EU Gripped by Growing Class War?
By Staff News & Analysis - October 18, 2010

Anti-austerity protests rock Europe … People demonstrate to say ''no to austerity'' on September 29, 2010 in the Belgian capital, Brussels. Hundreds of thousands of people across Europe have taken to the streets to protest austerity plans, as major EU nations were hit by a wave of strikes. France has witnessed the most massive demonstrations as protesters in Paris and other large cities rallied to decry French President Nicolas Sarkozy's (left) plans to increase retirement age from 60 to 62. The strikes have closed hundreds of schools, refineries and train stations and grounded flights amid concerns that the situation could get worse. – Press TV

Dominant Social Theme: EU citizens will simply have to swallow their medicine and realize that their greedy ways must be curbed by logical austerity. Their protests are nothing but tantrums.

Free-Market Analysis: We have tried as best we can to offer a counter-narrative when it comes to the EU, austerity and protests. The "alternative Internet news" approach is that the crisis has been cynically fomented to create a greater European Union. This has been our argument as well. But in our view, the elite has been caught by surprise by the truth-telling of the Internet and by the depth of monetary unraveling. This is having all sorts of unintended ramifications and is upsetting elite plans. The EU promotion is beginning to fail.

The mainstream press sees none of this. It has its own narrative of course, described in this article's initial dominant social theme (above). But we would argue that what is going on now is increasingly a protest against the EU itself and the perspective that the EU elites expect middle class and working-class Europeans simply accept the radical diminishment of their lifestyles and opportunities. We see signs that these protests represent a populist statement that has as much to do with EU policies generally as any specific austerity measures.

Certainly, the protests continue to pick up – and the severity remains unreported in our view. In Greece the Acropolis is now being picketed. In Italy, thousands (or maybe a lot more) rallied against the Italian government and marched in Rome. Union leaders called for a general strike. In France, rolling strikes hit oil refineries and panicked the French government, which is now asking airlines to refuel overseas. In Iceland, as we reported the other day, protestors chased Iceland legislators out the back door of the Parliament building.

Perhaps the most interesting wrinkle was in dowdy old Britain. We have speculated in the past that the British psyche, conditioned from birth to a kind of institutional subservience to the upper classes and the Queen, would take a good deal of beating-up before responding. Certainly that thrashing has taken place. The arrogant upper classes have pounded unmercifully on the plebes. (As an aside, we cannot help but liken the Brits to hobbits with "proud feet" – slow to anger and determinedly attached to modest creature comforts and local society. Is it any coincidence that Tolkien presented the evil Sauren who wants to rule the earth as an all-seeing eye in his great Lord of the Rings fantasy trilogy?)

But for now, cameras watch the Brits wherever they go. If they attempt to defend themselves with guns or knives from burglars, even at home, they are apt to be cast in prison. If they throw away the wrong kind of garbage they may be brought up on charges. The school system barely functions. The health care system leaves women giving birth in taxis – as they have been refused entrance to hospitals. The government pursues a war on terror that is evidently and obviously fraudulent and continues to fight a war to conquer Afghanistan (for the second time!) and with no more success. For the privilege of living in a dysfunctional society, with its academics that still stubbornly celebrate global warming and global governance, British citizens are charged ever-higher amounts of taxes – even though most of Britain's modern laws are now made in Brussels.

It is a handful of powerful royals and British bankers who have schemed to set up the EU and to diminish national sovereignty (even British sovereignty) in order to create world government. They oppress average Britons terribly. But just yesterday in fact a feedbacker friend of ours from Britain sent us a link to a truly extraordinary video entitled "English Freemen Standing In Court – Council Tax Hearing – The Takedown Begins!" In it, with perfect clarity, one watches as a group of British citizens assert common law rights and do it so effectively that the magistrates abandon the court, along with the police, allowing for a common law victory. Later it is shown that the magistrates had pre-signed a guilty verdict, proving the entire judicial hearing was to be nothing but a formality. In fact, it ended up being anything but. The video link was posted toward's the bottom of the Bell article thread for Ron Holland's guest editorial, "Yes, There Is Gold at Fort Knox." Click Here to view the video now.

