Elite Description Problem – Why the System Needs a Full Explanation
By Staff News & Analysis - February 04, 2013

Commentary … The Age of Neo-Feudalism: A Government of the Rich, by the Rich, and for the Corporations … The pomp and circumstance of the presidential inauguration has died down. Members of Congress have taken their seats on Capitol Hill, and Barack Obama has reclaimed his seat in the White House. The circus of the presidential election has become a faint memory. The long months of debates, rallies, and political advertisements have slipped from our consciousness. Now we are left with the feeling that nothing has really changed, nor will it … Then there are the laws constructed for the elite, which allow bankers who crash the economy to walk free. They're the laws which allow police officers to avoid prosecution when they strip search non-violent criminals, or taser pregnant women on the side of the road, or pepper spray peaceful protestors. These are the laws of the new age we are entering, an age of neo-feudalism, in which corporate-state rulers dominate the rest of us, where the elite create the laws which can result in a person being jailed for possessing marijuana while bankers that launder money for drug cartels walk free. Unfortunately, this two-tiered system of justice has been a long time coming … There is no voice for the American who expects his representatives to abide by the Constitution, who laments the way Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court work together to take away our rights piece by piece. − John W. Whitehead/Rutherford Institute

Dominant Social Theme: Neo-feudalism is the outcome of a strategy developed by politicians and big corporations.

Free-Market Analysis: The Rutherford Institute is well known for civil liberties and this analysis by founder John Whitehead caught our eye because he captured a significant underlying formative strategy of the power elite – the creation of neo-feudalism.

The problem is that Whitehead provides us with brilliant insights but, from our point of view, doesn't go far enough. This is a common problem. We'll expand below …

First, some background. We have written lately (along with others) that the shape of the society-to-come seems to be National Socialist, modeled after Hitler's Germany. This is not so startling as it sounds, given that prominent US and European families – including the Bushes and Rockefellers – were enthusiastic supporters of Germany right up to the war and even beyond.

What is supposition – our supposition – is that Hitler ultimately served as a deus ex machina. He was placed in a position of power and then maneuvered into World War II. The upshot of that gigantic conflict was the creation of quasi-global governance. The UN, IMF, World Bank and a host of other globalist institutions were the result.

Some might see that as coincidence, just as the formation of the League of Nations after World War I can be seen as a further coincidence. But as these days we espouse directed history, we have a hard time with such coincidences. Hitler was "chosen" and funded by the same elites he ended up fighting. The war itself was used as just causation for internationalism. Even the European Union can be seen as an outcome of that war.

It is these same elites that have continued down the one-world road from the standpoint of general sociopolitical culture. The chosen means to reshape society is the dominant social theme – a promotional device emphasizing scarcity and frightening the middle classes around the world into giving up power and wealth to the church of the state.

The elites have funded their incredible remaking of the world with the untold and uncountable fortunes they control via central banking. From what we can tell, they print money at will and can fund any gambit or entity they wish.

At the beginning of the 20th century there were only a few central banks. Now there are over 150, all run by the Bank for International Settlements, another relatively recent world-spanning facility. Elites evidently and obviously control it.

With the advent of the Internet, all of this is fairly comprehensible and not difficult, therefore, to understand. The exact nature of the actors may be a bit more difficult to ascertain but the general pattern is easily seen.

The creation of our 21st century world is the outcome of elite manipulations – and history tells us that these configurations have their basis in pre-World War II Germany. The same powers that helped create Hitler are now creating the modern Western state, both in Europe and the US. It is no coincidence that the overarching instrumentality of repression is called Homeland Security.

Homeland … Fatherland – these are important memes of control. Once one binds a person to a nation-state and creates legal precedent for a draft, taxes, laws, etc., that person is effectively a kind of "slave of the state." The nation-state and its insistence on ruling every part of the modern citizen's life makes no sense if not seen in this context.

The REASON to create the modern nation-state is because the top power elites hide behind it, controlling society and economics and their will via mercantilism, the secret exercise of public rule to abet private interests. Modern citizens work for THEM even though they don't realize it. And they are not supposed to realize it.

If we project this nation-state rule far enough, we begin to see the emergence of true neo-feudalism where a tiny group of globally recognized leaders run the world.

Right now they are still not entirely revealing themselves. But in the end game, as National Socialism changes into full-fledged leader-based feudalism, we will begin to see the outlines of the world's new masters. We can see traces already, probably sooner than intended – thanks to what we call the Internet Reformation.

It is the Internet that has finally allowed us to make sense of the modern world and to realize that all of modern history, Western history, is nothing more than a kind of promotion for world government. We can see, vaguely, who the actors are and how they are directed.

For this reason, we were pleased to see the analysis of "neo-feudalism" by Whitehead. Here's more:

The media circus leading up to the elections, the name calling in the halls of Congress, the vitriol and barbs traded back and forth among people who are supposed to be working together to improve the country, are all components of the game set up by those who run the show. The movers and shakers behind these engaging, but ultimately trite, political exercises are the elite, the so-called upper class, who benefit from the status quo. This status quo is marked by an economic crisis with no end in sight, by the slow but steady growth of a police state aimed at the lowest rungs of society, and a political circus which keeps us enraptured long enough that we don't question what's really going on.

