Globalist Euro Disaster: Euro Founder Endorses Bust-Up
By Staff News & Analysis - May 06, 2013

German euro founder calls for 'catastrophic' currency to be broken up … Oskar Lafontaine, the German finance minister who launched the euro, has called for a break-up of the single currency to let southern Europe recover, warning that the current course is "leading to disaster". Mr Lafontaine said on the parliamentary website of Germany's Left Party that Chancellor Angela Merkel will "awake from her self-righteous slumber" once the countries in trouble unite to force a change in crisis policy at Germany's expense. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: Whoops … sorry about the chaos we're causing. Let's all unite.

Free-Market Analysis: Are the rats removing themselves from the ruins of the EU? This one rat, the "German euro founder" according to the UK Telegraph is jumping ship.

We call Oskar Lafontaine a rat because of the damage he has caused by backing the European Union – which was never merely a trade union – and because he was instrumental in trying to cement the union with this disastrous regional currency.

Lafontaine like other Eurocrats knew full well what he was doing when he helped inflict this monstrous mess. The result has been of late bloodshed, massive unemployment, the ruin of whole families, the disruption of the hopes and dreams of literally hundreds of millions.

Europe lies in ruins with no near-term hope of recovery and European cultures and prosperity are being flattened by this damnable Euro dreadnaught. Only one thing is "up" in Europe these days it sometimes seems. And that is suicides.

And Lafontaine is sorry.

And he has changed his mind.

There are a variety of reasons why Lafontaine might have done so now (instead of years ago when it might have made a difference).

First, he sees political advantage, as Angela Merkel's stance on the euro is not popular either within Germany or outside of it.

Second, Lafontaine may simply wish to separate himself, finally, from an obviously failing policy (austerity) and an equally failing euro currency.

Finally, Lafontaine may be soldiering on within the larger parameters of the European "experiment" that calls for top pols to induce a crisis in order to create a deeper political union.

It is not clear from this article what Lafontaine's motives are, but one can surely be certain that Lafontaine's motives are not what they appear to be. Here's more from the article:

"The economic situation is worsening from month to month, and unemployment has reached a level that puts democratic structures ever more in doubt," he said.

"The Germans have not yet realised that southern Europe, including France, will be forced by their current misery to fight back against German hegemony sooner or later," he said, blaming much of the crisis on Germany's wage squeeze to gain export share.

Mr Lafontaine said on the parliamentary website of Germany's Left Party that Chancellor Angela Merkel will "awake from her self-righteous slumber" once the countries in trouble unite to force a change in crisis policy at Germany's expense.

His prediction appeared confirmed as French finance minister Pierre Moscovici yesterday proclaimed the end of austerity and a triumph of French policy, risking further damage to the tattered relations between Paris and Berlin.

"Austerity is finished. This is a decisive turn in the history of the EU project since the euro," he told French TV. "We're seeing the end of austerity dogma. It's a victory of the French point of view."

Mr Moscovici's comments follow a deal with Brussels to give France and Spain two extra years to meet a deficit target of 3pc of GDP. The triumphalist tone may enrage hard-liners in Berlin and confirm fears that concessions will lead to a slippery slope towards fiscal chaos.

German Vice-Chancellor Philipp Rösler lashed out at the European Commission over the weekend, calling it "irresponsible" for undermining the belt-tightening agenda.

The Franco-German alliance that has driven EU politics for half a century is in ruins after France's Socialist Party hit out at the "selfish intransigence" of Mrs Merkel, accusing her thinking only of the "German savers, her trade balance, and her electoral future".

Who can say with certainty what is occurring? Yet one CAN write with certainty that the insanity of ripping up thousand-year-old currencies was as evident a decade ago as it is now.

What is also evident, as we've long pointed out, is that the top Eurocrats are dedicated to nothing but an expansion of euro power. They will impose any level of damage necessary and do so with energy and enthusiasm.

The European Union was built on deceit and was always planned as an empire rather than a trade union. To see it collapse into the laps of the socialists and communists that built it would be satisfying if the ruin they have wrought were not so evident and melancholy.

The best that can be hoped for right now is a break-up of the euro, and from this pesperctive Lafontaine's comments are encouraging. If even he sees the necessity of distancing himself from the euro, then perhaps this infernal currency is indeed doomed to bust up.

After Thoughts

If it takes place, it will be a further defeat for the globalists no matter how they attempt to spin it.

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