Elite Depression at Davos
By Staff News & Analysis - January 23, 2013

Inertia reigns as elite return to Davos … The theme of this year's WEF Davos meeting is "Resilient Dynamism" … Some of the world's most influential leaders will be faced with a familiar set of unsolved problems during the World Economic Forum's (WEF) annual meeting in Davos, following a year of economic and political stagnation. Derided by some as being little more than a millionaire's cocktail party indulging in empty rhetoric, the 43rd gathering of international movers and shakers will again talk about debt crises, rampant unemployment, environmental time bombs and irresponsible finance. The lack of progress from last January even has WEF founder Klaus Schwab tearing his hair out while lamenting the tendency of many countries to look after their own interests at the expense of finding global solutions. "The fact is that we are still in some way blocked from making progress," he told a press conference on January 15. – SwissInfo

Dominant Social Theme: We will solve the problems of the world! Again and again …

Free-Market Analysis: Interesting to read about the mood at Davos, which is yet another confab of mostly lower elites and Hollywood "stars."

Lower elites go to such confabs to divine just what dominant social themes are in fashion at the moment. The idea is to promote those themes closest to the collective heart of Top Guns.

It's a get-together, then, of people who want to be noticed by the mega-trillionaires who control central banks and already run the world informally. The idea is that if you show your willingness to use your time and fortune to propagandize the world correctly, you'll be rewarded with increased business contacts, deals and, in the end, money.

Yes, it's all about the money. They are visiting Davos to figure out what lies are in fashion. They wish to become more proficient.

This year they are depressed! They are not depressed at the prospect of lying. They are only depressed because the lies are not being received as well by the rest of the world.

Here's some more from the article:

The title of this year's WEF Davos meeting – "Resilient Dynamism" – is in itself a misnomer according to Greenpeace Switzerland, which will co-present the Public Eye Award to the "worst company of the year" in Davos once the WEF conference is in full swing.

The five most likely risks to the world, according to WEF's panel of experts:

Severe income disparity

Chronic fiscal imbalances

Rising greenhouse gas emissions

Water supply crisis

Mismanagement of population ageing

Problems remain

"Governments and the corporate world are showing great resilience against change but still little positive dynamism," Michael Baumgartner, head of corporate accountability at Greenpeace Switzerland, told

"If corporations would simply stop creating some of the world's largest social and ecological problems the rest of us would not have to try to solve them. Solutions can only come via a bottom up approach, with people raising their voices."

Economically and politically, the world appeared to have stagnated in 2012. Despite the Arab Spring revolution that gripped the Davos conference two years ago, huge problems still exist in Libya, Egypt and particularly Syria.

The global economy inched forwards by 2.3 per cent last year, according to the World Bank, but the leaders of growth, principally China, slowed down. The European Union is still mired in debt and decision making conflict, while politicians in the United States continue to bicker as the country heads towards insolvency.

Financial scandals continued to proliferate among big banks, no less so in Switzerland than in any other part of the world …

The underlying message was clear: the world's political and business leaders need to work together to solve problems rather than continue to act in their own interests.

We can see various elite memes that are likely to be in vogue this year – at least the top five. Notice how many are scarcity based. Yet there are NO fundamental scarcities on Earth, at least none that cannot be overcome by individual human action.

Those at Davos want us to believe that a famine can only be averted by a cohesive public/private effort that also involves the United Nations and a gaggle of NGOs. Von Mises's solution would be to plant a garden!

Individual human action is always preferable to large bureaucratic ones, and cheaper, too.

But such pro-offered insights will be mercifully in short supply at Davos thanks to what we call the Internet Reformation. As more and more elite promotions are seen as fantastical propaganda aimed at reinforcing globalism rather than addressing real issues, the elites purveying these memes will find less and less receptivity.

This is an ongoing trend. The REAL frustration at Davos is not that people are refusing to "take action" according to elite proscriptions such as those at Davos but that people are beginning to discount them altogether. Internet debunking continues to make progress.

After Thoughts

Here's a question they ought to be contemplating at Davos. How do you hold a "crisis society" together when people don't believe in the crises anymore?

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