Every Day a New Elitist Fairy Tale – Now 'Earth Hour'
By Staff News & Analysis - March 30, 2012

Not "I Do" at Earth Hour, but "I will" … This year's theme for Earth Hour that happens on Saturday at 8.30pm is "I Will If You Will", a challenge-based platform that encourages people to go 'beyond the hour' to preserve and protect the planet. Even as malls, government offices and corporations pull the plug on all but essential lights in support of the annual event to raise awareness of climate change, some companies have taken steps to make a change for more than 60 minutes and much earlier, too. Singapore country CEO of Credit Suisse, Mr Lito Camacho, issued a challenge to his 5,000 staff a fortnight earlier, pledging to plant 100 trees if staff commit to reduce their carbon footprint, by 500,000 kilograms (kg) of carbon dioxide by end of the year. The company intends to track the reduction target with a customised, web-based carbon footprint monitor which calculates everything from a water-saving shower head to the use of LED lighting. – ChannelNewsAsia

Dominant Social Theme: Earth is a fragile planet and the mold growing on its surface must provide protection.

Free-Market Analysis: Every time we turn around we are assaulted with another meme of elite propaganda. They are mostly fear-based, promoting scarcity themes.

Today, we are being beaten upside our collective pointy (elvish) heads with "Earth Hour."

We call these dishonest fairy tales "dominant social themes," and their point is to frighten people into giving up wealth and power to globalist facilities. This is how the power elite apparently intends to build global government.

One of the biggest of these fear-based promotions has to do with the all-around fragility of Earth. Various phony catastrophes are perpetually afflicting the Earth – most prominently global warming, which is caused by an overabundance of carbon.

We know this is an elite meme simply because although it has been thoroughly debunked it still re-occurs. Most recently a panel of scientists wrote in the Wall Street Journal that there had been no appreciable global warming for the past decade.

But still the propaganda pours out of places like Tavistock – the elite mill of scarcity promotions. We are supposed to believe that a paltry one or two percent of carbon dioxide generated by industry is clogging up the atmosphere and causing life-threatening difficulties.

If you scoured the Earth to a depth of about two feet all that would remain of human society is a few odd, traumatized souls and a bunch of holes. That's our "footprint." It doesn't run very deep.

The idea that a kind of perambulating mold can "save" its putative medium is arrogance of a sort that could only have been concocted by modern elites intent on creating world government and wishing to use any ludicrous argument to advance it.

It is like positing that bacteria are responsible for salvaging their petri dishes. The Earth has been around for (at least) billions of years. It is basically a chunk of rock. Flora and fauna are apparently a fortitudinous or not so fortitudinous occurrence. The Earth has seen glaciers, droughts, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves and earthquakes and "survived" them all.

Worst case, the Earth is stripped of its living abundance and returns to the rocky surface of its prehistory. The only reason to "salvage" the Earth is if it begins to plunge toward the Sun. But dealing with that sort of situation is beyond us at the moment.

The well-know conservative columnist (and oil company PR rep), Alan Caruba, has penned an article about Earth Hour that makes some good points. Here's an excerpt:

On Saturday, 8:30 PM local time, everyone will be invited to turn off all their electrical devices and presumably sit in the dark. According to the World Wildlife Fund, Earth Hour is intended to "encourage American cities to prepare for the costly impacts of climate-related extreme weather and reduce their carbon footprint."

Earth Hour is an example of the enormous funding available to the Greens and of their continued assault on the world's population to encourage and maintain its message that the Earth is imperiled by mankind's activities, i.e., the use of energy. Earth Hour is a huge piece of international propaganda. Millions of dollars and man-hours have been expended to get the lights turned off from the Eiffel Tower to the Empire State Building, the Leaning Tower of Pisa to Australia's Opera House.

You may have noticed there is no longer any reference to "global warming." That's because a growing percentage of Americans have concluded that global warming is a hoax. The same charlatans behind Earth Hour and the forthcoming Earth Day on April 22nd have mostly abandoned any reference to global warming and are now lying to you about "climate change" and, soon enough, will shift their message to "sustainability." …

I recommend that you read a short book that explains how and why the environmental movement is a huge scam and a hideous attack on mankind. "Roosters of the Apocalypse" by Rael Jean Isaac ($8.95) is published by The Heartland Institute and can be purchased from its website …

Ms. Isaac tells the story of how, in today's South Africa, the Xhosa tribe destroyed its economy in 1856. Based on a prophecy of a 15-year-old orphan girl, they killed an estimated half-million of their own cattle, ceased planting crops, and destroyed their grain stores. "By the end of 1857 between thirty and fifty thousand of them had starved to death—a third to a half of their population."

Turning off all electricity during Earth Hour is no different from what the Xhosa tribe did and refusing to allow the drilling for oil and natural gas, or mining coal, all of which the United States has in sufficient abundance to make us energy independent and exporters of these energy reserves, is an act of national suicide; one that this international symbolism portends for any nation that abandons the energy that sustains economic growth and the welfare of millions.

Caruba is merely one voice amidst a flood, a deluge of mainstream media reports on the efficacy and necessity of an "Earth Hour." Here's something from the ChannelNewsAsia article excerpted at the beginning of this article:

"Over 50 staff have cumulatively pledged to cut their personal carbon footprints by over 25,000 kg" said Mr Ben Ridley, Credit Suisse's APAC Head of Sustainability Affairs on the response thus far, adding that more pledges in the coming weeks are expected.

Taking part in Earth Hour for the third time is Singapore MAX Atria. Located at the Singapore EXPO, the eco-friendly certified convention centre will hold an Earth Hour edition flea market showcasing over 40 vendors selling eco-friendly products including pre-loved clothes, with 20 per cent of proceeds going to WWF Singapore.

Since Earth Hour is just right for candles to come out, the food court will offer cosy lit meals with non-essential lights switched off … Other than switching off for Earth Hour, other companies have green initiatives that go beyond just 60 minutes.

Millennium & Copthorne Hotels (M&C) has a month-long conservation program starting 31 March, to switch off the air conditioning and lights in the offices during lunch time and increase the temperature in public areas by one degree. The hotel chain has plastered posters all over staff common areas encouraging employees to "sleep naked" or without air conditioning.

On and on this nonsense goes. We are comforted mostly by our perception of what we call the Internet Reformation – and the damage that it is doing to such elite dominant social themes. Generally, the global warming meme is in disarray. And that's just one example. Not too many people, thank goodness, will take Earth Hour seriously. Or at least fewer than before.

Updated/edited on date of publication.

After Thoughts

Like the Gutenberg Press before it, the Internet Reformation is undermining the established myths that Western elites have concocted in their efforts to create a New World Order. We like to think that the Daily Bell is one modest example.

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