People misunderstand European tribes in our view. The tribal mentality of Europe is perhaps simpler than the melting pot mentality of the United States. Culture is a powerful thing. In the US, a large core of people believe (or say they believe) in "constitutional freedoms." In Europe, we would venture, the tribes more or less self-identify and are plainly results oriented. When results fail to be delivered … watch out! All of Europe is built out of pan Germanic and Slavic tribes. These were the people the Romans warred against for 500 years before losing. And here is what happened after the Fall of Rome:

The Migration Period, also called the Barbarian Invasions or German: Völkerwanderung (wandering of the peoples), was a period of human migration that occurred roughly between AD 300 to 700 in Europe, marking the transition from Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages. These movements were catalyzed by profound changes within both the Roman Empire and the so-called 'barbarian frontier'. Migrating peoples during this period included the Huns, Goths, Vandals, Bulgars, Alans, Suebi, Frisians, and Franks, among other Germanic and Slavic tribes. (-Wikipedia)

Thus we can see that Europe is made up of a patchwork of tribes that have an affinity for their regional geography and a culture that dates back at least 1,500 years. Europeans have certain physical characteristics that differentiate tribes from one another. The smallish, darkish, French for instance, in aggregate, do not look much like taller, blonder Swedes or Danes, etc. Tribal identities, not much mentioned of late as the elite has struggled to establish its modern EU fantasy, are acknowledged, we would argue, beneath the surface. Most cultures in Europe are well aware of their origins and Europe's parochial and endless violence is a symptom of underlying certainties.

Of course, if the tribes were left alone, Europe would be peaceable. Trade would flourish. Even the most bloody-minded tribes prefer commerce to violence. But far be it from the sociopathic European and Anglo-American elites to leave Europe alone. Before the 20th century, the warring was incessant; tribes were set at each others throats. During the 20th century, the warring expanded into "world wars." The World Wars gave way to Pax Americana as the elites began to attempt to build global government via regional, "political" methods. The world was to be split into various ethnic areas – Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, etc. – and these areas were to be merged into one-world eventually.

But something went wrong on the way to this Orwellian Nirvana; the Anglo-American elites mainly behind the one-world vision began to try to move more quickly than was prudent. Why the elites chose to move so fast is still a mystery. Their behavior may, we have decided, have something to do with the fraudulent fear-based promotion of global warming. It was global warming that was ever-more evidently the foundational meme of the power elite in the 21st century. But as global warming is debunked it becomes evident that global cooling is a more logical scenario than global warming. Thus the elite has had to move quickly before the evidence against global warming solidifies.

It was, in fact, global warming that was to provide the foundation for the water-scarcity and food-scarcity promotions. It was global warming that was to provide the basis for a carbon tax, for Smart Grid (that would monitor every part of a person's energy usage in detail) and ultimately for what was to become a carbon currency, backed by the oil and gas that would be owned and delivered by multinational corporations at the behest of the elite itself.

But instead of a smooth escalation to a United-Nation's-run world government, the Western elites find themselves fighting on virtually every front. The Middle Eastern wars that were supposed to consolidate Islamic banking practices (and make the Islamic system a basically Western one) have proved both ruinous and endlessly inconclusive. Global warming and other scarcity promotions are bleeding credibility and rapidly losing what remains of their moral persuasiveness. Central banking itself and the other authoritarian economic paraphernalia of modern Anglo-American finance have proven to be hopeless in practice and are seemingly in rapid decay.

Free-trade has proven to be job-killing managed trade; the IMF is struggling to regain credibility but finds itself unable to give up the kind of power that would allow the rest of the world to have a real say in Anglo-American policies; The UN itself has steadily lost credibility. Of course to a degree these conspiracies are self-immolating as the closer they come to fruition the harder they are to deny and the more impossible they are, in any event, to implement. But the global economic implosion that was supposed to usher in a New World Order has had the perverse effect of impelling people toward self-education, and here is the Internet to provide as much of that as one wishes to absorb.

We would also like to point out that the Germans themselves remain suspiciously quiet. The Germans are a most formidable tribe and one that has been exceptionally demonized. Chancellor Angela Merkel just played the race card in order to pacify the tribes, declaring that "multiculturalism" was a failure. Somehow, Merkel expects she can support the European Union's "multiculturalism" abroad, while damning multiculturalism at home. From our point of view this may prove a terrible mistake. For ephemeral political advantage, she has removed the EU's moral supports.

After Thoughts

We could be wrong about all of the above! Perhaps the current unrest now gripping Europe is truly the work of organized public unions and nothing more, as the mainstream press provides the narrative. Time will tell of course. But if we are correct, then many of these arguments about whether the EU and the euro will survive will become moot. The tribes themselves will take the destiny of Europe into their own hands. And pull.

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