How Dangerous, Really? Trump Now Denies Asking Why US Does Not Use Nuclear Weapons
By Daily Bell Staff - August 03, 2016

Trump reportedly asked adviser why US can’t use nuclear weapons … MSNBC host Joe Scarborough told a stunned panel Wednesday morning that when Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump met with an unnamed national security expert earlier this year, he repeatedly asked why the U.S. couldn’t use its nuclear weapons stockpile. -AOL   

Trump has asked a good question about nuclear weapons. The US has spent trillions on nukes but only used them twice on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Too bad he now denies asking.

Apparently nuclear weapons may not be as powerful as they are made out to be by the Pentagon. At least not in the past.

Here is direct testimony of some of the exaggerations that took place from Crawford Sams – (of the ‘Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission’):

The object of this instruction, called Letter of Instruction, was “You will play up the devastating effect of the atomic bomb.” All right? So I was the one who set the deadline this time. Anybody who had been in Hiroshima and died within six months, whether they got run over by a bicycle or whatnot, would be credited to the atomic bomb.  …

When the bomb went off, about 2 thousand people out of 250 thousand got killed [in Hiroshima] – by blast, by thermal radiation, or by intense x-ray, gamma radiation.  …  You see, it wasn’t “Bing” like the publicity here [said]: a bomb went off and a city disappeared. No such thing happened. That was the propaganda for deterrent  …

You don’t hear much about the effects of Nagasaki because actually it was pretty ineffective. That was a narrow corridor from the hospital … down to the port, and the effects were very limited as far as the fire spread and all that stuff. So you don’t hear much about Nagasaki.

Our previous article HERE received some interesting feedbacks.

From “Rothbard” …

You have reminded me of something that happened 15 years ago. I had a co-worker who was previously some sort of NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) EMT (emergency medical tech) for the U.S. military in Korea. We were talking one time and he said that nuclear war would be a lot more survivable that people thought. He would not say anything further, but only that I should look it up.

From “wrusssr” …

After the Hiroshima and Nagasaki “bombings” were sold to the public, the Korean war started. A UN “conflict” were were told. With MacArthur in charge. And there was a point in that “conflict” I’ve never understood.

It was when China massed its Army along the Yalu River to invade South Korea. If ever there was a time and place to use nuclear weapons against and opposing force in the field, that was it. War over…

Wrusssr is asking the same sort of question that Trump is asking. Why haven’t nukes been used in places they could be?

Of course we are not endorsing the use of nukes. But the Pentagon is fairly cold-blooded. It poisoned a large part of Iraq with depleted uranium weapons, for instance. Doesn’t make much sense that the Pentagon has never used nukes.

In the recent past, we’ve expressed considerable doubts about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear narratives. You can see a list of about 25 anomalies we compiled HERE. Subsequent videos of nuclear tests also seem to have been faked, HERE and HERE.

And we recently reported HERE on the Bikini Island nuclear detonations, which seem to have been faked.

Of course nuclear weapons, as we have observed are tremendously expensive. Yet in Vietnam, as we pointed out in a previous article HERE, they even disassembled nukes and turned them into cluster bombs.

Presumably, people in charge felt it was immoral to use nukes. The Pentagon has therefore been grappling with the morality of nukes for decades.

Trump has questions too:

 “Several months ago, a foreign policy expert went to advise Donald Trump,” Scarborough said. “And three times he asked about the use of nuclear weapons — three times he asked. At one point, ‘If we have them, why can’t we use them?'”

The remark was met with several moments of silence. Scarborough’s co-host, Mika Brzezinski, eventually commented, “Be careful, America and be careful, Republican leaders. Your party is blowing up.”

Trump later denied asking questions about nukes. That’s too bad. There are plenty of questions to ask. We’ve been asking them in numerous articles.

One thing we have established is that nuclear weapons are surrounded with fakery and lies.

The nuclear issue is intermingled with NASA and space flight as well. We call it the NASA/NATO axis. If one contains significant falsehoods, it is likely the other does too.

The question of nuclear radiation should be reexamined as well. Hiroshima and Nagaski don’t seem to have suffered much from radiation. Bikini Island radiation seems to have dissipated much more quickly than projected. Other places, too.

The miracle of the 20th century is the US government. This government, which cannot set up a health-care website properly, somehow managed to invent nuclear weapons and space flight in a fabulous three-decade period.

US Fedgov has been known to lie from time to time. Perhaps nukes are not as powerful as they are advertised to be. Or perhaps there was outright fakery when it comes to nukes, at least to begin with.

Why blow up Japan but fake nuclear explosions on Bikini?

Conclusion: The Pentagon has controlled the nuke narrative for more than half a century. It’s time for top reporters from major publications – the ones that break the really big stories and are educated at the best journalism schools – to start asking some hard questions about nukes and radiation. When were they really developed? How do they work? Why have they never been used? We’re sure they exist of course, as the Pentagon  has spent trillions on them along with other countries  in the “club.” But we look forward to a mainstream interrogation.

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