, the Amazon and Africa, for instance, are nearly pristine. This is true around the world.

This video, link below, is one of the better ones making the argument that dinos have been alive until recently and may still be alive.

Conclusion: We may not believe that dinos are still alive today, or even that they have been alive in the recent past. But this video and others like it make at least a serviceable case that certain dinos, or things that look like dinos, have been around until recently and may be with us still.

Real Dinosaurs Caught on Tape …



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