Expansion of Directed History: Now UN General Assembly to Act on Syrian Overthrow
By Staff News & Analysis - July 26, 2012

Arab nations to push UN General Assembly for resolution on Syria … After the UN Security Council failed to pass a resolution to pressure Assad last week, Arab nations have decided to push for one by the General Assembly. The United Nations Security Council votes to adopt a resolution Friday, extending the mandate for unarmed monitors to remain in Syria for a final period of 30 days unless violence is significantly reduced. – AP

Dominant Social Theme: Syria is a rogue nation and only the morally adept United Nations can do what needs to be done.

Free-Market Analysis: So Russia and China have blocked the power elite from taking down Syria through the United Nations Security Council. Now those at the top orchestrating this thing will go through the General Assembly.

And who is going to the General Assembly? Why, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. This is predictable and fits right in with the paradigm that we have discussed in the past. More from AP:

Saudi Arabia's Ambassador Abdallah al-Mouallimi and Qatari diplomat Abdulrahman Al-Hamadi announced plans to seek action by the 193-member world body, where there are no vetoes, during a Security Council debate on the Middle East.

We have explained in numerous articles what is evident and obvious, that Saudi Arabia is a puppet state of the US and Qatar is a proxy state as well. Saudi Arabia's impossibly corrupt regime receives protection from the US in return for enforcing the policy that nations have to pay for oil in dollars.

Qatar is a similar situation. US Intel put Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani into power in 1995. Wikipedia tells us that the most important positions in Qatar are held by members of the Al Thani family, or close confidants of the Al Thani family. Also, Qatar is now the home of the US Central Command's Forward Headquarters and Combined Air Operations Center.

The second invasion of Iraq was launched from Qatar. When it came time for the power elite to set up a pan-Arabian media service, Qatar was the logical spot. 100 BBC employees just "happened" to strike in Saudi Arabia as Al Jazeera was launching and … boom! suddenly Al Jazeera had an experienced staff.

President George Bush in a great piece of theatre once threatened to bomb Al Jazeera headquarters, which never made sense to those who understand these things, as Al Jazeera is an American and British Intel operation.

When it came time for Western powers to invade Libya, it was Qatar troops that were used. The subterfuge was that the Libyan regime change was an internal affair but, in fact, it was organized by Western powers using some 6,000 Qatar troops that are still in Libya and are actually the power behind the government. Here's some more:

Arab nations announced plans Wednesday to go to the U.N. General Assembly and seek approval of a resolution calling for a political transition and establishment of a democratic government in Syria following the Security Council's failure to address the escalating crisis.

Last week, Russia and China again vetoed a Western-backed Security Council resolution aimed at pressuring President Bashar Assad's government to stop the violence by threatening sanctions if he didn't withdraw heavy weapons from populated areas within 10 days.

"The Arab states have decided to head to the General Assembly over the situation in Syria," al-Mouallimi told the council. Al-Hamadi said the Syrian government's threat to use chemical and biological weapons, and other threats to the region, "have made us feel even further regret with the inability of the Security Council to deal with the Syrian crisis in an effective manner."

Therefore, he said, "the Arab group in New York is going to the General Assembly of the United Nations to deal with the serious threat represented by the Syrian crisis." … U.N. diplomats said Arab League ministers decided to seek a strong General Assembly resolution at a meeting last weekend.

The diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity because the text has not been circulated, said it will likely include language on the chemical weapons threat, an endorsement of Annan's peace plan and the guidelines for a political transition adopted at a conference in Geneva last month, a demand to allow humanitarian workers access to the entire country, and possibly a call for other countries to follow Arab League sanctions.

The idea that the Arab League "decided" to go to the UN is ridiculous. As we have covered in numerous articles stretching back over 18 months now, the attacks on countries in Africa and the Middle East are seemingly intended to create an Islamic "crescent arc" that will buttress a phony war on terror in need of a reboot.

The CIA-infiltrated Muslim Brotherhood is the chosen "bogeyman" for this venture, and right on time it is emerging as a force that can conveniently be portrayed as anti-Western.

Most recently, five US House reps wrote letters to inspectors general at five federal agencies requesting an investigation into Muslim Brotherhood "influence." Huma Abedin, a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, turned out to be the big target. It was said that Abedin may have ties to the Brotherhood through her family!

This is the worst kind of McCarthyism! It only confirms our view that the Cold War was a kind of concocted promotion as well. The power elite seeks enemies to justify the empowerment of the state. Without state power to control, the elites are helpless to advance their agenda.

In fact, when one examines the 20th century with a clear-eyed view, it becomes fairly obvious this was a century of what we call directed history. Almost everything in the 20th century seems to have been arranged to further the power elite's pursuit of world government.

The 21st century seems no different, though what we call the Internet Reformation has exposed the basic structure of power-elite manipulations when it comes to the larger one-world conspiracy. That hasn't slowed them down, though. It only seems to have made them more desperate.

As far as the West's serial, un-admitted wars go, the groundwork for these was laid quite deliberately at the UN when the Security Council abrogated the Peace of Westphalia and passed in its place "Responsibility to Protect" that virtually demands that Western powers interfere with countries if their leadership is seen as putting citizens at risk.

It is R2P along with false flag "youth movements" that have combined to reconfigure the governments of a half-dozen countries in the past year. The scope of the operation is staggering and the concerted, icy determination behind it is startling.

Syria has proven a tougher nut, however, because of Russian and Chinese resistance. And thus two Western proxy states have been prevailed upon to go to the General Assembly.

As Russian and Chinese leaders are complicit in this whole mechanism of directed history, from our point of view, the move to take this to the floor of the General Assembly probably marks a new phase in the development of this narrative.

The push for action in the General Assembly followed an appeal earlier Wednesday by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for the world to unite in its response to Syria's civil war and do all it can to stop what he called the slaughter taking place there.

After Thoughts

Swell. Now the world will "unite." Once again, steps are taken to draw the world closer together. Out of these phony crises comes … order. Directed history is yet alive and well in the 21st century.

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