Elite-Controlled OWS Plots the Next Big 'Net News Service
By Staff News & Analysis - November 01, 2011

Get Ready for … Apologies for the lack of updates lately. We are currently busy working on a new website specifically dedicated to aggregating and producing news reports on the OWS 99% movement. The site will not be announced for another few days, but you can check it out here: An amazing group of people are working on this project. Many very popular journalists / bloggers and activists will be contributing. If you want to be one of the first people to join, you can create your own profile by registering here: We are using the same publishing system that is being used on and – David DeGraw/Amped Status

Dominant Social Theme: Another Huffington Post is in the works, a 'Net news service to rival anything produced online so far. How exciting this is – and how valuable the information will be. This is the miracle of the 'Net … that unsung new junkies – individuals touched by a bit of genius – can rise above citizen journalism to create truly professional networks that engage people by providing them the most valuable commodity of all – the truth.

Free-Market Analysis: Occupy Wall Street burst onto the scene from nowhere. It was supposed to be a spontaneous demonstration of anger at the powers-that-be. But subsequent analysis by many clever alternative 'Net reporters has shown that at least some of the organizers may be co-opted and the same powerful CIA/AYM forces that created controlled overseas youth rebellions are likely involved with OWS as well.

The overseas youth rebellions seem to have been created primarily to generate an "Islamic Crescent" of various secretly controlled Muslim states including Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, etc. In each case, the Anglosphere power elite has destabilized the sectarian government and the result will likely be a takeover by Islamic parties, maybe the Muslim Brotherhood which has at least a toehold in numerous states. The Muslim Brotherhood is a controlled operation as we understand it.

OWS has what might be called "legs." … It's a successful promotion. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks may be an elite promotion too. Great artists and entrepreneurs can labor in obscurity for decades. When someone is famous "overnight" and when the controlled mainstream media pays a lot of attention to him or her, the fix is apt to be in.

That may be how one can tell a false flag operation, as a matter of fact. Here's a potential rule referring to these sorts of issues: The amount of mainstream attention is commensurate to the possibility that the operation is controlled – a false flag. OWS would seem to have characteristics of such an operation.

This does not mean the PEOPLE involved are controlled – not in any sense. But those at the top, the ones we call the non leader/leaders, may well be involved in what can increasingly be seen as an elite-initiated Hegelian dialectic.

Yes, it appears that OWS is being set up as a "leftist" organization to combat the "right wing" Tea Party. Never mind that both of these organizations share a great deal of libertarian sentiment and citizen participation. As first the Tea Party and now OWS unfold, power elite habits of control are unveiled.

OWS is a fragmented movement of many different types and ideologies. But the trick the elites use is to place "their" people at the top of the movement and then ensure that these people get plenty of coverage by the mainstream media. Once others see their primacy of place, elements of authority, spoken or not, gradually fall into place. Those who wield the power of the media are always going to be important to such movements and gain clout.

In this case OWS is supposedly a resolutely leaderless movement, so that makes it even more confusing. It's not, of course. The same names predictably keep popping up over and over again. These people are supposed to end up on TV and in the news simply by virtue of their brilliance. We're not so sure.

From our humble point of view, it's likely a manipulation. The idea is to set up "leaders" of "movements" and then once these individuals have generated enough credibility they are used by the Anglosphere power elite to "steer" a given movement in a certain direction. Doesn't matter what the rank-and-file think. The movement will go where it is intended to go until its followers run out of enthusiasm as a result.

OWS has a good deal of libertarian involvement, for instance. One of its avowed goals is to "end the Fed" and yet somehow that's not the message that is being projected. Instead, the non-leader/leaders concentrate on leftist anodynes and the mainstream media covers these solutions approvingly.

Thus you get these weird anomalous events where a movement of people wearing Vendetta masks are somehow calling for higher taxes, more government regulation and increased US involvement overseas where necessary.

This isn't the truth of the movement, of course. This is a MANPULATION of the movement, and it's being done quite purposefully. We're sure that this OWS news site will receive PLENTY of publicity. It will be presented as a natural evolution of the "people's movement" but again we are not so sure.

This is how the power elite manipulate history. Set up a movement – an anomalous one – and invite anyone and everyone to participate. Provide non-leader/leaders at the top of YOUR choosing and then use your controlled media outlets to give them the publicity that no one else has access to. Finally, create a megaphone – a mouthpiece – controlled by your "controllers."

After Thoughts

Now everything is tied up tightly, like a gaudy Christmas package. You've installed your men, provided the movement with plenty of fuzzy impetus and warm bodies, offered publicity to your non-leader/leaders and – finally – created a platform controlled by them. Sure, other platforms and other leaders might emerge, but our bets are on this new OWS news organization. The pattern is predictable – and we would have to think that the message will be, too.

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