Do We Need This? … Hestia Project
By Staff News & Analysis - October 12, 2012

The Hestia Project™ Quantifying Carbon Like Never Before − The Hestia Project™ will revolutionize how the world approaches and interacts with the climate change problem. The Hestia system combines diverse data about the flow and metabolism of the energy-emissions-climate nexus. Hestia can provide stakeholders an unprecedented opportunity to design and implement carbon management strategies, verify emissions reduction, strengthen and support basic research in climate prediction and carbon cycle science, and allow the public, decisionmakers, scientists and industry access to detailed space-time information on fossil/industrial energy consumption and CO2 emissions. All this will be done via an intuitive, interactive, photorealistic, three-dimensional visualization of the Earth. In short, Hestia will quantify, simulate and visualize the metabolism of greenhouse gas emitting activity down to the building and street level. − The Hestia Project

Dominant Social Theme: We need to get carbon out of the air.

Free-Market Analysis: The powers-that-be continue to propagate the idea that only by removing carbon dioxide from the air will mankind survive.

The idea is that human based carbon emissions are clogging up the atmosphere and trapping warmth and moisture. Of course, when you look into it you find that human carbon constitutes only about three percent of trapped "warming" emissions. The rest of the sealants are provided by atmospheric humidity and other sources not generated by humans.

But somehow we are supposed to believe that carbon emissions are going to doom us to an arid future. This is, of course, a fundamental dominant social theme of the power elite. Implementing this meme allows for total control of energy creation and consumption. Every part of the energy chain must be monitored.

And thus, even though global warming has by now been exposed at least partially as a hoax, the promotion continues. We can see it building. The Hestia Project is just one more element. Aspects of the project were just announced and a press release issued. Here's some of the press release:

Arizona State University researchers have developed a new software system capable of estimating greenhouse gas emissions across entire urban landscapes, all the way down to roads and individual buildings. Until now, scientists quantified carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions at a much broader level.

Dubbed "Hestia" after the Greek goddess of the hearth and home, researchers presented the new system in an article published October 9 in Environmental Science and Technology. Hestia combines extensive public database "data-mining" with traffic simulation and building-by-building energy-consumption modeling. Its high-resolution maps that clearly identify CO2 emission sources in a way that policy-makers can utilize and the public can understand …

Seldom has technology been developed and applied for such a useless purpose, in our humble view. But this is predictable. We've seen that even when exposed, the power elite just forges ahead with its promotions. It's either a lack of options or arrogance or both. It's also an incredible waste of money.

Here's more from Hestia: "We have just completed an emissions data product for the entire Phoenix metro area (all of Maricopa County) with support from the Global Institute for Sustainability (GIOS), Center for Integrated Solutions for Climate Science at Arizona State University. We will be providing more information on this effort in the future and are partnering with GIOS and the city on new expanded developments of our system."

After Thoughts

Fueled by endless amounts of fiat money, the promotion continues. But it is not very believable anymore, according to opinion surveys. That is a result of what we call the Internet Reformation.

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