Happy New Year! Iran War to Start by March 20th?
By Staff News & Analysis - February 24, 2012

Iran Is Celebrating the New Year by Ditching the Dollar … March 20th is a holiday in Iran. It is called NOWRUZ and it's the equivalent of New Year's Day. On the Iranian calendar it ties in with the vernal equinox (the first day of spring). The holiday's roots are based in the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism and it is considered the biggest holiday of the year in the country. Generally the Persian New Year is celebrated by a symbolic purging of the home and spiritual representation of creation and fertility. Families get together and traditional feasts are consumed. This year, though Iran is doing something a little different to celebrate the New Year and the result may be fireworks of a less than celebratory nature. This year Iran is changing it's policy for payment of oil. Iran will no longer accept the US dollar and will be looking for other currencies and commodities instead. – DaisyLutherblogspot.

Dominant Social Theme: Iran is simply out of control. A war would be justified.

Free-Market Analysis: Whoever Daisy Luther is, she (apparently a "she") has written a couple some good – libertarian-oriented – articles on what seems to be a fairly new blog (perhaps she's been around longer than we know).

The Iran Oil Bourse, as she points out, "has been actively seeking alternative currencies and commodities in trade for the oil produced there. The Bourse has directly approached Japan, Russia and China to negotiate payments in other currencies."

She also points out that at the same time, in 2005, "George Bush began imposing sanctions on Iran via EXECUTIVE ORDER 13382 – Blocking Property of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferators and Their Supporters."

Now, of course, there are number of additional sanctions heaped on Iran, ostensibly because the country is trying to produce a nuclear weapon. In fact, it is not, as has been admitted by various members of Obama administration and military-Intel figures.

But if Iran follows through with its threats and refuses to accept oil-for-dollar this certainly could trigger an intense reaction from the West, especially the US.

The dollar-reserve currency is based on the Saud family's determination to accept only dollars for oil. This is likely a survival technique. The Saud family – as contemptuously corrupt as it is – only stays in power due to US backing.

In fact, we've speculated that the Saudi's main export outside of oil – extremist Islamic Wahabbism – has been covertly encouraged by Western powers-that-be. Anything that adds to Western perceptions that Islam is uncivil and violent is welcome.

The West – the Anglosphere power elite – wants to rule the world. It's pursuing this objective by creating a worldwide economic depression and by increasing military tensions. Here's some more from the article:

Basically, the US is behaving like an organized crime family and wants to put a stranglehold on the country's economy, only allowing breath if Iran goes back to accepting the USD. They say it's because of nukes, though, because that is more socially acceptable.

The efforts of the United States seem to have only increased Iran's efforts to be free of the US dollar. Iran has set the date of March 20, 2012 as the day that they will only accept the yen, the rupee, the euro, the yuan and baskets of currency (currency portfolios).

This stand threatens to crumble the USD's status as the world's reserve currency, which could be the final nail in the coffin of the American economy. If the USD is no longer the OPEC measure for oil prices, we will no longer pay the lowest price in the world for gasoline. Our already wheezing economy will collapse as the price of fuel skyrockets, effectively increasing the price of everything else.

We agree with these perceptions. Over the past decade, since 9-11, the US has behaved towards its own citizens and toward the world with increasing thuggery. From what we can tell, it is involved in no less than seven overt and covert wars, many in the Middle East.

But we have advanced some other ideas as well, when it comes to these attacks. The idea of these wars, in our view, is to convert secular governments into (controlled) Islamic republics.

This is the only conclusion we can come to currently, as almost all the attacks have been launched against secularists in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and now Syria and the inevitable result will be to empower Islamic sentiment and advance its political penetration.

The article also speculates that "The United States is trying to trigger an incident that will allow a direct attack on Iran … But If they can't trigger such an incident they may well create one and just blame it on Iran. … Our media propaganda machine is preparing us by informing us of the terrifying threat of Iran's potential weapons of mass destruction. This is all in an effort to get the American people behind this attack."

A likely date for the attack is March 8: "The Jewish holiday of vengeance Purim which also conveniently coincides with the FBI's planned takedown of the internet … The wealthy 1% has even more to lose than the rest of us."

If we are correct in our analysis, however (that the current serial wars in the Middle East are intended to bolster a kind of regional caliphate) then perhaps the upcoming Iranian war may provide us with a more complex set of circumstances than many in the alternative 'Net media now contemplate.

The power elite is after world government, and we're not sure a full-out war with Iran will serve their purposes. In fact, the war (if it comes) is a kind of farce anyway: The West is apparently BEHIND the current Iranian theocracy. See our article here: Western Elites Caught 'Red-Handed' in Iran?

What the powers-that-be probably want is a kind of Orwellian endless war when it comes to the Middle East. That's how authoritarianism can be enhanced and fascism increased.

The elites seemingly want the appearance of tension, not its actuality. A definitive Iranian/Middle East war would put an end to the tension as World War II put an end to the ambitions of Germany and Japan.

Additionally, there are probably lots of ways to circumvent or lessen the effect of Iran's leaders freezing out the dollar. The US is not without influence in the world.

So if there IS a war we wonder if it will be one that somehow ends up INFLAMING tensions in the region. We are simply looking at the dominant social themes of the elite and projecting what is reasonable.

The so-called war on terror is a kind of elite meme, and one that has served them well, even though it's lately become less effective. We're not sure that the elites want to give it up. It's too useful. It is more to their advantage to ADD to the tension in the Middle East than subtract from it.

On the other hand, Iran's intentions to trade oil for anything-but-dollars may be legitimately affrighting the Anglosphere. It's hard (almost impossible) to tell what is going on at the very top of the pyramid. We simply don't know the actors well enough or the REAL deals that have been made.

Time is very helpful to meme-watchers, however. This article makes a number of good points about the potential for an upcoming Iranian war. By following what actually happens, we may begin to glean some deeper insights into whatever is actually going on.

We may begin to discern, in other words, what plans the elites really have for the Middle East. Will an Iranian/Western war end up being a definitive one? Or will it merely further ratchet up the tension?

If there is no war, or if what occurs in relationship to Iran begins to create a kind of Islamic-Western Cold War, we'll probably begin to have confirmation that the elites are creating another "block" – like the USSR and its allies – that can be used conveniently to finish the conversion of Western democracies to fascism and authoritarianism.

As someone from the latter US Bush administration once suggested, we need to watch what the powers-that-be are DOING versus what are they are SAYING. Nobody ever said elite meme-watching would be easy.

After Thoughts

It can be informative though, if you can stand the truth.

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