Meanwhile, this elite, composed of corporations profiting off of our ignorance, avoid being brought to task for their destruction of democratic governance and the economy. These are the corporations who sent our economy into a tail spin and were then rewarded with taxpayer money. These are the corporations who write laws which eliminate real competition in the market in order to secure their profits through lucrative government contracts. These are the corporations who avoid criminal prosecution, and are instead slapped with meager fines which do nothing to halt their felonious activities.

We now live in a two-tiered system of justice and governance. There are two sets of laws: one set for the government and the corporations, and another set for you and me.

The laws which apply to the majority of the population allow the government to do things like rectally probe you during a roadside stop, or listen in on your phone calls and read all of your email messages, or indefinitely detain you in a military holding cell. These are the laws which are executed every single day against a population which has up until now been blissfully ignorant of the radical shift taking place in American government.

Then there are the laws constructed for the elite, which allow bankers who crash the economy to walk free. They're the laws which allow police officers to avoid prosecution when they strip search non-violent criminals, or taser pregnant women on the side of the road, or pepper spray peaceful protestors. These are the laws of the new age we are entering, an age of neo-feudalism, in which corporate-state rulers dominate the rest of us, where the elite create the laws which can result in a person being jailed for possessing marijuana while bankers that launder money for drug cartels walk free.

Unfortunately, this two-tiered system of justice has been a long time coming. The march toward an imperial presidency, to congressional intransigence and impotence, to a corporate takeover of the mechanisms of government, and the division of America into haves and have nots has been building for years …

Just consider the last election cycle. Both parties spent $1 billion each attempting to get their candidate elected to the presidency. This money came from rich donors and corporate sponsors, intent on getting their candidate in office. This massive spending was mirrored at the congressional level, where business lobbying soared in the last three months of the year. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce alone spent over $125 million attempting to influence members of Congress, an 88 percent increase from 2011.

Indeed, lobbyists are the source of much corruption and exchanging of money in Washington, and their attempts to woo Congressmen only exacerbate the problems inherent to the institution. Jack Abramoff should know. Jailed for bribing public officials, the former lobbyist insists that the system is every bit as corrupt now as it was when he was convicted. From job offers for staffers and Congressmen after they leave Capitol Hill, to taking representatives to sporting events and fancy restaurants, there is no shortage of methods of influencing public officials to enact the policies of special interests. According to Abramoff, these tactics are still in use today, and "the system hasn't been cleaned up at all." …

At a time when most people in the country are suffering, Congressmen are profiting. This alone should demonstrate how out of touch our elected leaders have become. Members of Congress, entrusted to represent the best interests of the average American, instead play out a stilted, ineffective soap opera on our TV screens, complete with phony discussions of fiscal cliffs and debt ceilings which take the place of real proposals for meaningful change in the country.

We've quoted at length, dear reader, so you can get a good taste. At once erudite and insightful, Whitehead is a fine leader for an institute that has done much for civil liberties in the United States. Here's a description from Wikipedia:

The Rutherford Institute is a non-profit organization based in Charlottesville, Virginia dedicated to the defense of civil liberties and human rights. The organization was founded by its current president, John W. Whitehead, in 1982. The Rutherford Institute offers free legal services to those who have had their rights threatened or violated. The Rutherford Institute has a network of affiliate attorneys across the United States and funds its efforts through donations. In addition to its offer of legal services, the organization offers free educational materials for those interested in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Rutherford Institute also publishes a weekly commentary by John W. Whitehead which is featured in hundreds of newspapers and web publications, including The Huffington Post and

While once primarily concerned with the defense of religious liberties, in recent years the organization has expanded its mission to encompass other constitutional issues such as search and seizure, free speech, and zero tolerance policy. The institute has been described as "a more conservative American Civil Liberties Union." The Institute has received some level of notoriety for its various legal actions, including helping Paula Jones pursue a sexual harassment lawsuit in 1997 against then-President Bill Clinton, as well as its defense of airline pilots and passengers affected by the Transportation Security Administration's security procedures, middle and high school students suspended and expelled under inflexible zero tolerance policies, and the free speech rights of preachers and political protestors. The Rutherford Institute has worked with a number of similar groups across the political spectrum, including the American Civil Liberties Union, the Cato Institute, the Constitution Project, and the Liberty Coalition. President and founder John W. Whitehead has been described by jazz historian and civil libertarian Nat Hentoff as "this nation's Paul Revere of protecting civil liberties."

But now to the issue we mentioned at the front of this analysis… We don't think Whitehead goes far enough. He describes some of the system but not all of it. Inexplicably, from our point of view, Whitehead leaves the ACTUAL power elite out of his analysis.

The elite is NOT composed of politicians and corporatists, as Whitehead suggests. The elite is comprised of a tiny group of individuals and families that control central banking. We surmise this because we KNOW, to a degree, who created central banking and even today we can detect their influences.

An analysis such as this that features neo-feudalism (as an evolution of National Socialism) is a good one. But it would be much improved, in our view, if it fully presented the machinery of the current globalist evolution. We don't understand why Mr. Whitehead, who must surely understand this mechanism, did not wish to expound on it entirely.

After Thoughts

This is one of the problems yet with the alternative media. There is plenty of evidence revealing the actual paradigm of control. But too often it is not properly described or pieces are not included. Shouldn't one describe the problem fully in order to begin to solve it?

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