Epic video: Informed black guy on DC street destroys Fauci to his face
By Ben Bartee - March 24, 2023

Originally published via American Thinker:

I don’t know how this clip slipped past me, but a video has resurfaced of Anthony Fauci and Washington, D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser canvassing the streets to encourage the urban population to get vaxxed and filming it for propaganda purposes.

First, some background, via East of the River:

Fairlawn residents answered their door Saturday morning to find some surprise guests on the front stoop: Dr. Anthony Fauci and Mayor Muriel Bowser (D).

The two spent an hour and a half canvassing the neighborhood as part of the DC COVID-19 Community Corps Day of Action.

“Oh my god, it’s Dr. Fauci!” one woman screamed as she opened the door. “I’d come give you a kiss, but I’ve got a cold on.” The woman, who was already vaccinated, blew him a kiss from the top of the stairs instead. “Y’all see Dr. Fauci over here?” she called to her neighbors.

Another woman told Dr. Fauci that she hadn’t gotten the vaccine because she was worried she would contract the virus and then convey it to her children, who are not yet eligible to get the vaccine.

“You should get it then, because not only would it protect you, but then you’d protect your whole family,” Fauci said. “If you were to get infected, you could pass it on to them, but if you get vaccinated, you’re not going to get infected. Want to do it today?”

Their photo op was totally ruined by a poorly-conceived interaction with one resident, who not only expressed no interest in getting injected but destroyed the entire narrative right to Fauci’s face with a tenacity never duplicated in any media interview that I’ve ever seen (the handpicked “journalists” permitted to interview Fauci being heavily vetted beforehand).

“Nine months is definitely not enough for nobody to  be takin’ no vaccination that you all came up with,” he tells a visibly agitated Fauci and equally flustered Bowser.

He then likens COVID-19 to “something like the common flu,” which is an accurate representation of its seriousness for most of the population that does not have multiple co-morbidities.

He then disputes the inflated COVID-19 numbers, at which point the duo shifts uncomfortably and starts moving away to end the interview.

“Y’all campaign is about fear,” he says to their backs as they walk away in search of easier targets for their propaganda, effectively summarizing the purpose of that day’s event with a clarity, again, that we could only wish for in the mainstream media.

This guy should have his own CNN show, yet we are made to suffer Don Lemon in his stead.

Image: Twitter screen grab.

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