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Don’t Trust Politics to Change Your Life, Trust Yourself
By Daily Bell Staff - May 05, 2016

Glenn Reynolds: Don’t let U.S. become next Rome … Entrenched political elites will sacrifice anything to retain power, including their own country…. As you vote, remember that the more resources you put under the control of the political class, the more likely it is that things will eventually go bad. Politicians seldom look past the next election, and they’re willing to sacrifice pretty much anything to hang on. And that “pretty much anything” includes you. –USA Today

Glenn Reynolds is law professor and member of the USA Today editorial board. He makes good points in this just-published editorial, as you can see above.

But the reality goes far deeper than that.

The main idea Reynolds presents is that the more control voters give politicians, the more resources they have at hand to abuse.

In other words, politicians will invariably use the power they have to enrich themselves and their cronies at your expense.


I happened to be reading … Joseph A. Tainter’s The Collapse of Complex Societies¨ Tainter’s theory, to simplify things quite a bit, is that as societies grow they become more complex, slapping on layer after layer of institutions, regulations and customs to deal with challenges (and, I suspect, to facilitate the ruling classes’ extracting resources from the ruled).

… Eventually, the society is devoting almost all its resources to maintaining these institutions and has very little reserve left to deal with the unexpected. The result is that challenges that it would have weathered easily in the past are now sufficient to bring it to an end.

But Reynolds never discusses modern, monopoly central banking. The entire US economy – the world’s economy – is poisoned by it.

Inevitably monopolies self-destruct, often destroying everything they have touched. Since the dollar is the world’s reserve currency, it is the dollar that is the most destructive to the global economy.

Also, Reynolds makes the point that the US needs to avoid becoming the “next Rome.” With thousands of military bases around the world and a currency that dominates world trade, it is too late for that.

The US sociopolitical and economic environment does not need to anticipate Rome and Roman disasters. It has traveled far beyond Rome and simply awaits its coup de grace.

Despite Reynolds’s apparent optimism, redefining what kind of politicians ought to be elected will do little or  nothing to restore US solvency.

This is a country with $200 trillion in total, nominal debt and bank involvement in a derivatives market said to total $1,000 trillion.

The entire US financial system rests on a foundation of monopoly debt currency.

Every day it collapses a little more. This is the reason for negative interest rates and potentially a “cashless society.”

As Draconian as these “solutions” seem to be, they will not solve the main problem of central bank economies.

The main problem is that those setting the price and volume of “money” using the full authority and force of the state, have absolutely no idea of where the numbers should fall.

Only free-market money can create wealth on an ongoing basis – because only the market is capable of providing the correct value.

Those who have put the world’s central bank economy into place are well aware of its destructive nature.

It is a very clever system because each destructive episode further centralizes power and wealth in the fewest possible  hands.

If you are close to the spigot of currency production, you can benefit inordinately from the system. If  you are further away, you are almost certainly to be damaged by it and perhaps ruined.

Reynolds seems to believe that democracies can ”can reset things with an election, tossing out one band of special interests in favor of a new and different band, which at least keeps things mixed up.”

This doesn’t have an impact on the real problem which is the constant, destructive and ultimately ruinous mis-pricing of money.

In the US, many seem to believe that someone like Donald Trump can reverse the rotten US system. But unless monopoly central banking itself is shut down, nothing much will change.

People are reluctant to realize that the society they live in is doomed to fracture and fail. Communal solutions, even well-meaning ones functioning at the federal level, are ultimately useless because they won’t generate the necessary fundamental change.

Conclusion: Make your own plan of action. Implement it yourself. You want to pull a lever at a voting booth, go right ahead. But given the way modern societies work, don’t expect it to create a significant difference. Only YOU can make a difference. Realize this truth and you will grow up in ways that those around you have not. Real “adulthood” is difficult to achieve and maintain but has a richness and utility that other conditions lack.

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