‘Hate Crimes’ in the Service of ‘White Supremacy’: A Statistical Hallucination
By Ben Bartee - March 13, 2023

“There are three kinds of lies: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics.”
-Mark Twain, or Benjamin Disraeli, or anonymous (attribution disputed)

“Hate crime” is a made up legal category meant to prop up the systemic racism mythology.

Next to Russiagate neo-Mccarthyism, MSNBC loves nothing more than crowing about the supposed prevalence of “hate crimes” in an America captured by the specter of “White Supremacy™.

Exhibit A: the MSNBC clip below in which news actor Alex Wagner and guest, Rep. Judy Chu, chair of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, lament a Congressional investigation into Dominic Ng.

Ng was appointed to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation’s Business Advisory Council but is currently under investigation for ties to the Chinese Communist Party.  The relevant portion we’re discussing here — the race-baiting over “hate crimes” — begins at the 3-minute mark.

First of all, the government’s categories are all wrong to start with. The “AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) community,” as the Congresswoman on MSNBC terms it, is an entirely synthetic, stupid conjoining of ethnicities across Asia.

Via National Alliance on Mental Health:

“AAPI communities consist of approximately 50 distinct ethnic groups speaking over 100 languages, with connections to Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, Hawaiian, and other Asian and Pacific Islander ancestries.”

The identities included under the AAPI umbrella have as much in common with each other culturally and genetically as Norwegians and Rwandans.

There is no “AAPI community,” and the suggestion that there is is itself, ironically, racist. Ask a Korean if he’s interchangeable with a Japanese and brace yourself for his rage.

Furthermore, what is a hate crime? Is not any interpersonal violence by definition an act of hate?

The Justice Department defines a hate crime as “a violent crime, such as assault, murder, arson, vandalism, or threats to commit such crimes. It may also cover conspiring or asking another person to commit such crimes, even if the crime was never carried out.”

So, not only does the government grant itself license to divine motive from a perpetrator of a violent crime to determine whether it qualifies as a “hate crime” – it’s also now including Minority Report-style “pre-crime” in the category.

But let’s take the dubious “hate crime” label at face value for the sake of argument. How common is it in the context of this MSNBC clip?

The MSNBC host Alex Wagner (Rachel Maddow’s failing replacement) cites 247 anti-Asian “hate crimes” in 2021 in California, the state that the Congresswoman represents.

So here’s some math: There were allegedly 247 “hate crimes” against Asians in California in 2021, according to her. That’s out of 39.24 million Californians in the overall population, of which 6,669,737 are counted as “AAPI.”

247 hatecrimed Asians divided by 6,669,737 AAPIs in California = 0.0037% of Asian-Americans hatecrimed – an astonishingly , vanishingly tiny figure that begs the question: why even devote precious airtime to covering it when there are so many more statistically relevant phenomena?

We’re just talking about Asians in this context, but similarly low numbers of “hate crimes” affect all protected classes.

In contrast, the overall rate of violent crime in the United States is 361.6 per 100,000 U.S. inhabitants. That’s .36% of Americans that are victims of violent crime on an annual basis — nearly 100 times higher than hate crimes against Asians.

The only obvious answer is that inciting racial hatred is MSNBC’s agenda, not objectively reporting the news.

And, assuming the “hate crime” statistics are correct, the next question is: who is committing all of these “hate crimes”? Is it MAGA domestic terrorists perpetrating White Supremacy™, as the Congresswoman on MSNBC claims, or perhaps another, less fashionable culprit?

Here’s a challenge: scour the web archives and try to find a single clip of an Asian attacked by a White Supremacist™, then compare it to the volumes of similar attacks perpetrated by Persons of Color™.

Note that, curiously, none of these headlines mention the racial identities of the attackers, which they most certainly would were they white.

You can be certain these are not cherry-picked; the corporate media would immediately latch on to such a video like catnip if it showed a white assailant. They’d play it on repeat for a month. Headlines would blare “White supremacist anti-Asian attack caught on video.” Joe Biden’s handlers would put out press releases condemning it. Vice would make a feature-length documentary on it.

The category of “hate crime” is an absurd hallucination. It does not describe any appreciable phenomenon in American society. Instead, it’s a wedge the ruling classes use to drive racial hatred, which it exploits via classic “divide-and-conquer” tactics perfected by the Roman and British Empires.

A divided people — along class or gender or whatever else — are a controllable people.

Ben Bartee is an independent Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs. Follow his stuff via Armageddon Prose and/or Substack, Locals, Gab, and Twitter.

Insta-tip jar and Bitcoin public address: bc1qvq4hgnx3eu09e0m2kk5uanxnm8ljfmpefwhawv

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