EU's Prodi Admits Leaders Knew Euro Would Cause Ruin but Hoped Political Union Would Follow
By Staff News & Analysis - February 20, 2012

The Flowers that Launched the Euro … To mark the anniversary of the arrival of the euro in the form of notes and coins, euronews spoke with Romano Prodi, who in 2002 was President of the European Commission …. Prodi: "Well, the difficult moments were predictable. When we created the euro, my objection, as an economist (and I talked about it with Kohl and with all the heads of government) was: how can we have a common currency without shared financial, economical and political pillars? The wise answer was: for the moment we've made this leap forward. The rest will follow … Then instead came the Europe of fear: fear of China, fear of immigrants, fear of globalisation. So it was clear that this crisis would arrive. But the euro is so important, it's so convenient for everyone — especially Germany — that I've no doubt that the euro won't just survive, but it will be one of the landmarks for the world economy." – euronews

Dominant Social Theme: The Euro is a fragrant blossom.

Free-Market Analysis: The EU's top politicos knew what was going to happen to the European Union and in fact they planned for it. We can see from this shockng excerpt (above) just how duplicitous these "leaders" were.

Yes, Romano Prodi has now actually admitted it. Those running the EU, and those standing behind them, are trying to create world government and the European Union was evidently and obviously created as a stepping-stone.

The EU was not presented as a rung on the ladder to world government but that's what it has become. Initially, it was just supposed to be a trade association but it should be clear to an unbiased observer that was just a disguise. The end result was what it is becoming. Here's some more from the interview:

euronews: "What drove you all, what convinced you about the necessity to adopt a unique European currency?"

Prodi: "The same thing that convinces me even today – because I haven't changed my mind. I mean, if we want to build up a new Europe we have to put together the pillars of a modern State. And these pillars are: the army and the currency. With 'army' I mean foreign policy, defence and security, with currency an economic symbol.

"Of course we could start with one or with the other, but historically we had this possibility, because the economical side has developed more quickly. That's why, in that precise moment, we pushed with all our strength (to reach the target) because if the economy isn't unified and we don't have a common currency we can't face the future."

It couldn't be more obvious than this. Prodi has in mind building a "state" with all the pillars of the modern era. Interestingly, he doesn't go farther than two pillars – the army and the currency – though he does break the army down into constituent parts.

If you examine this statement, however, the enormity should become clear. He is saying that a state is comprised of foreign policy, defense and security with the currency symbolizing its power and omnipotence.

It does not even seem to occur to him that there is no such thing as a "state." A state is made up of people, some of whom choose to use force on others based on statements made in organized forums (legislatures).

What Prodi is saying is even more devious, however. Knowing that within the context of an economic crisis "the result would follow" [political union], it is hard to avoid the conclusion that Prodi and his colleagues set out to PRECIPITATE a crisis.

We've explained this numerous times before. The Eurocrats gave billions of euros away to the PIGS to ensure that the "books" would be balanced before these southern European countries were to be allowed into the EU.

In actuality, we believe this was a poorly disguised bribe to ensure the elites brought their nations into the fold. After the voting was done and the money pocketed, European banks were brought to bear to further inflame the PIGS' financial situation with additional lending.

We don't believe any of this was coincidence. It seems increasingly obvious that the Anglosphere power elite that is behind the world's march toward global government had a political union in mind all along. And the current vicious attacks on PIGS' sovereignty is further evidence of this.

After Thoughts

Prodi as much as confesses the plan in this short interview. Such sad times in so many ways.

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