End of the GOP?
By Staff News & Analysis - September 04, 2012

Rubio introduces Romney, vision of GOP future … Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is one of the GOP's fastest-rising stars … Rubio used his Cuban immigrant parents' story as his version of the American Dream … "America is the story of everyday people who did extraordinary things," Rubio said … "My Dad used to tell us, 'En este pais, ustedes van a poder lograr todas las cosas que nosotros no pudimos:' In this country, you will be able to accomplish all the things we never could," he said. Rubio's remarks in Spanish spoke to the larger theme of his optimistic address: that things are possible in America that aren't possible elsewhere. "We're special because dreams that are impossible anywhere else come true here," Rubio said. – CNN

Dominant Social Theme: End of the GOP? Mitt Romney may lose but the vibrancy of the American system of democracy is never in doubt.

Free-Market Analysis: Here's a question: If the Republicans want to win the election, why did they just commit fraud against their libertarian/conservative wings? The Republican leadership used a series of dubious tactics to ram through a series of rule changes that are seemingly designed to disenfranchise the party's growing, small government liberty-movement.

The ramifications go far beyond any parochial power perspective, however. There are several messages that are likely being sent and one pragmatic one as well. In politics, especially nothing is quite what it seems. Here's how Human Events describes the most important rule change:

Although there are several changes contained in the rules, the one that many opponents said upset them the most was Rule 12, which permits a major change in the timing of rules governing the 2016 convention. Republicans traditionally decide their rules for the next national convention at the close of the last one, and there can be no changes in between.

Rule 12 alters this in an important way. Now, by a vote of three-fourths of the full Republican National Committee, there can be a mid-term convention or another vehicle between presidential election years to make alterations in Rules 1-24, which govern the presidential nomination process.

Party conservatives such as Republican National Committeemen Morton Blackwell of Virginia and Jim Bopp of Indiana voiced strong opposition. Such a change, they warned, could spell "evolving rules" during the four-year period between presidential elections. Moreover, conservatives feel, this is one more step toward the national party forcing its way on state parties—an argument that was pivotal to eliminating another proposed rule that would have given the presidential candidate and not the state party over who actually serves as a national convention delegate.

This is probably all about libertarian GOP Congressman Ron Paul (R-Tex). The top men at the GOP have been determined to head off Ron Paul and, more importantly, his delegates and backers.

Ronald Reagan became a viable candidate through the convention process and no doubt the Republican brain trust is looking ahead to 2016 and the possibility of someone else emerging as a viable free-market oriented candidate.

They don't want that any more than they wanted Ron Paul's emergence. Paul and his family were harassed by the TSA during their recent political travels. Who knows what has been indirectly intimated to the Paul campaign and to Ron Paul directly?

There seems no doubt that the Ron Paul campaign has been generally intimidated, for he and his son have been careful to warn people off protesting about what seems obviously a manipulated election. There was a point at which Paul probably could have become a major factor in GOP politics. He still is, of course, but nor formally.

It is also clear to unbiased observers that Paul likely never wanted the presidency. He wanted to educate. That's what motivates the man. He's a doctor first and an educator second. When he went to Washington, he didn't try to get ahead within the party structure. He voted "no" to any legislation he considered contrary to the US Constitution.

If he wanted the presidency he never would have run as a libertarian presidential candidate. His approach was one of a gadfly, someone more interested in spreading ideas than attaining power. Paul was close friends with hard money economist and fellow gadfly Murray Rothbard. He truly believed in Austrian economics and wanted to spread the word about liberty and sound money.

And now he has … along with many others that constitute what we call the Internet Reformation. It is a fairly unstoppable phenomenon, based on the free flow of truthful information via the Internet.

The powers-that-be are well aware by now of the 'Net's impact on the West and the way it has made people question the organization of their society and how they live and work. In fact, the Internet has offered an entirely different perspective for those who pay attention – and as economic conditions worsen, more and more are doing so.

And by now the alternative media is offering a completely different paradigm of existence, one that emphasizes self-sufficiency, independent living within a moral structure and alternative forms of commerce, including "honest money" – gold and silver.

The power elite that wants to run the world and certainly controls major political parties in the West is not pleased by this sort of approach, even though the Internet developed under its watch, no doubt by mistake.

These elites are using the same tools as before, when they were trying to control the fallout from the Gutenberg Press, to try to ensure the continued primacy of their aggregate regime. War, economic ruin and authoritarian regulation are all part of the larger process of control. And these tools are being deployed aggressively.

Maintaining control of the GOP is part of the larger power elite effort at damage control, and at this point part of the procedure seems to be one of calculated intimidation. It is an emergent dominant social theme of sorts, that people are to be made aware that there is a ruling class, and that it is a ruthless one.

This is the reason for so much talk about torture and why US administrations have made it clear that torture can be aimed at US citizens that present themselves as "patriots" or "constitutionalists."

It is the reason as well that a critic of Rule 12, Morton Blackwell, was himself prevented from attending the recent GOP convention to suggest a compromise. Blackwell and others rode the bus to the convention but the bus driver refused to let them off at the convention.

This is outright fraudulent restraint, of course, as blatant as many of the manipulations that stripped Ron Paul of the opportunity to gather delegates. The cack-handed efforts of the GOP to ensure that Ron Paul's liberty-oriented vision had no traction at the convention extended to excising the very mention of his name.

The GOP top men could have compromised. Instead, they went out of their way to make it clear that the mainstream GOP vision was the one that would be fully represented and that there was no room for alternative visions.

They were sending a message. By alienating literally millions who might be supportive of part or all of Ron Paul's message, those at the top are telling us quite clearly that the political structure is NOT about winning or losing anymore. It is about maintaining control.

Like so many other elements of central banking "dreamtime," the modern political system turns out to be one more fantasy. The Republicans, even more than the Democrats were participative in this fantasy.

Republicans, we were supposed to believe, espoused small government, decentralized authority and free markets. But Ron Paul's campaign in particular exposed all that. The GOP braintrust turned out to be the mirror image of the Democratic Party.

In focusing directly on the military-industrial complex and the expanse of the American Empire, Paul provoked an educational response. It soon became apparent via public comments just how invested top Republicans were in the "warfare" state.

This had NOT been evident so clearly before, and the Republicans will be dealing with the fallout of these revelations for years to come.

It is perfectly likely, in fact, that the powers-that-be have realized this as well. The Internet, Ron Paul and the alternative media generally have made it impossible for the elites to continue to promote the pretense of a "free" society.

The recent actions of the GOP seem to indicate that this is a possibility. The entire process of nominating Romney and disenfranchising the conservative/constitutionalist wing of the party seems to indicate that goal is intimidation rather than victory.

It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that the GOP is in some kind of terminal disarray. The conservative, free-market wing of the party is the GOP's most vibrant and now the most alienated. No sensible leadership would act in this fashion.

After Thoughts

It is possible that the power elite plan is to turn the elective process into an obvious sham as another deliberate warning. Alternatively, or as part of this larger objective, they are simply assuring the re-election of Barack Obama.

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