From the creators of Iowa’s voting app: government healthcare!
By Joe Jarvis - February 05, 2020

Somehow, the most incompetent people in the country think you should trust them to run your healthcare. And your schools. And your defense, policing, and transportation.

They want to interject themselves into the economy and regulate the companies that actually know how to make an app that works.

On Tuesday morning, there were no results from the Iowa caucuses. The Democratic Party of Iowa designed an app to report the tally from the country’s first primary contest to choose the Democrat Presidential nominee.

Imagine my shock that they screwed it up. Some people couldn’t download the app, others couldn’t use it properly to report results. The back-up hotlines placed people on hold for hours.

And in true politician fashion, officials wouldn’t give any details about what went wrong. They just said there were inconsistencies, so they had to verify results manually.

Party officials even hung up on campaign officials as they pressed for more details.

This is the party that wants to introduce single-payer healthcare to the country.

Bernie says it will be like Medicare for All. Perhaps a more fitting comparison is Veterans Affairs for all.

Bernie Sanders was actually the Chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee while about 40 Veterans died waiting for their government-run healthcare.

Bernie’s first response was to blame conservatives for undermining trust in the agency. He said, “There is, right now, as we speak, a concerted effort to undermine the VA… You have folks out there now — Koch brothers and others — who want to radically change the nature of society, and either make major cuts in all of these institutions, or maybe do away with them entirely.”

Later he changed tune and admitted the problems were real after an Obama administration report detailed the “systemic leadership failures,” at VA hospitals.

And just in case you think I’m making a big deal out of an App created by one state-party, recall how the Obamacare website cost $2 billion to build and didn’t work.

In 2013 HealthCare.Gov rolled out to allow people to look for health insurance in government-run exchanges online. But it didn’t work. Serious technical problems kept almost everyone from being able to use the site effectively. And this, for a $2 billion price-tag.

Yet the siren call from the Democrats vying for the Presidency boils down to two main messages:

1) Trust us to take over more and more important areas of your life.

2) If we throw more money at problems, they can be solved (so pay up, everyone).

It boggles the mind that people can ignore obvious failures like these, and still throw themselves into the arms of politicians who are big on promises but never quite seem to deliver.

If they couldn’t do (insert unfulfilled promise here) with the first $100 trillion, why the hell would they be able to accomplish it with the next trillion or ten?

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