Hillary Clinton Inflicts Suffragette Musical on American Public
By Ben Bartee - May 10, 2024

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

The menopausal Boomer The View viewer women of the liberal ruling class have a new fan-favorite musical to celebrate among their tiny insular subculture of decadent self-indulgence: “Suffs.”

Via CBS News (emphasis added):

“‘I knew hardly anything about the suffragists’ said Shaina Taub, the show’s star and writer. ’I think I knew basic information about Susan B. Anthony. I heard of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and vaguely knew there was a women’s rights convention in the 19th century that kind of kicked it off. And that was it.’

The musical picks up the story in 1913, the year thousands of suffragists staged the first-ever big political march on Washington, many wearing white, led by a woman on a white horse…

‘These rights were not inevitable; every generation has to fight to protect these rights and freedoms again and again and again,’ Taub said….

As ambassadors for the show’s message, Nobel Prize-winner Malala Yousafzai (who was shot in the head after advocating for girls’ education in Pakistan) and Hillary Clinton (who came so close to being elected the first woman President of the United States) were named producers.”

For Equity™ reasons, as convention dictates, the liberal revisionist version of the re-enacted Suffragette movement through song and dance includes a healthy smattering of Women of Color™ (WOCs) on the frontlines, leading the way to utopia via voting rights.


After all, “black women always lead the way,” some Oprah protégé race hustler reminds us.


This is, of course, ahistorical nonsense, as the suffragettes were comprised of bored liberal white housewives married into the middle class (which also happens to be the entire demographic the Suffs production is aimed at) — this was before they were gifted Valium by the pharmaceutical overlords to pass the time — essentially demanding to talk to the manager.

Naturally, as this inconvenient reality does not comport with current Social Justice™ dogma, it has been papered over in Suffs to make the medicine go down easier.


I don’t necessarily want to say that giving women the vote was the single greatest mistake American has ever collectively made — given our uniquely Western historical commitment to “human rights,” and including women, being human, in that category, which I generally recognize as a positive thing.

Even if we concede giving women the right to vote was a mistake, it would be hyperbole to claim it was the biggest mistake ever; America has made many collective mistakes of note of the sociological sort.

Those caveats aside, the 19th Amendment certainly didn’t appear to help much.

I’m open to being proven wrong.

Can anyone point to any tangible improvements in the culture or governance of America that improved as a direct or indirect consequence of granting the vote to women?

Since 1919, American involvement in foreign wars has escalated dramatically. Constitutional rights, previously sacrosanct, have been torn asunder. The middle class has been purged.

None of that is likely because of women having the right to vote per se; these developments have complex causes that can’t be boiled down to any one thing.

But, again, their voting didn’t seem to help much, which would seem to contradict the “women with power save the world from everything” narrative.

The same criticism can be leveled of integrating women into the workforce, which resulted in children being shunted off for 9-5 indoctrination in public schools. Now, well over a century into the mass indoctrination program, they all hate God and can’t read and want to chop their genitals off for Equity™.

Beyond the vague social damage that may or may not have been the fault of feminist ideology, what we can absolutely trace back to feminism is the postmodern “critical” strain of academia that frames every facet of history and politics as an eternal struggle between oppressed and oppressor, divided along racial or sexual or other factional lines. That paradigm is the essential framework of feminist ideology.

The fact that children now learn in public school, for instance, from as early as they understand language that biological sex is a construct of the Patriarchy™ to oppress gender minorities is the direct evolutionary outgrowth of feminist ideology, as is the tribal Critical Race Theory race hate they learn. And so are a thousand other fanatical ideas that are now promulgated as fact.

After he was informed that women are, by definition, trustworthy and noble beings when in possession of great power, my gadfly granddaddy adopted the family tradition in recent years of leaving behind copies of the book “Most Evil Women in History” for a particular liberal family member to discover in his/her glovebox, mailbox, dresser drawer, etc.

Apropos of nothing, I leave you with a timeless quote from the Sage of Baltimore:

“Misogynist: A man who hates women as much as women hate one another.”
-H.L. Mencken

Ben Bartee, author of Broken English Teacher: Notes From Exile, is an independent Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs.

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