Gold Is Nothing But a Metaphor for Fear
By Staff News & Analysis - November 02, 2011

Gold Is a "Fear Index" That Must Come Down … That's sort of how Don Hays views gold, as an indicator that's in the way of the next great bull market. It's also why the chairman and chief investment strategist at Hays Advisory wants and expects to see prices fall. "Gold, pure and simple, is a fear index," says Hays in the attached clip. "People try to paint it with a lot of different colors, but it's a fear index." – Yahoo

Dominant Social Theme: Gold is dangerous. It's just dangerous, man. Let's get rid of it.

Free-Market Analysis: Every month or two with the consistency of an alarm clock, some fellow on Wall Street or in the US government will come out with a statement suggesting that the gold is in a "dangerous" bubble or that people will be "harmed" if they purchase it.

It's surely a dominant social theme – that gold is a fiercesome and deadly commodity. In fact, the powers-that-be HATE gold-as-money and will do anything they can to get rid of it. The idea that anybody can go into his or her backyard and dig up MONEY is a real problem. The bottom line, of course, is that NO ONE should have access to money if it doesn't come via elite-approved channels.

You can make money in public schools, educating children into oblivion. You can make money on Wall Street, raping widows and orphans. You can make money in government, murdering tens of thousands in undeclared wars, incarcerating millions in quasi-private jails and terrifying hundreds of millions.

You can make money in medicine, jabbing people with deadly vaccines. You can make money in sports, lulling the people to sleep. You can make money growing foodstuffs that will somehow be reconstituted with additives into poisonous concoctions.

Anything that people make money at has to conform to the elite agenda – which is increasingly a one-world genocidal one – because the elites have over the past century organized the world in this fashion. Whether you agree with it or not, if you want to make money you have to agree to "their" agenda.

The Hippies used to call this the "system" back in the 1960s. At the time, it wasn't clear, but today it is. The system is what the elites have organized to provide a base for world government. It is also known, by us, as regulatory democracy. Or it can be called capitalism. Or democratic socialism. Or fascism.

It is "their" system and if you want to live and eat, you have to contribute to it. Of course, you can dig up gold, but from the elite's point of view that's cheating. It's barbaric. The middle classes are supposed to believe in paper, not money metals. If middle classes all owned gold, they'd have significant money power. And for the elite that's a terrible consequence to ponder. Here's some more from the article:

Hays is troubled by many different aspects of the gold rally, noting that since the dot-com bubble burst in 2001, the fear index (gold) has persistently moved higher as consumer confidence has consistently fallen. Few would argue the safe haven status of gold during times of fear and turmoil; whether it's the terrorist attacks of 9/11 or the financial collapse of 2008, investors moved to gold in size.

In fact, Hays says the most popular method for individuals to buy gold, the SPDR Gold Shares ETF (GLD), has allowed a massive amount of money to easily move in to gold for the very first time, pushing bullish sentiment for the precious metal "through the roof." For Hays, it's not if, but when gold will reverse its long-term trend.

Whenever it does, he thinks over a "decade of evolution," the price could go back to the $600- $800 range and mark the 'most promising thing he is looking for" in terms of his stock holdings. "People are hungry right now, but they're looking for some optimism," Hays says, adding that things are slowly starting to turn, including gold, which he says is "very dramatically high."

The article also asks the following: "Is the fear/gold trade ending? Let us know what you think in the comment section below." Boy, people sure let Yahoo know! Hundreds of comments were posted blasting Hays, blasting the current economic system, blasting Wall Street, blasting the Fed, blasting paper money.

It is evident and obvious from articles like these and their feedback queues that the promotions of the Anglosphere elite are increasingly dysfunctional. People don't notice it, of course, or they deny it for some reason, but we think it is true – evidently and obviously so.

In Afghanistan, there have been stupendous Anglo-American reversals. Even in the Ivory Coast and Libya, elements still fight on against the West's neo-colonialism. The EU is falling to pieces; China is on its way to collapsing; central banks are held in ill repute; Keynesianism is a failure. The global warming fraud has been exposed. Green energy is falling to pieces amidst scandal and intolerable corporate losses. Freedom movements are blossoming around the world – and while they may be controlled right now, they may not be in the future.

The Internet Reformation proceeds apace. Because we are close to it, we may not appreciate the profound changes taking place. But as they did before, during the era of the Gutenberg Press, the elites are losing their grip. They are, in our view, beginning to contemplate the necessity to take a "step back." They haven't yet, from what we can tell, but no doubt it is a considered alternative. One of the indicators they watch is the price of gold.

The higher gold goes, the less control the Anglosphere power elite has. A high gold price attacks Money Power directly. Hays believes that the high price of gold is indicative of middle class fear. We would argue that the elites fear such a high price much more than anyone else. And they will have to live with this state of fear several years longer in our view.

After Thoughts

Gold (and silver) is not in a bubble. It is merely reflecting a medium leg of this latest commodity bull market. This part of the business cycle has several more years to run – causing havoc with elite plans – and gold, in our view, may well run with it.

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