Economy Bounces Back?
By Staff News & Analysis - November 18, 2011

The Conference Board reported Friday that its index of leading economic indicators rose 0.9% last month, significantly faster than the revised 0.1% rise in September and the 0.3% increase in August. The economy, after growing at an anemic pace of just 0.9% in the first six months of the year, grew at a 2.5% rate in the July-September quarter. Some analysts are looking for even stronger growth in the current October-December quarter. – AP

Dominant Social Theme: President Barack Obama finally turned the corner.

Free-Market Analysis: We don't believe this. Do you? This is part of a kind of directed history that we've been reporting, in our view. Suddenly the US numbers are showing an uptick. Really?

Nope. It's likely just part of a larger narrative, as it affects the US economy and politics. The idea is apparently to re-elect Barack Obama (left) by reporting on good economic news even when it's not there

But we think it runs even deeper than that. Many electoral vote-registering machines are computerized by now and many have no verifiable "paper trail." This means that the elites can simply create such a narrative and then elect whomever they wish to. During the Bush voter fraud was terrible, in our view. Has it improved? Here's an October 2011 letter to the Baltimore Sun:

Lack of paper trail leads to concern over Laurel's new voting machines … I feel some concern about the "new" voting machines being introduced in the Nov. 1 elections in Laurel. These ELECTronic 1242 machines provide no paper trail, or any voter-verifiable record that one's vote has been properly recorded. Lack of a paper trail also presents difficulties in the event of needing a recount. (The only printout available seems to be the totals from each machine at poll closing.)

In doing some Internet research on these machines, I have found documentation that during their usage in many areas of the country over the last 20 years they have often been involved in erroneous vote counts. A notable incident was in Franklin County, Ohio where phantom votes appeared in the 2004 presidential totals, with President Bush receiving 4,258 votes and John Kerry receiving 260 in a precinct with only 638 voters.

See, it's still happening. Yesterday, in an article entitled "Parallels Between Early 20th Century and Present Are Scary," we laid out a roadmap that showed a good deal of similarity between the early 20th century and the early 21st.

It seems to us that the power elite is still operating from the same playbook. The idea is to crash economies (via central banking), start wars and generally make people so miserable that they will demand more government solutions. This happened in the 20th century. In the 21st, President Obama is to play the role of FDR, and in fact, he has encouraged comparisons.

However, in order to make this scenario viable, Obama apparently needs to get reelected. And in order to do that, the economy has to seem better, even if it is not. This is the false-problem paradigm that we see playing out in Europe as well. Europe is in terrible shape, but now the technocrats are being put in charge.

These technocrats are actually part of power-elite circles … the Bilderbergs, Trilateralists, etc. The idea, we speculate, is that things will get better now and the banker-technocrats will take the credit. Thus is the myth established and perpetuated. Thus, the banking aristocracy is made to look good. But it's a put-on. More directed history.

The power elite controls central banks. It controls money. It controls economies, near as we can tell. The idea is to create chaos and then order. The idea is to generate a problem and then provide a solution. Both in Europe and America the problems are obvious. And the solution is to be governmental. Barack Obama is to provide the solution in the US. It begins with an economic upturn. Here's some more from the AP article excerpted above …

But even the most optimistic forecasters are not predicting growth will rebound to levels that would make a significant dent in the unemployment rate, which has been stuck around 9% for the past two years. The October rebound in the leading index reflected positive contributions from building permits, the spread between short-term and long-term interest rates, a rising stock market and a slightly better employment reading.

Economists said the strong October gain in the leading index and other positive reports recently had at least eased fears that the economy would be in danger of slipping into a recession. Conference Board economist Ken Goldstein said that the latest leading indicators report was pointing "to continued growth this winter, possibly even gaining a little momentum by spring."

Nine percent unemployment? We think it's double that. Heck, we think its MORE than double that. No one really knows, but it is surely true that with some 45 million people on food stamps in the US, there's burgeoning distress. As far as the statistics themselves go, ShadowStats has this to say about the most recent batch of "announced" statistics:

• Housing Starts Continued Three-Year Pattern of Bottom-Bouncing

• Economic Recovery Never Happened; Hyped Gains Were Based on Gimmicked Inflation Adjustments

• Current Downturn Already Exceeds Duration of Great Depression's First Down-Leg

Yes, what's going on may be a kind of elaborate shadow-play. In Europe we expect sudden, miraculous turnarounds in Italy and Greece. In America, the turnaround is already underway, as we can see from announced "statistics."

The powers-that-be want to retain Barack Obama as president in our view. Or if he is not electable, perhaps Plan B is the election of libertarian candidate Ron Paul. The idea then would be to blame all the woes of the modern world on free-market strategies. This would also reinforce the meme that government (and government action) is a necessity.

After Thoughts

It still seems to us that Obama was "placed" into the presidency for some reason we cannot quite make out. For some reason he was handed a Nobel Peace Prize. For some reason, the ambiguity of his "Muslim" persona continues to be played up. Perhaps we learn more if he wins a second term.

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