Edward Snowden: Limited Hangout or a Globalist Step-Back?
By Staff News & Analysis - June 10, 2013

Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden – The NSA Whistleblower Exposed as Career NSA, CIA, Special Forces Trained Agent … Oh yeah, he didn't tell us [anything] that we didn't already know. Yeah, he's a hero. UPDATE: Booz Allen Hamilton huh? Do you know who owns them, who our hero really works for? The Carlyle Group. Booz Allen Hamilton, like its rival SAIC, is involved in virtually every aspect of the modern intelligence enterprise, from advising top officials on how to integrate the 16 agencies within the Intelligence Community (IC), to detailed analysis of signals intelligence, imagery and other critical collections technologies… Booz itself it now owned by the Carlyle Group, one of the nation's most politically-connected private equity funds. – From the Trenches

Dominant Social Theme: Edward Snowden, Hong Kong hero …

Free-Market Analysis: You read it here first over the weekend: Like Julian Assange and Occupy Wall Street, Edward Snowden is likely part of a larger dominant social theme, a manipulation created and supported by globalists who have created the world's mega-surveillance state and now want to publicly enshrine it.

See our two articles:

Reuters: People Demand Government Action to Subdue Internet Surveillance

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The Guardian, which broke the initial story utilizing Snowden as a source, is part of the mainstream media. The mainstream media is controlled and globalist in its outlook. If those controlling the Guardian and other mainstream outlets didn't want Snowden on the front page, he wouldn't be there.

Snowden may not know he is being manipulated. The courageous Glenn Greenwald who used him as a source may not know, either. But the Snowden affair is being blown up for one reason or another.

That is surely a cynical way of viewing the situation but, unfortunately, it is probably also the correct one. Additionally, while this sounds like a grim assessment, it is not one necessarily. More about that at the end of this article.

Let's speculate about the forces motivating a Snowden gambit. First of all, the surveillance state is so big that those behind its creation cannot deny it anymore. Second, it is has been exposed constantly by the alternative media, making mainstream media look even less credible than usual.

What to do? They used to call what is going on a "limited hangout." What we call the Internet Reformation has perhaps forced the hands of those behind the surveillance state. Under pressure to acknowledge what is clearly taking place, they have created a great and dramatic show.

How do you do something like that? With an argument. Creating the argument is simple enough, as is the solution. With so much information available on Intel spying, the powers-that-be have apparently decided it is time to create a public discourse. Thesis (there is surveillance state) plus anti-thesis (it shouldn't exist) yields to synthesis: Some of it is necessary.

This is how freedoms are eroded in the modern day. The initial effort is a fait accompli and then discussion occurs after its emplacement. Excesses are derided, laws are passed and people are to feel satisfied that the demos "worked." Lost in the whole artificial exercise is who erected the initial structure.

Here's more from the article:

So this guy had no high school diploma, worked for intelligence his entire professional life, his boss was the Carlyle Group and he was getting paid more than a U.S. senator… and he decided to be a whistle-blower around the same time all this other stuff was coming out and just after Astroturf Adam announced his big "Final Revolution of America" psyop? hmmm…..

… Kenny from Kenny's Sideshow uploaded the video of Glenn's interview with our new hero. My biggest gripe with most of these guys has been they are pretty bad actors. This guy however seems pretty good. Notice how he keeps talking about coming from a position of comfort and wealth and that it's difficult for people to give that up to stand up and do what's right.

He claims that it's his unusual access to a comprehensive view of the workings of the intelligence complex that gave him the ability to see what was really going on. Well, sitting way out here on the outside, people like myself and many others (like Kenny for one) have been able to see this fascist shift developing for over a decade. Hell, William Cooper saw it long before that.

He took off on May 20th huh? Why does that seem important? Obviously, I stand by my original theory on all of this… it's part of an elaborate scheme by the intelligence complex themselves to create the narrative of unrest prior to the summer of discontent in America.

The "hero" whistle-blower is actually a career NSA agent, former CIA spook who trained to be Special Forces (unconventional warfare) He is breathlessly revered by the Guardian as the next best thing to happen to democracy since Daniel Ellsberg and Bradley Manning yet what he "leaked" is well known to anyone paying attention over the past few years.

Yes … Perhaps like Assange before him, Snowden has been created to facilitate a larger conversation about spying and the erosion of privacy and personal freedom. So what are the positives in this latest privacy rights saga, if any?

Well … in our humble view, Snowden is likely a product of the Internet Reformation. The globalist agenda has been thoroughly exposed by Internet information and thus it is feasible to look at this affair as an attempt to regain control of a conversation that is rapidly slipping away from the powers-that-be.

Additionally, in our opinion – having examined post-Gutenberg history – the same kinds of things happened after technology provided the opportunity to print books. There were numerous attempts by the power structure of the day to control or otherwise retard the spread of information but not with much ultimate success.

Wars were started, copyright invented and controversial agents such as Martin Luther were raised up. But ultimately, the thought-revolution spawned by the Gutenberg press had its day. The New World was populated, Renaissance concepts of science were enshrined in the culture and democracy was produced as a substitute for the reign of Kings.

The globalist impulse was reduced as a result of the Gutenberg press and individual freedoms were advanced. The same thing is happening now … and if you look hard you can see it.

After Thoughts

Call it a limited hangout or call it … as we have long predicted, a "step back."

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